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October 9, 2002

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SMAK Volume 1 (Skam Compilation)
Noonday Underground
Ms. John Soda
Chris Lucey (Reissue)
Music for Dancefloors (Various  Artists)
Black Heart Procession
Archie Shepp (Reissue)
Kid 606 / Dalek
Impressions (2 Reissues)
Tahiti 80
Royal Trux
Sonic Youth / I.C.P. / The Ex
Hot Hot Heat
Richard Buckner
Jursassic 5
Apples In Stereo


Peaches ("Teaches of Peaches" with bonus disc)

Just In:

Badd Inc. (Mogul Electro Compilation)


PLAYGROUP "Partymix Volume 1" (Playgroup) CD $15.99
Trevor Jackson (a/k/a Playgroup) knows his music. "Partymix Vol. 1" is
a who's-who of '80s underground classics and Trevor switches it up so
quick (each track gets no more than 30 seconds) that it will make your
head spin. He packs over 200 tracks into a mix that runs just under an
hour. From Blondie to Kool and the Gang, Grandmaster Flash to Talking
Heads, and every track in between, this is a virtual name that tune!
Forget mash-ups, this is the real deal and an essential release for any
music fan. Pick this up before it's gone. It's a limited edition and is sure
to hit e-Bay for an absurd amount of cash in no time. The finest mix CD
since Coldcut's essential "Journey by DJ," and that was done in 1995.

DESTROYER "This Night" (Merge) CD $13.99
Destroyer's Daniel Bejar makes a triumphant return with a new line-up,
15 new songs and more than 65 minutes worth of music on his latest
masterpiece, "This Night." Gone from the Destroyer formula are the
glammy, Bowie-esque vamps and smack-you-over-the-head hooks,
replaced with a chaotic mess of an album (actually a double album,
according to vinyl standards) that is by far the most ambitious recording
Destroyer has ever churned out. While there are definitely aspects of the
Destroyer equation that are long gone, one central thing remains the same:
Bejar's songs are as masterful as ever, especially his effortlessly literate
lyrics. His wordplay is most reminiscent of Steve Malkmus', where everything
seems offhanded and nonsensical, yet when you examine the lyric sheet it
becomes clear exactly how brilliant these songs really are. There is also
something overblown and rocking about many songs on "This Night," not so
much in terms of guitar solos or actual heaviness, but in the way it sounds
like a drunken band jamming their way into a train wreck. But the train wreck
never comes, and Bejar continues to belt out his vocals over the frenzied
bashing underneath. That said, "This Night" is not all rockers. Bejar includes
some of his prettiest moments yet, like the Spanish guitar-tinged psychedelia
of "Chosen Few" or the unmistakably Morrissey-esque "Here Comes the Night."
"This Night" might be messy, but above all it further demonstrates that Bejar is
one of the great ones. Sit down with "This Night," pour over the lyric sheet.
Absorb the cacophony of sounds. This is Destroyer's new masterwork. [PW]

[V.A.] "Smak 1" (Skam) CD $20.99
The Skam label has been making ultra limited vinyl IDM releases for
some time now. First there was the "MASK Series," 5 twelve-inches
with tracks by some of the biggest names in electronica all doing
music under aliases or with no mention of which artist had recorded
what track. These twelve-inches are the holy grail in the IDM community,
at times fetching upwards of $500 for one record. Skam's second series
of twelves are by up-and-coming artists and are released under the
SMAK imprint. The object is to release 50 EPs featuring different artists
in an ultra-limited run and then they will be gone forever. The first 10 are
here and gone already but Skam have wised up and put them on a 2-CD
compilation packaged in a beautifully printed rubber CD wallet that has
room to hold the forthcoming volumes (12 CDs in all). This two CD
compilation and its elaborate packaging are limited too, so don't wait too
long or this may also be on e-Bay for $500 or more one day. Artists
included are Geiom, NMB allstars, Liquitex, Quinoline Yellow, Massimo,
Posthuman, Tattamax, Made, String Theory and Ola. [JS]

