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April 9, 2003

Yo La Tengo
All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0 (Compilation)
Essex Green
Yoshimi and Yuka
Plaid (Re-mixes)
Nobukazu Takemura
Jazzanova (Mix)
A.R.E. Weapons
Mouse On Mars ("Glam" Reissue)
Daniel Bell
Stewart Walker & Geoff White


MANITOBA "Up In Flames" (Domino/Leaf) CD/LP $13.99/$13.99   
RealAudio: /ramgen/othermusic/ivelived.rm
Manitoba's second album, "Up In Flames" is a production
masterpiece. Dan Snaith hinted at the genius that lied within on his
first album "Start Breaking My Heart", but where that album was a
pastoral journey in downtempo beats, jazzy textures and bedroom
electronics, this album is full of '60s psychedelic flourishes, tape
loops, distorted guitars, and some of the most beautiful melodies
heard since "Loveless". It is extremely rare for an artist to produce
two entirely different sounding records with the masterful expertise
that Manitoba has, all the while creating albums that are destined to
become classics. "Up in Flames" is like Spiritualized with beats, or
Mercury Rev mixed with the Beach Boys. I truly believe that this is
what My Bloody Valentine would sound like today (especially after
hearing Kevin Shields' remixes of Mogwai and Primal Scream from a
few years back). "Up In Flames" is the essential blissed out late
night album for 2003. Truly Amazing! [JS]
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YO LA TENGO "Summer Sun" (Matador) CD/LP $13.99/$16.99
You've all been waiting a long time and it's finally here, Yo La Tengo's
proper follow-up to the hugely acclaimed "And Then Nothing Turned
Itself Inside Out." As usual, Georgia, Ira, and James do not
disappoint. "Summer Sun" continues in the quiet, masterfully subtle
direction of their last record. The vocals are confidently whispered,
the arrangements are impeccable, and the songwriting just keeps
getting better and better. There are a couple of sprawling
instrumentals on this new one that would have fit perfectly on last
year's "Sounds Of Science" release, and guest spots from Roy
Campell, Jr., and Daniel Carter carry over some of the jazz vibe from
the "Nuclear War" EP. Best of all, the record ends with an absolutely
gorgeous cover of "Take Care" (from Big Star's last album), and
Georgia's voice has never sounded more beautiful. If "Summer Sun"
doesn't put you in a good mood, then I don't know what will. Another
classic Yo La Tengo album. [RH]
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AUTECHRE "Draft 7.30" (Warp) CD/LP $16.99/$18.99  
Autechre return to form with their seventh album, "Draft 7.30". This
album still retains their often imitated unique sound, but this time
out the tracks are more diverse and as an album it works; there is a
certain flow to "Draft 7.30" that hasn't been heard since "Amber".
Where the last two Autechre full-lengths, "LP5" and "Confield,"
pummeled you over the head with hyper distorted beats, ear piercing
tones, and technological expertise, this new album focuses on
melody, hip hop influenced breaks, and layer upon layer of sound.
Each Autechre album always takes time to truly comprehend and
settle into your brain; there is just always so much going on like a
complex mathematics equation. It just takes time to get to the root
of it. What can I say, "Draft 7.30" is definitely the most
accomplished Autechre album to date recalling moments in time
from their past recorded output, while still looking far into the future.
Booth and Brown are definitely ahead of their time! Truly stunning.
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AUTECHRE "All Tomorrow's Parties 3.0" (ATP) CD $16.99
The latest release from this international, artist-curated music
festival, this compilation culls its tracks from participants in the
upcoming British ATP taking place on April 4, 5 and 6, hosted by
experimental electronica heroes Autechre. As such, it will be no
surprise that the double-disc leans heavily on a talented crop of
laptop technicians and assorted knob-twiddlers, with brief forays into
hip-hop and elsewhere. The record comes out swinging with a great
recent track by Public Enemy, who sound as vital as ever on the
mic on a song produced by Johnny "Juice" Rosado, which echoes
sonically the best work by classic P.E. producer Hank Shoklee. As
well, there are a couple of new "Kool" Keith Thornton pieces here,
including a hilarious Dr. Dooom rant that definitively explains Keith's
take on the industry and his place in it ("Leave Me Alone"), over a
great Peanut Butter Wolf remix. Other disc one highlights include a
classic track from Autechre alter-ego Gescom that blissfully fuses
hip-hop with minimal tech-house, a new one from Push Button
Objects feeling fully blissed-out, tabla and all, and a Jim O'Rourke
exclusive at his most abstract. The second disc is even more
focused thematically, with Earth's looming guitar bombast the only
real break from the "who's who" roundup of the glitch superstars,
with great input from Disjecta, Pita, Bola, and Autechre themselves,
plus quite a few others. As the upcoming festival weekend is bound
to be, these discs are a definite treat for the fans. [JM]

