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Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf
Chicken Lips (DJ Kicks)
Pandit Pran Nath
Franz Ferdinand
Pete Rock (Reissue)
Adventure Time
Rock City (Chris Bell & Jody Stephens)


Red Bumb Ball (Various Rocksteady)
Karminksy Experience Inc.
Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene)
Ursula Rucker
Greenpot Bluepot
Sun Ra Tribute
K.I.M. (Various Mix)




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512 W. 29th Street NYC
Friday, November 21st
w/ Oxford Collapse, Palomar & DJ Carlos D (Interpol)

217 E. Houston NYC
Saturday, November 22nd
w/Fiery Furnaces

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With Other Music Guest DJs:
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APT: 419 W. 13th Street NY, NY
9 p.m. to 4 a.m.
Featuring Ciroc Vodka from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m.
$5 advance - only in store at Other Music







Absence of Blight

"Last Friday"
"Law 8"

Lawrence (Peter Kersten, co-head of Dial Records with Carsten Jost) has produced another album of beautifully crafted melancholic minimal house. The tracks are full of sideways building melodies that wind their way through a newfound sense of soul. The upwardly climbing grayness/beauty is still there, but the tracks seem to have a slightly stronger commitment to house (warmer basslines and melodies) than heard previously. Both the synth-chords and the melodies are slightly less abstract (for Lawrence, they are almost "traditional"!), but the way he INSERTS them, and where, is what makes his tracks sound so fresh. The long, slowly unfurling arrangements (Lawrence's inimitable ability to climb, ride the beat, then climb again) are masterfully done. Slow, subtle, then sudden beat change-ups make the track open up like a panoramic view. (Track 9 "Winter Green") Subtle and beautiful, worth repeated listens. Recommended. [SM]







Big Shots
(Stones Throw)

"Jack the Mack"

The latest release from Stones Throw is a great slice of lost hip hop history. Recorded between '91 and '93, Charizma and Peanut Butter Wolf's "Big Shots" lets us remember when the genre was still creative, genuine, and fun. PBW's production is a warm collage of jazz and soul samples, skillful scratches, and tasty beats. Sitting between classics by Special Ed, KMD, 3rd Bass, Pete Rock and CL, De LA, Tribe, etc., this is b-boy music from an era before anyone knew what "jiggy" was or meant. This really needs no hype; it stands on its own, even 10 years later. If only Charizma (who tragically died in 1993) stuck around along enough to reach his full potential, or at least show us more of his skills -- check the still classic "Red Light Green Light". Recommended! [DG]








Various - DJ Kicks

"Bad Skin" Chicken Lips
"Floating" The Congos (Carl Craig Mix)

Chicken Lips are the newest artists to grace the legendary DJ Kicks series, and these boys sure know what they are doing. They have been at it since many of us were in elementary school. They have had mainstream dance hits as Bizarre Inc. (hardcore rave music from back in the day), and also recorded as Big Two Hundred and Zeegfungk. I have to tell you that their crate digging skills are superb still to this day. This trio probably has more records than all of us here at OM combined and this mix proves it.

Their entry in the DJ Kicks series kicks off with the psychedelic excursions of Brainticket, then straight into the trippy and unlikely collaboration of Karin Krog and Herbert… truly great. Chicken Lips then span genres jumping from electro breaks, disco, and house, to dub and rock. It features tracks from Rhythm and Sound, Gwen Guthrie, Colourbox, Nina Hagen, Sharon Redd, Tik n Tok, Big Two Hundred (one of their aliases), Chicken Lips themselves and many, many more.

As with all DJ Kicks compilations, Chicken Lips give us an exclusive track entitled "Bad Skin" which is mind-blowing -- all house beats, Prince-style guitar and soulful rock vocals. Brilliant! Chicken Lips have produced a mix that is up there with likeminded artists such as Trevor Jackson (a/k/a Playgroup) and 2 Many DJs. This trio proves that they are a force to be reckoned with on this mix. Expect big things, very big things! [JS]







Midnight / Raga Malkauns
(Just Dreams)

"4 VIII 71 SF"
"21 VIII 76 NYC"

"When he would sing, the raga would manifest in the walls" -Terry Riley

A long-awaited release from La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela's archives featuring two hour-long ragas by one of India's most important singers of the 20th century, Pandit Pran Nath. Born in 1918, Pandit Pran Nath began seriously studying the raga at the age of six. Possessed with a prodigious memory, he would literally spend hours a day singing and learning hundreds of raga compositions and poems, frequently outdoors in forests or in the middle of rivers. He spent several years living in the caves of Tapkeshwar as a holy ascetic, clothed only in ash, singing for hours at a time amidst the other devotees.