NOONDAY UNDERGROUND "Surface Noise" (Setanta) $18.99
Following a two-album stint custom crafting samples for celebrated
pop recyclists Adventures in Stereo, Simone Dine reappeared in
early-2000 with Noonday Underground. Along with the soulful voice of
then 20-year old Daisy Martey, the duo's first LP, "Self-Assembly,"
was a brilliant pastiche of old leftfield '60s pop stirred into a groovy
cocktail of exotica and Euro go-go with a swizzle of sugary psychedelia.
(Imagine the Avalanches reconstructing a soundtrack to Vampyros
Lesbos.) I was hooked. Two or so years later, Noonday Underground's
latest, "Surface Noise," is no less a welcome return and offers some new
flavors. Dine is obviously still fueled by his obsessive record collector
tendencies, but where the production of his previous effort made
Noonday's brand of retro-futurism dreamy and almost detached, here
the tone is considerably warmer; the line between samples and live
instrumentation (which I'm guessing is minimal) is completely blurred.
While Martey only appears for three tracks, the organic feel of
"Surface Noise" brings considerable depth to her soulful and powerful
voice (think Julie Driscoll). The steady, repetitious beat and melodic
bass leads in "Go it Alone" remind me of mid-'90s Stereolab, sans
synthesizer gurgle, the French vocal accent replaced by a young Grace
Slick. Dine also invited collaborators like Trash Can Sinatras' Frank
Reader, who's breathy vocal in "Windmills" could have been listed as a
Colin Blunstone sample and no one would argue. Outspoken Noonday fan
Paul Weller, who once cheekily pronounced them the "Most Influential
Band of All Times" in NME, provides the album's most standout moment;
"I'll Walk Right On" not only replicates but duplicates the spirit of a classic
soul song. The sparse rhythm circles around a mellow funk backbeat while
low piano chords lay a counter melody to Weller's husky croon -- the ghost
of Otis Redding has been tapped. I have to admit, on first listen I missed the
crash beats and '60s swing that more or less defined "Self-Assembly." But
while "Surface Noise" still has those elements, Dine has embraced a wider
source of sound and spirit; this could very well be his masterpiece. Timeless
and wonderful, I'm now adding this to my top ten list for 2002! [GH]

MS. JOHN SODA "No P. or D." (Morr) CD $14.99
The prolific Micha Acher follows up one of the year's best records (the
Notwist's "Neon Golden") in fine form. This time, the electronic pop
veteran teams up with Stefanie Bohm of Couch for a record that's pretty
different from the majority of Morr Music's releases. Blending traditional
rock instrumentation with electronics, Bohm's deep, accented vocals
float perfectly over Acher's trademark electro-acoustic production; it
sounds like they were meant to play together. The tracks run the gamut
from quiet and pretty to not-quite-rock (such as "Go Check," which
opened their "Drop = Scene" EP and is one of the highlights of the
full-length), and there's not a dud in the bunch. If you're one of the many
people who enjoy listening to the Notwist, Mum, Aphex Twin, DNTEL,
Stereolab, Lali Puna, Broadcast, etc., then you'll probably love this
record. [RH]

CHRIS LUCEY "Songs of Protest and Anti-Protest" (Revola) CD $15.99
The story of Bobby Jameson (a/k/a Chris Lucey) is surely turning out
to be one of the stranger sagas in the annals of rock history, practically
screen play potential so take note. Jameson was an L.A. scenester in
the mid-60s, locally known for turning up at all the protest rallies and
just being generally weird enough to be featured prominently in the
notorious exploitation film "Mondo Hollywood". He managed to score a
record contract under the alias Chris Lucey around 1965 and the present
record was born. Perhaps there was something in the climate in Los
Angeles, because the album bears some striking similarities to Love's
"Forever Changes," recorded the following year. Like "Forever Changes",
there are deeply fluid songs, hazy atmospheres, jazz-like arrangements
(with an emphasis on vibraphones, think Tim Buckley here as well), and
great classic West Coast folk rock tunes. A very consistent and surprising
revelation. To further obscure matters, the album cover features a
photograph of Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones apparently flipping the bird
to whoever was taking the picture. After this album was released, he
managed to make it to England to record with Andrew Loog Oldham and
Keith Richards, secure a deal with Elektra to record with Curt Boettcher
(Millennium, Sagittarius) for one amazing album, get heavily into LSD
(jumping from a roof and surviving), release another record that went nowhere,
and then mysteriously disappear and fade into obscurity. However, there is
speculation that he could be responsible for the "Maitreya Kali" record -- a
sprawling two album set released in the early-'70s that is one of the finest
loner/outsider documents I've ever heard (think Skip Spence meets the Buffalo
Springfield). These liner notes don't go into that, so it seems that there are
still some tantalizing puzzles left to be solved about what happened to Bobby
Jameson. Isn't stuff like this why you like rock and roll? [MK]