It sure is a rare occasion around here to see not just one Autechre
release in a week, but three. There must be a god. Booth and Brown
have long recorded for the highly collectable SKAM label but they
have been quiet for sometime (five years to be exact). "ISS SA" is
the first EP by Gescom since 1998 and it picks up right where they
left off. Definitely inspired by their full time project (Autechre, that is),
Gescom has always had an electro and hip hop influence to their
work, and the "ISS SA" EP is no different. Four tracks of precision,
dark machine funk. In typical SKAM fashion this EP is packaged
extraordinarily with Grade A artwork and design, and for you CD
fans, a bonus mega-mix is added that is mind-blowing. Pick this up
now because it probably won't be around for long. [JS]

THE ESSEX GREEN "Long Goodbye" (Merge) CD $13.99
RealAudio: /ramgen/othermusic/chartier.rm
Considering how the resurgence of neo-'60s psychedelic pop really
exhausted itself (and me) more than a few of years ago, I'm surprised
that a couple of the new releases that I've been recently digging take a
lot of cues from the era. First A Band of Bees, and now the Essex Green
who've returned with another excellent album. Though the Brooklyn
trio lacks the druggy haze that clouds the sun-kissed pop of the
Bees, maybe it's the current state of world affairs that makes both
groups work so well in 2003. Featuring Ladybug Transistor members
Jeff Baron and Sasha Bell, along with Christopher Ziter, plus a
plethora of guesting friends, there are still some traces of the
summer of love in Essex Green's second full-length, but the group
are far from revivalists and simply craft great pop music. From the
slide guitar textures and the chugging steam train rhythm in "Lazy
May," to the sugar sweet sounds of "By the Sea," complete with a
cheerful flute solo, every song is different, yet the excellent
songwriting and melodies are the active ingredients which keep this
album cohesive. Band members trade off and share lead vocal duties,
but Bell, whose voice is crystal clear, sings my favorite tracks. That's
not to imply that the record is uneven. Each song is smartly arranged,
the band taking lessons from their favorite albums -- from Lee
Hazlewood to the Beach Boys -- perfectly produced with a varied
arsenal of instruments that includes electric piano, banjo,
glockenspiel, and odd percussion. Fans of Ladybug Transistor and
Belle and Sebastian will absolutely love this. [GH]

YOSHIMI AND YUKA "Flower With No Color" (Ipecac) CD $15.99
RealAudio: /ramgen/othermusic/hawaiina.rm
Cibo Matto's Yuka Honda and the Boredoms' Yoshimi P-We became
instant friends when they met back in '93 at a Boredoms' show at
CBGB's. Ten years later, we get to hear this wonderful record they
made together. Gathering at Yoshimi's house, the two filled a little
white pickup truck with an assortment of instruments and brought
along two friends (Hara and Shoji) to record them as they drove and
made stops along the roads of Mount Ikoma. You can actually hear
the truck driving up the mountain throughout the album! One of the
stops was a temple, and within "Spy Says One", the ladies have a
call-and-response jam with the temple dogs, trumpets, and the
sound of footsteps and the outdoors. It's fun to think of some animals
curious about the magical sounds they were hearing and hiding in
the bushes watching the jams (and some joining in). The outdoor
ambience plays a big part on the album, and Y &Y credit the guest
musicians: "Elegant birds, spy, temple dogs, insects are Vocalist."
There's a really loose, open feel to this record as well as a powerful
female life-energy. Occasional conversation and laughter sound great
with Y & Y's singing/chanting, and lends a nice humor to the album.
Although there are traces of the other projects Y & Y are well known
for, this is something different. However, I think fans of the other
groups (and newcomers) will be able to appreciate what is going on
here -- a documentation of a special, personal recording experience
by two talented musicians reaching for higher planes spiritually and
musically. This especially becomes apparent on the epic "Mow Deck
In Eye", a 27-minute journey of sparse, beautiful piano, swirling
keyboards, exotic birdsong, bamboo flutes, strange echoes and
effects, whistling, and dreamy voices. The whole affair ends with a
sweet little song called "Elegant Bird", perhaps an ode to a creature
they befriended on their trip. There are many ways to approach an
album like this. I let it act like a sonic diary, each song a chapter
having its own flowing, psychedelic beauty. [DD]