By the 1930s he was regularly appearing on All India Radio to great acclaim as the leading interpreter of the Kirana style. He made his first concert appearance in the United States in 1970 and his impact at this time on American musicians and artists is hard to overstate; Terry Riley, La Monte Young, and Marian Zazeela would become formal disciples in a student/guru relationship for many, many years. Some of Pandit Pran Nath's other students included Charlemagne Palestine, Jon Hassell, Yoshi Wada, Henry Flynt, Don Cherry, Rhys Chatham, and Christer Hennix.

The recordings presented here feature Riley, Young, and Zazeela as accompanists, and were made in 1971 and 1977; they are the only available performances on CD at this time. Pandit Pran Nath tended to primarily focus on the alap portion of the raga (which is the more meditative beginning section), often stretching it out to forty or more minutes. That he did so is important in that the qualities that figure prominently in the alap -- the drone and the infinitely subtle pitch relationships between notes -- were what resonated so sharply with the American minimalist composers.

Pandit Pran Nath seems like a force of nature on these performances; you can actually feel his voice in your chest as the ragas unfold. His ability to sustain a note for what seems an eternity, and then continue to provide endless variations in pitch are time disorienting and mind melting. For Pandit Pran Nath, music was the force of god made manifest. That he believed so shows in these tour de force performances which I can't recommend highly enough. [MK]







Darts of Pleasure 5-Song EP

"Darts of Pleasure"

The debut EP from Franz Ferdinand -- a music group, not the assassinated Archduke -- has been lodged in my CD player for a better part of the last two weeks. At first, I expected them to be another late addition to the current crop of "garage" bands popping out almost as fast as the Strokes can sell records, but damn, what a surprise. The title track, "Darts of Pleasure" is a gritty pop gem, cramming the swagger of prime-era Stranglers with the Studio 54 pulse of Blondie's "Atomic," and a shot of the Damned's glammy punk bravura. Here the Glaswegian quartet effortlessly retrofits all of these music pieces together but avoids the trap of spewing recycled rehash. The sassy "Van Tango" is a vitriolic, bluesy rocker with witty Ray Davies kind of observations that Damon Albarn wishes he could still spit out while "Shopping For Blood" is a drum-heavy stomper complete with Scottish vampire imagery. There's also an early version of the title song, but the other bonus, a demo track for the loose and jagged "Tell Her Tonight," is a new wave jam that's almost as catchy as "Darts of Pleasure." I can't wait for the full-length, set for release in late-March. [GH]







Lost and Found

"Think Twice" Pete Rock & INI
"I Originate" Pete Rock & Deda

Honestly, even though this release is a rekindling of the past, it is a breath of fresh air during times where the G-Unit's and Sage Francis' effortlessly prevail and over saturate the genre with mass-marketed appeal and gloss. This 2xCD is like an uncut gem enclosed in a time capsule directly arriving to us from hip hop's golden eon. But this isn't a newjack producer/MC copping '94 and precariously trying to make it relevant. This IS '94; Pete Rock delivering his signature production work through two barely known artists -- INI and Deda.

INI and Deda were the first two groups Rock signed to his own label, Soul Brother Records, which he began after he parted ways with his comrade C.L. Smooth. Pete Rock infused his distinguishing beat-wizardry into these artists, all that voluble, butter-smooth deep soul and groove that he is celebrated for. Both discs mark his well-crafted sweeping loops of ethereal keys and muted horns and immaculate flow. Soon after recording, both artists disbanded and soon fell into mythical obscurity.

This is the Unheard Music of the era, widely bootlegged via the Internet and painstakingly sought after. Now we have both albums accessible to us, INI's "Center of Attention" and Deda's "The Original Baby Pa" in full format. Featured MC's on the discs include Large Professor and Q-Tip. [MT]







Dreams of Water Themes
(Plug Research)

"Water Signs"

Adventure Time's "Dream of Water Themes" is a perfect concept album. AT are Daedelus and Dublab's Frosty, together they've created a great hip-psych soundtrack to a life at sea. Littered with vocal and musical samples that reinforce their theme and motif, it becomes a swaying, coasting, bobbing ride that combs vast and open programming with mood driven, and tastefully placed and deconstructed world music samples.