[V.A] "Music for Dancefloors/Cream of the Bosworth Library Sessions"
(Strut) CD $16.99

I always look forward to a new volume of sound library music from Strut
and this one is probably as good as the last one that Luke Vibert
compiled. The music on this volume is bit smoother and not as zany
sounding as the last few. Expect more folky, mellow grooves this time
around. I was really surprised by how subdued and subtle a lot of these
tracks are. Library tracks are usually more frantic, simply because they
were made for commercials and such. I can only imagine this music as
background music for '70s soft porn... that's a good thing. One track
sounds frighteningly similar to the bassline for Rush's "Tom Sawyer,"
but this music was recorded long before that song was written. Rush
couldn't have possibly heard this -- it's much too obscure, right? Right?
Hmm... Anyway, this is a good one and you check this out. [DH]

BLACK HEART PROCESSION "Amore del Tropico" (Touch and Go)
CD/LP $13.99/$14.99

Before first listen, most Black Heart Procession fans will guess that
their new record is going to be different; titled "Amore del Tropico,"
their fourth LP isn't represented by a numeral. Following a brief
introduction, suspicions are confirmed by the samba flavored
"Tropics of Love." A haunting chorus of female voices accompanies
Pall Jenkins' (credited here as Paulo Zappoli) vocal yearnings,
meanwhile piano flourishes and swells of violin and cello accent
every chorus. Underneath it all is BHP's instinctive sense of drama,
but the dramatics play out differently. Apparently a soundtrack of
sort to a tropical murder mystery written and produced by band
members and slated for future DVD release, each song represents a
different chapter in the film. Already exquisite in their arrangements and
execution, BHP made good use of their new 24-track studio and their
brooding melancholy has never been crisper. The band employs a large
cast of musicians adding a lush accompaniment of strings, lap steel,
trumpets and back-up voices to their dark thespian rock. All the elements
that you love about Black Heart Procession are present but the
programmed beats and affected production (plus a female choir that belts
out a few harmonies) during "Fingerprints" prove "Amore el Tropico" to be
the group's most ambitious record to date. [GH]
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ARCHIE SHEPP "Yasmina, a Black Woman" (Sunspots) CD $15.99
An amazing session in the Actuel catalogue, "Yasmina, a Black
Woman" is one of Archie Shepp's most rhythmic and driving records,
recorded in 1969 while still an ex-pat living in Paris. Joined by
musicians which included members of Art Ensemble of Chicago
(Lester Bowie, Malachi Favors and Roscoe Mitchell), pianist Dave
Burrell, avant-garde drummer Sunny Murray, and Art Taylor on rhythm
logs, the 20-minute "Yasmina" is fairly melodic until Shepp's tenor sax
errupts into a passionate rage, his tone soulful and fierce. The next track,
"Sonny's Back," features the unique session appearance of Hank
Mobley and Shepp together trading tenor sax solos over a straight and
swinging jazz groove provided by drummer Philly Joe Jones. Shepp
closes this LP with a subdued recording of "Body and Soul," hinting
towards his mellow soulful work which would characterize much of his
output in the decade to come. Another vital recording reissued on
Sunspot. [GH/MK]

KID 606 / DALEK "Ruin It" (Tigerbeat6) CD $6.99
This is a solid and steady offering of dissonant, noisy harsh hip hop
(not hip hop), courtesy of the Kid you love to hate and New Jersey
rap noise-mongers Dalek. The six tracks consist of two Dalek
remixes of Kid, two Kid remixes of Dalek and two new tracks by Kid.
There is nothing new here folks. For the unfamiliar, expect serrated
breakbeats at a cutthroat pace, angry yet subdued vocals courtesy
of Dalek, and bowel crunching low end. If you are a fan of the last
Techno Animal, Ice, Muslimgauze and such, than you should probably
like this. Oh!  By the way, if you are a fan of this sound and you
haven't picked up Dalek's latest record "From Filthy Tongue of Gods,"
do yourself a favor and grab that one as well. [DH]