PLAID "Parts in the Post/Remixes" (Peacefrog) CD $17.99
RealAudio: /ramgen/othermusic/foreignb.rm
The duo that is now called Plaid was at one time a trio named Black
Dog. Through the years they have given us the playful hybrid of hip
hop, techno, and drum and bass that made labels like Warp and
Mo' Wax popular icons throughout the '90s. Unlike contemporaries
like Autechre or Funkstroung, their blend of breaks aren't of the slice
and dice variety. Instead they work within the beatbox, sometimes
reminiscent of early BDP, while other moments see them creating
vocal pop electronica that gave Bjork some of her best tracks. Their
use of eclectic sounds is their trademark, Asian sounding
percussion, marimba, vibes -- all filtered through digital processes,
or sometimes with a Latin or jazzy swing. This collection of remixes
shows both ends of the spectrum as they apply their funky techno
fusion patterns to artists as varied as Grandmaster Flash, Bjork,
Unkle, Goldfrapp, Nicolette, Herbert, Jung Colletive, and Funki
Porcini. Two CDs released through another fine example of quality
techno, Peacefrog. Recommended. [DG]

PORTASTATIC "Summer of the Shark" (Merge) CD $13.99
Through the years, Merge Records chairman Mac McCaughan's
moonlight endeavors with Portastatic have become almost as
recognizable as his flagship Superchunk. In fact, this project has
provided a channel for some of his most interesting work, from the
beautifully fragile '94 single "Naked Pilseners" to 2001's Tropicalia
influenced "Looking for Leonard" soundtrack. "The Summer of the
Shark" is far from a lo-fi offshoot, recorded in Mac's studio he's
invited an excellent cast of seasoned indie vets to perform on this
varied collection of songs. Opening with "Oh Come Down," the track
switches from a whimsical verse accompanied by pretty strings
and vocal backing from Sleater-Kinney/Quasi member Janet Weiss
into a blistering guitar solo and then comes down again. Songs like
"Paratrooper" and "In the Lines" are quiet, acoustic guitar ballads
and unmistakably Mac, his high, not-quite falsetto singing phrases
like "Now everyone hangs flags out their window/I've got a white
towel, I'm hoping you'll see mine." The album is connected by a
thread of longing, even in power pop stompers like "Drill Me" he
asks, "If you're there, would you sing a song for all us suckers too?"
Like most Portastatic releases, Mac tries his hand at a variety of
styles and moods, but "The Summer of the Shark" is one of his
strongest collections of songs. Other notable guests include
Lambchop's Tony Crow who contributes piano as well as
former Comas bassist/violinist and fellow North Carolinian Margaret
White who also played on Sparklehorse's last album. [GH]

NOBUKAZU TAKEMURA "Assembler" (Thrill Jockey) CD $13.99
RealAudio: /ramgen/othermusic/campana.rm
Quite possibly the most prolific electronic artist today, Nobukazu
Takemura is at it again, back to his multi-layering techniques with
"Assembler/ Assembler 2" (a mere two months after "10th"). It's
amazing how Takemura makes the random distorted behavior (read
noise) of these sound sources and somehow allows them to become
reoccurring themes that appear clear and completely intentional,
all-the-while being unaffected by or concerned with time. A perfect
example is "Kino-ear", a 14 minute piece of field recordings that
sounds like it was pulled from an old special-effects library, but you
can't help believing it has an underling meaning that needs
deciphering. This record can be ear piercing, eerie, and pleasant in
the same breath. Amazing what a lad, a mic, and a laptop can
accomplish. [JD]

JAZZANOVA "Playlist" (JCR) CD $15.99
Just in time for the breaking of the weather comes an excellent comp
from our friends in Germany, Jazzanova/Compost. Fifteen light,
breezy, shuffling tracks featuring selections by Nuspirit Helsinki,
Koop, Underwolves, Victor Davies, and Classen Collective. Flavored
like a Gilles Peterson mix with samba-eque quitar, bossa nova
inspired percussion, varied house tempos, jazz instrumentation, and
soulful vocals. If you 're a fan of the Collective/label or just looking
for a quality mix of loungey, not drowsy, music to serve as the
soundtrack for your Spring patio cocktail party, this is the one.