The album is mostly instrumental with a great slice of a sea lorn Saul Williams on "Sent from Sandy Shores," his duet with Sacajaqwea (?) -- she sounds mighty close to Mia Doi Todd. The tracks are composed and arranged with an ear to nearly make you sea sick with the waves of piano echo, faintly flying flutes, slight guitar and strings, with sweet rolling drum patterns (lots of cymbals and snares). Full of character and personality, check the Nyahbinghi sampling, "Eel Sand Witch." Pure genius.

If you're a fan of Daedelus, Prefuse 73, or Nobody (who gets credit here for Foamy Fine Tuning), this is one of the best examples of what their sound is about. Nearly flawless and a great listen. Recommended. [DG]







Rock City
(Lucky 7)

"My Life Is Right"
"Lovely Lady"

Memphis, 1969: young Ardent Studios engineer Terry Manning invites local musicians Thomas Dean Eubanks, Jody Stephens, and Chris Bell to form a band and record an album when the studio isn't being used to record singles for Stax Records. They finish a full-length record under the name Rock City and send it around to labels but no one is interested. Two years later, Stephens and Bell get together with Andy Hummell and Alex Chilton and call their band Big Star. Now, more than 30 years after it was recorded, the Rock City album has been unearthed.

If you're a Big Star fan, I have to warn you that this isn't quite as astonishing a discovery as Rykodisc's reissue of Chris Bell's "I Am The Cosmos," but it's still a very good record. Rock City was mostly an outlet for Eubanks' anglophile garage-pop songs, which sound great but pale in comparison to Bell's three lonesome contributions, two of which made their way onto Big Star's "#1 Record." The basic Rock City backing tracks for "My Life Is Right" were used for the version of the song on the first Big Star album, and "Try Again" was rerecorded entirely, albeit without the gorgeous steel guitar solo that appears on this recording. The other Bell composition on here is "The Preacher," which as far as I know has never been released anywhere before this and sounds totally phenomenal.

Also included on this reissue are two of Eubanks' solo tracks and Chris Bell's recording of "Feel" with Stephens and Manning backing him (the basic tracks from that version were also reused for the Big Star album). A solid collection of never-before-heard material from a line-up that would evolve into one America's most influential bands, this reissue is highly recommended for absolutely anyone who likes Big Star. [RH]







Afro Finger and Gel

"Let's Get Sick"
"Why I Left"

Maurice Fulton and his wife(!), Mutsumi Kanamori have set out to fuck with your mind. Sometimes PDA is annoying to watch, you just want to slap the couple and tell them to get a room… but, SOMETIMES, they're having so much fun, it becomes endearing and you think, "I'd like to have that much fun with someone!" That's kind of how the "Afro Finger and Gel" album is. Is it self-indulgent? Yes! Is it fucked up? Yes! Is it interesting? Yes! Melted at times like Super-Collider, but also ROCKING at times like DJ Pierre. All the Yoko Ono comparisons aren't COMPLETELY off base -- a little personal philosophy on "Jealous Kids," social commentary on "Hello Bored Biz Man" -- but it's "Tell You Something", "Let's Get Sick" and "Why I Left" that make you wanna mosh on the disco floor, swinging wildly, fists connecting on any unfortunate innocent bystander. Look, Yoko Ono makes me wanna melt on the floor, not get violent... See the difference? [SM]







Various - Rare & Unreleased Rocksteady 1966-1968
(Pressure Sounds)

"Start the Party" The Viceroys as The Hot Tops
"Lonely World" The Black Brothers

A collection of rare and unreleased productions by Derrick Morgan from 1966 to 1968, "Red Bumb Ball" is an excellent comp of rocksteady-era soul. Having given up his day job for that of singing due to his failing eyesight, Morgan, became a vocalist for first Duke Reid, then Prince Buster, and onto Coxsone Dodd.