IMPRESSIONS "This is My Country" (Sunspots) CD $15.99
IMPRESSIONS "The Young Mods' Forgotten Story" (Sunspots) CD $15.99
These two absolute masterpieces are where Curtis Mayfield matched
his ability to write some of the most glorious love songs ever sung with
an overt political consciousness. He'd been writing, arranging, leading,
and recording with the Impressions since the late-50s. By 1963, they
were averaging nearly two records a year for the next five years. "This Is
My Country" and "The Young Mods' Forgotten Story" would prove to be
the crowning glory of his work with the Impressions, just before he
embarked on an equally stunning solo career that culminated
(commercially at least) with the mega-hit "Superfly." This is soul music
of the highest order. Pieces of art that operate not as singles (as much
soul music did at the time), but as a fully realized album-length statement
of ethics and devotion. Simultaneously tough and pliant, Mayfield wasn't
about to let rock music eclipse his vision and he delivers repeatedly here
at the highest level. Highest Recommendation. [MK]
"This is My Country"
"The Young Mods' Forgotten Story"

TAHITI 80 "Wallpaper for the Soul" (Minty Fresh) CD $15.99
Pursuing a different and perhaps less-fashionable path to sonic ingenuity
through '70s and '80s aural archeology, France's precision pop masters
Tahiti 80 follow 2000's seductively catchy "Puzzle" with the more
introspective and somehow more compelling "Wallpaper for the Soul."
Aiming at pop perfection via the benevolent influences of the Zombies and
Burt Bacharach rather than Kraftwerk, Prince and Pat Benatar (Does that
add up to Electroclash??? I can't figure it out!), Tahiti 80 take the desultory
easy-listening investigations of compatriots Stereolab, Phoenix and the
whole Tricatel gang, throw in a fair bit of obsessive production (thanks to the
Beatles and James Taylor's producer, Richard Hewson) and come out the
other side with a folk-disco-pop convergence thick with horn bursts, strings,
emotional guitar jams, buzzes, bells, whistles and reverb, all sewn up tightly
with singer Xavier Boyer's sweetly dry and rounded high pitched vocals.
"Wallpaper"'s lyrical, expertly composed songs, melding tight melodic
structure and dense instrumental backdrops, show Tahiti 80 delving further
into the seemingly constricting, but in their case, inspirational boundaries
and influences of pop. [MC]

ROYAL TRUX "Hand of Glory" (Drag City) CD/LP $13.99/$13.99   
An almost French-like protest of virtually EVERYTHING... on a record.
A bit like their .357 Magnum opus "Twin Infinitives," a bit more like
"There's a Riot Goin' On."  A deceptively wondrous and happening
slow-motion epileptic fit. A digitized Godz? A Manson Family Stone?
There may be a riot goin' on somewhere, but we ain't nowhere near it.
Bunkered (unofficial) Situationists are on cruise control betwixt inner
and outer space. RTX RIP. [DHo]
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CEX "Tall, Dark and Handcuffed" (Tigerbeat6) CD $12.99
IDM's own Eminem: Cex, rocks it in a clever, multi-syllabic Fresh
Prince fronting the Folk Implosion style that would make him good
buddies with Gold Chains or MC Paul Barman. More on the clever
wordplay side than the jokey side, but I wouldn't be sending
applications to Def Jux either. Another artist to add to the list of
"Eminem", "The Streets" and L.A.'s own "Black Nasty." [SM]

SONIC YOUTH / I.C.P. / THE EX "In the Fish Tank" (Konkurrent)
CD/LP $9.99/$6.99

Noise! Noise! Noise! Squealing horn piglets. No it is not your
younger siblings trashing the studio but the most recent
release from the Fishtank series featuring avant-jazz
Dutchmen Han Bennick, Ab Baars, and Walter Wierbos
aaaand some members of The Ex. As one could assume
musical(?) madness ensues. I played this at work and went all
herky jerky. If you are down with the current state of Sonic Youth
(and I believe that is quite the controversial topic these days) you
will be psyched to take this odd improvisational journey with these
noiseters. They'll huff, they'll puff, they'll blow your house down. [NL]
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HOT HOT HEAT "Make Up the Breakdown" (Sub Pop) CD $11.99
With the rock revival in full effect, the neo-garage bands taking over at
MTV, and just about every new group paying tribute to some
decades-old movement or another, these guys seemed fated to get a
lot of attention when they came onto the scene. Too bad much of it was
negative. Derailed by some critics as Cure imitators when their debut
EP came out on Sub Pop earlier this year (to be fair, Steve Bays sounds
about as much like Robert Smith as Walter from the Walkmen sounds
like Bono), Canada's Hot Hot Heat mix together a whole bunch of '80s
punk, new wave, and mod influences and come up with a sound that's
surprisingly their own. It's clever, it's unpretentious, it's catchy, it's fun, and
it makes you want to dance... so what if it's kind of retro? Unfortunately,
some of the magic of their stellar EP is missing from the full-length. It might
be that it's just a little too polished, too rehearsed, too perfect for my ears.
Still, it's an incredibly solid and mature record, and it's well worth the price of
admission for "Oh, Goddamnit" alone, one of the best pop songs of the year
and one that's bound to have all the kids shaking their asses and screaming
for more. This is one indie rock band that deserves the same kind of
mainstream success that groups like the Strokes and the White Stripes (and,
to a lesser extent, the Faint and At The Drive-In) have found in the recent past.
Highly recommended. [RH]