ADULT. "Anxiety Always" (Ersatz Audio) CD/LP $11.99/$11.99
It's been too many years since I last rented "Liquid Sky," but what I
remember about this dark yet campy early-'80s sci-fi art flick is the
new wave clad cast and the film's over-the-top synthesizer
soundtrack. If this were a different decade, ADULT. could have
scored this film perfectly, reflecting a time when Moogs and primitive
drum machine beats sounded so alien, futuristic and stylized. After
releasing a slew of 12"s, 2001's "Resuscitation" was in fact a singles
collection, however, their track selection flowed seamlessly and could
have existed solely as a proper LP. In fact, it's one of best albums to
come from the current crop of electropop artists. Since then,
Detroit's digital duo has turned even more paranoid and their first
official full-length is a darker affair, with occasional appearances of
live instruments like bass and guitar, but it actually adds another
dimension to their electro-punk styling. "Anxiety Always" is a little
more raw -- meaning a tad more punk in their electro vitamins -- but
there's plenty of synthesizers buzzing over spastic mechanical beats,
and vocalist Nicola Kuperus still delivers sardonic lines like "Kick in
the shin/Is that how you say goodbye" with the sensitivity of an
android trying out its first emotion chip. [GH]
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A.R.E. WEAPONS "A.R.E. Weapons" (Rough Trade) CD $15.99
A.R.E. Weapons are the Beastie Boys of synth-rock. Undeniably
combining the IQ-abandoning wordplay of Andrew W.K. with bargain
basement beats, epic-dancehall keys, and Neanderthal riffs. They
are the missing link between the underground fashion world and
"Jackass". They will confound you with their for-every-good-song-
there's-a-bad-song formula. That's not an outright complaint because
the "bad songs" are designed to make people party faster than an
idiot with a lampshade on his head. They combine hip hop, synth
punk, and dancehall in ways that any other self-respecting
"musician" wouldn't dare. Your brain will tell you, "this is awful", but
the coke-tastic level of energy is hard to ignore. "Headbanger Face",
besides being a hilarious title, is a real scorcher. "Strange Dust" is
an audio-tour of the hard city streets, a suburban outcast's dream,
ending in a trail of paranoid voices. Speaking of drugs, each song
clocks in at a surprisingly short three minutes or less, as soon as
the rush comes on, the song is over. Aural-crack. [SM]

X-ECUTIONERS "Scratchology" (Sequence) CD $16.99
From the guys at Sequence, the label that brought you mix CD from
Dan the Automator, Babu, Slum Village, and Tony Touch, comes a
history lesson in the art of scratching by the X-ecutioners. Featuring
selections by Grandmaster Flash, Cash Money, Davy DMX, Qbert,
Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Premier, Public Enemy (remixed by
Pete Rock), and Herbie Hancock with DXT, this offers a great outline
to the history of turntable manipulation. Interview interludes by Roc
Raida, Total Eclipse, and Rob Swift help put things into perspective.
If you've heard the term "negroclash" floating around, it's not by
accident. The perspective on all things '80s, all things "electro" are
shifting. The history is being re-sculpted by the people born and bred
within the scene. Step out of your Williamsburg bedlam, shake off
you vocoder hang over, ride the train into the boroughs, where the
standards were made and are still being created. Take a hit off the
real thing. Recommend for the aspiring B-boy needing a new
selection of tracks to practice to, the backpacker needing inspiration
for his next tag, or the causal listener simply wanting a good hip-hop
mix focusing on the role of the DJ instead of the MC. [DG]