In '66, Morgan began his production label with the help of Leslie Kong. Utilizing his house band the Jets, led by guitarist Lynn Taitt and pianist Gladstone Anderson, Morgan began to change the sound of Jamaican music, from ska to rocksteady. The grooves became slower, half that of ska, and the influence of America soul of the time began to sink in more; reggae was still in the distance.

This collection from Pressure Sounds differs from those on Soul Jazz by the mindset being more about the overall soul influence, not just the funky stuff, and it digs a bit deeper. It's a refreshing group of songs. Excellent saxophonist Roland Alphonso is highlighted on two tracks and various vocalists croon their hearts out; the Blood Brothers' "Lonely World" is a slightly freakish vocal number of note. If you liked the Blood & Fire collection, "Darker than Blue," or the pure soul sound of JA, check this out. Lots of good tunes! Recommended! [DG]







Power of Suggestion

"Assignment Istanbul"
"The Wayward Camel"

ESL delivers another slice of cinematic soul ear candy with the Karminsky Experience. Referencing classic '70s soundtracks with funky breaks and swelling strings, "The Power of Suggestion" is saved from retro-voyeurism by incorporating contemporary production elements. Digital glitches, sound bits/collage, and drum programming help to keep one foot on the other side of the timetable. "Belly Disco" is just that, belly-dancing music with head-nodding breaks, whispery vocals and punchy tabla accents. "A Little Happening" is fueled by smoked-out beatnik jazz piano while "The Wayward Camel" is the perfect backdrop for your next opium den gathering. Think David Axelrod, David Holmes, Ananda Shankar, Roy Ayers - you're getting the idea. [GA]







Motor Motel Love Songs
(Arts & Crafts)

"Bitter Beauty"
"Little Clown"

Jason Collett is one of the core members of much-loved Canadian indie heroes Broken Social Scene, and his new solo album is part of a full-frontal assault that the BSS collective, their label Arts & Crafts, and the whole damn country have been waging on the unsuspecting world. Following close on the heels of BSS and Stars, Collett has added another twist to the sound-saga of these artists; while the BSS album is most notable perhaps for its diversity, exploring indie-pop, post-rock, and whatever other moods struck the group's fancy, they never touched on the subdued and rootsy alt-country that Collett features exclusively on his debut solo disc.

Not as drunken and inflamed as Paul Westerberg or Ryan Adams, not as quirky as Wilco or as slick as the Jayhawks, Collett has nonetheless made a strong album that should appeal to fans of any of those artists, and perhaps broaden the tastes of many fans of his other project. Strummed acoustic guitars, rollicking piano, a swinging backbeat and Collett's lovelorn poetry and emotional singing have conspired to create an enjoyable and honest debut from an artist who is clearly showing us only one of his many facets, yet speaking from the heart. [JM]







Silver Or Lead

"This" with Jazzanova
"Untitled" with King Britt

The second release from poet Ursula Rucker, "Silver or Lead" is the warm yet frank expression of a soul. Gaining popularity and props for her additions to almost every Roots album, this release lets her speak her own words with direct and powerful thoughts. Constructing feelings and images for a mature audience, she comes from the same new school of urban poets that birthed Saul Williams and Jill Scott. The backing for her prose comes from an "A" list of electronic producers: Jazzanova, King Britt, 4Hero, Lil' Louie Vega, the Roots, along with her mainstay collaborator, Rob Yancey. Ranging from ambient washes, slight hip hop inflected clicks and bumps, jazzy house, string-laden drum'n'bass, stuttering broken beat, and Latin tempos, "Silver Or Lead" is very moody, subdued, and self-empowering with a strong feminist philosophy, pro-Black, and ultra realistic. [DG]








"Warraw 2"
"Warraw 6"

Greenpot Bluepot is the musical persona of NYC based artist Natalie LeBrecht. Devoted to studies in sound, texture and emotion, Miss Bluepot creates an intriguing sphere of her own in her artwork, somehow preserving a fantastic sense of humor within the process. She is known for an unsettlingly schizophrenic voice that morphs into different personalities within each song, invading the listener's senses and illusions.