PILOTE "Kingfood" (Certificate 18) CD/LP $15.99/$12.99
Pilote's latest album, "Kingfood," displays a further-developed version
of his diverse sense of melodic dexterity and song structure.
Downtempo beats and the ubiquitous naive melody build into melodic
drum and bass and then back again. As before, the music sits squarely
between pop and abstraction, sweetness and introspective melancholy.
A little of everything here and there. [SM]
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RICHARD BUCKNER "Impasse" (Overcoat) CD $13.99
It's been two years since Richard Buckner's last full-length, and in that
time I expected him to be thrust into the spotlight like fellow roots rock
songwriter Ryan Adams. No such luck, but "Impasse" is his fifth album
and this time out he seems a bit happier as the compositions are less
dark than his previous works. The songwriting is still about lost love, but
as a whole it is a lighter affair, with Buckner playing all of the instruments
except drums. Acoustic guitars, banjos, strings and woodwinds
accompany his gruff and gravely vocals as he pours his heart into each
and every note. And let me tell you this man can write a song, from the
brilliant "Hoping Wishers Never Lose" (with its slightly uptempo guitar
strum and catchy melody) to the heartbreaking "I Know What I Knew."
And with every track in between, this album is stunning and definitely
worth you giving him a chance. Richard Buckner will not disappoint. [JS]

JURASSIC 5 "Power in Numbers" (Interscope) CD $17.99
Jurassic 5's sophomore release, "Power in Numbers" continues to
lead the West Coast hip hop renaissance along with Dialated Peoples,
Blackalicious and Quantum Projects. Filtered through some warm
California sunshine, Jurassic 5 come with tuff, funky, uptempo tracks
produced by Cut Chemist, DJ Nu-Mark and Junkyard Ju-Ju of the
Beatnuts. Tight vocal interplay and bouncy old-skool delivery help to
form their classic sound. [GA]  

APPLES IN STEREO "Velocity of Sound" (SpinArt) CD $13.99
The Apples in Stereo are back with another dose of sunshine pop.
Coming in at just over 28 minutes, almost all the tempos are set to
Warp Factor 10, the guitars fuzzier than ever. At times, Robert
Schneider sounds like he's huffing whiffs of helium in between vocal
takes which only adds the Apples' edgy sugar buzz. "Velocity of Sound"
showcases the band's brand of sweet power pop, tighter than ever and
once again with big studio production. It's hard to believe that a years ago
these guys (and girl) helped spearhead Elephant 6's lo-fi psychedelic pop
sounds. [GH]


PEACHES "The Teaches of Peaches/Bonus Disc" (XL) CD $15.99
Peaches: foul-mouthed, '80s-derived, raunchy-girl electro/rap. Might
this be the white-chick equivalent of 'Supersonic' by J.J. Fad? Perhaps
the sequel! Lots of drum machine, handclaps, moaning, vibrations,
early synth grooves for the ultimate cheap sex soundtrack -- time to let
Peaches chain your ass to the ceiling. Explicit and 'dirty', this record
will make your nose scrunch up and make you wish you had wilder
friends. [GF]
(Bonus disc contains six new and rare Peaches tracks and a music video.)


BADD INC. "Luxury, Excess and Extravagance" (Mogul Electro)
CD $12.99
Right in time for the upcoming four-day Electroclash festival, Larry
Tee just dropped off the latest Mogul Electro compilation which
includes Avenue D's Berliniamsburg smash, "Do I Look Like a Slut."
Also featured are W.I.T., Hungry Wives, My Robot Friend and
Dirty Sanchez!  

This week's contributors: Geoff Albores [GA], Matt Connors [MC],  
Gian Carlo Feleppa [GF], Gerald Hammill [GH], Duane Harriott [DH],
Rob Hatch-Miller [RH], Dan Hougland [DHo], Michael Klausman [MK],
Nicole Lang [NL], Scott Mou [SM], Jeremy Sponder [JS] and Phil Waldorf [PW].


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