MOUSE ON MARS "Glam" (Thrill Jockey) CD $13.99
When "Glam" was first released in '98, it was a pricey import, so
I'm all filled with joy with Thrill Jockey's domestic release. (Strange
Fact: This album is actually a soundtrack for a never-released movie
starring Tony Danza!) Even though these tracks were composed in
'96, they are new to my ears, and will be to some of yours as well.
And like the recent "Rost-Pocks" record of re-released material, it
sounds fantastic. I'll even say it's better. It's also a different beast
than other MOM records, with more drifting abstract ambient
excursions and contemplative moments. I love hanging out in those
atmospheres, so this is no problem whatsoever. Fans of the skittery
MOM, fear not, because those mice-on-mars hi-hats are still
reaching out into bubbly oblivion (though not as often). So are the
smart rhythms and endlessly unpredictable tangents (those just as
often). There's a fair amount of dirt on this one too, existing like a
Siamese twin to the hi-tech element of (a)typical Mouse-music.
Grimy loops chug along like a hard disk locomotive in "Funkytiste".
"Port Dusk" has lost bips veiled in gossamer, warping in a confined
cube. A common thread of emotion ties all of these pieces together
incredibly well. The somber, undulating warm synth of "Tankpark"
and decaying shoegaze feedback of "Rerelease Hysteresis" and
"Hi Court Lo Cut" are submerged in a similar wombadelic pool of
bliss. "Litamin" is an absolutely gorgeous little piece (the unlikeliest
of MOM songs and my favorite), lovingly skipping off into the horizon
on a heart-tugging twang cradled by the warmest of bass, and I wish
it would never end. Speaking of bass, there is loads of it and can be
felt as much as heard. It's more than obvious that these fellas have
heaps of inspiration that result in the unique creations that I can only
describe as Mouse on Mars. Super. [DD]

DANIEL BELL "Button Down Mind Strikes Back" (Logistic) CD $16.99
Daniel Bell, mastermind producer of killer bleep-house and DJ behind
premier minimal house mix, "Button Down Mind 1" on Tresor, comes
back with a new mix of top-shelf jams. Right away, Bell establishes
his mastery with Closer Musik's "One, Two, Three.." blended
gorgeously into Soylent Green's "On the Balcony". To hear two
personal favorites blended so well to START is a good sign... Bell's
mix pulses through minimal German house and sounds that can
only be described as Digital-Detroit house. Fresh sounds with a
minimal funk and a palpable blackness. (Props to Heiko M/S/O.)
Deep as hell, but not sleepy. Some percussive drum pads, maybe a
vocal snippet, but still minimal. Bell has a great ear for modern
sounds and classic arrangements. His mix involves new artists like
R. Villalobos (a top 10 track of 2003) and Akufen, but the flow of the
mix is the work of a veteran. Definitely a man who knows HOUSE
music. (Bell collaborated with Richie Hawtin early on in both of their
careers.) Things get crazy when Bell mixes Drug Punks' "Drug" into
Wolf n'Flow's "I'm Feelin' Moody". Total ass shake that turns into
acid-funk (Villalobos, Nutmeg, Rundfunk...) then finally things all
land in that Digital Detroit thing I mentioned earlier ("Shake" Shakir,
Pepe Braddock, Stephane A...). All deep, warm, heady and lush.
Exemplary work. Listen and learn!! [SM]

STEWART WALKER & GEOFF WHITE "Discord" (Force Inc) CD $15.99
Stewart Walker and Geoff White are two of North America's
best-known and most talented techno producers, each with a unique
and distinctive sound of their own. They have joined forces for
Force-Inc. to release "Discord", an album that seemingly consists
of two separate projects yet when played together, or in alternating
sequence as it is, combine for one hella-fied dancefloor mix. Imagine
a tag-team session where each artist brings six of their newest
tracks and tries to kill the other with their hottest shit, almost like a
techno soundclash. "Discord" showcases the duo's impeccable
knack for creating sexy, melodic house, bubbly crunchy
minimal-tech and everything in-between. A true collaborative effort,
every bit as good as the Theorem THX series (of which Walker was
a participant), and sure to end up on my top ten for the year. [JD]  

This week's contributors: J Dennis [JD], Daniel DeRogatis [DD],
Daniel Givens [DG], Gerald Hammill [GH], Rob Hatch-Miller [RH],  
Josh Madell [JM], Scott Mou [SM], and Jeremy Sponder [JS].  


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