"Warraw" is LeBrecht's latest offering, capable of beguiling a faithful listener out of automatism. This time, Natalie has added acoustic guitars and rich layers of voice, creating an ethereal world for us to sneak a peek into. Upon first listen, I was taken to another place, one that was as numinous as it was disturbing. The album announces strange and disconcerting revelations, experimenting but not for mere self-indulgence. Unnerving, confident, organic, this is a feminine record that lulls you inside Natalie LeBrecht's secret paradox hidden between intelligent social criticism and a rare mother-earth psychedelia, and somehow manages to come full-circle.

Fans of Meredith Monk, early Smog, maybe even Patty Waters should take note of her sometimes unnervingly candid moments of word and sound, her gifts to fans in the form of special hand-sewn presents at her rare live performances, or in this case the gorgeous handcrafted CD packaging, limited to just 100. The deep listener may find a most rewarding treasure here. [JC]







Various - The Myth Lives On
(Kindred Spirits)

"The Stars Are Singing Too" Build An Ark
"Departure Point" Mocky

The first album of tributes dedicated to Sun Ra gathers a mixed yet likeminded group of musicians, producers, and vocalists to illustrate that his myth lives on. Six of the 16 tracks feature occasional Ra percussionist Francisco Mora Catlett who leads his Outerzone Band with a line-up that includes Marshall Allen, Craig Taborn and Carl Craig.

The other 10 songs vary from the sweet Jimi Tenor version of "Love in Outer Space" to the Dudley Perkins/Yesterday's New Quintet (Madlib) freak-out interpretation of "Nuclear War." Broken beat/house producer Recloose uses Ra's inspiration for his original composition "Paepulsarik." Alen Attais's "Nuclear War" and Kirk Degiorgio's "Astro Black" blend Ra's love of synth chords, percussion, and sly groove with percolating digital drums and updated rhythms.

Elsewhere you'll find Midwest mystic Theo Parrish giving us a slow burning, mostly unrecognizable remake of "Saga of Resistance," while Philly wonder-kid King Britt's original "Black (A Shade Of)" is a Mini-Moog and percussion led mellow offering. "A Sun Ra Dedication" is perfect for those interested in following the lineage and influence of a complex and ahead of his time artist. [DG]







Various - Miyage

"Kimosphere / O-A-E-O" K.I.M. / I Wayan Sadra
"Stand On the Word / Waikikim" Joubert Singers / K.I.M.

A concept mix CD from the K.I.M. duo/collective that works. Sources as varied as the French world music label Ocora, to street-dwelling jazz musician Moondog, to Psychic TV ("Ov Power" is sick and stomping), to the Gun Club, to K.I.M.'s very own organically twisted productions are all seamlessly mixed into an eclectic (though not ironic), psychedelically satisfying "Back-to-Mine" session (Wevie Stonder into Edith Piaf into Moondog!!). There is a nature-loving/fairytale/tropical paradise theme flowing throughout the mix -- all chime-y keys, organic, sweet and eerie. Though there are some "beats" here and there, many tracks are used only for a minute or so to segue to the next track. The focus is more along the lines of a themed "voyage in sound" experience. Kind of brings to mind a fieldtrip version of Mancuso's Loft set in the woods (see Larry Levan's rmx of "Stand on the Word" mixed into K.I.M.'s "Waikikim")… spiked Kool-Aid included. Super well done, bonus points for creativity. The cheapest tropical getaway available. [SM]









"Crazy Love"

Many of you are probably familiar with the name Colder by now. Marc Nguyen Tan (a/k/a Colder) and his debut album "Again" have received glowing reviews in just about every European music magazine available. After numerous manufacturing delays (the first pressings of the disc come with a bonus 5 video DVD), and tough European export bans, "Again" is finally available in quantity. Colder clearly regards the late-'70s to early-'80s as ground zero for his sound taking cues from Joy Division, Can, Suicide, and various other post-punk legends, while still retaining a stronghold on the future at times recalling moments of Closer Musik, and Pole.

If anyone could predict what a band like Joy Division would sound like in 2003, Marc Nguyen Tan does just that. With his musical inspiration taken from prime-era Factory records -- his deadpan vocals could be mistaken for Ian Curtis -- Colder has created a kind of tribute to that era that is both respectful to what has come before him while also adding to that sound. There is not much more that I can say about this album but that it is the best debut to arrive this year, and it is definitely a shoe in for a spot on my year end top ten. Believe the hype and buy this album, it is truly one of the finest that you will purchase in a long, long time! [JS]




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