November 5, 2004  




John Tejada
Johann Johannsson
Joanna Newsom (CD single)
Ursula 1000
Various Funk, Soul and Reggae from Randy's
Antony & the Johnsons
Andrew Pekler
But Then Again (~scape compilation)
Stina Nordenstam


Philadelphia Roots 2 (various)
Woven Hand
The Go Find (CD single)
Vordul Mega
Grandaddy (mix CD)

So Young But So Cold (reissue)

Soft Pink Truth
DFA Compilation #2
Arthur Russell (limited reissue)

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Enter to win a pair of tickets to one of the Apostle of Hustle shows this weekend in NYC. Led by Broken Social Scene guitarist Andrew Whiteman, the trio will be celebrating the recent release of their fantastic album, Folkloric Feel We're giving away two pairs of tickets to each show (one pair per winner) so enter right away by e-mailing Please include a daytime phone number where you can be reached. Winners will be notified by 2 p.m. today, Friday, November 5.

Friday, November 5
The Hook
: 18 Commerce St, Brooklyn
Saturday, November 6
: 107 Norfolk St, NYC

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Kill Memory Crash (live)
Audion (aka Matthew Dear/DJ set)
James T. Cotton (aka Dabrye/live/DJ)
DJs: Mike Servito / Derek Plaslaiko
Todd Osborn (aka Osbourne/Rephlex) / Ryan Elliott

Ghostly International brings their all-star lineup to the Delancey this Saturday night and Other Music is giving away two pairs of tickets! Enter to win by e-mailing and please include your daytime phone number. Winners will be notified by 5 p.m. Friday, November 5.

The Delancey : 168 Delancey New York, NY

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Supersilent bring their sweeping, expansive sounds to Tonic for an amazing night not to be missed. Other Music is giving away two pairs of tickets to see this rare NYC appearance by the Norwegian collective. To enter, e-mail Please include a daytime phone number where you can be reached. Winners will be notified by 5 p.m. Friday, November 5.

Tonic: 107 Norfolk St, NYC

OCT/NOV Sun 31 Mon 1 Tues 2 Wed 3 Thurs 4 Fri 5 Sat 6


Please note that Laibach's November 6 show at Webster Hall in NYC has been moved to Downtime, the date is the same. Bonfire Madigan is still scheduled to open.

Downtime: 251 West 30th Street New York, NY








Logic Memory Center
(Plug Research)

"Alone With You"
"Unit B1656"

Logic Memory Center is the finest, most coherent and funky techno album that you will hear all year. After last year's great collaboration LP on Playhouse with Arian Leviste, John Tejada blows away the competition with his new album for Plug Research. Tejada made Logic Memory Center entirely on a computer strictly using sound design techniques and leaving behind his trademark synths. All of the tracks are extremely deep and soulful while also maintaining a pop appeal with vocal contributions from Jimmy Tamborello, Kimi Recor and Carl A. Finlow who turns in his best vocal performance since his hit, "Broken Mirror."

"Alone With You" is the perfect combination of Depeche Mode and Akufen, with Finlow's vocals making it 2004's best electronic pop track. "Unit B1656" is classic Detroit, think Juan Atkins' early works -- it is a slamming techno track. "Strange Creatures" is like some insane melding of Herbert and Miss Kittin with Kimi Recor's sexy vocal over the top of a deep chopped beat... amazing. With 10 tracks in all, I could just go on describing this record forever. All that you need to know is that this is the best techno album this year. Hands down!! And, if you don't believe me ask our own resident Mr. Techno who sits right next to me, and gives this two thumbs way up (and who by the way is sure damn hard to please). So if you are a fan of techno music or any kind of electronic music in general, then you need this. We all owe it to this L.A. legend who after many, many years, just keeps getting better. Essential! [JS]





$16.99 CD


Virthulegu forsetar


This CD/DVD-Audio set is the follow-up to Icelandic composer (and member of the Kitchen Motors collective) Jóhann Jóhannsson's stunning 2002 soundtrack, Englaborn. Whereas on that disc, he employed a string quartet to flesh out his acutely attuned ambient washes and minimal vignettes, this time around, the strings are replaced with massed brass. The nine-piece horn section merges with organ, bells, glockenspiel, and Jóhannsson's electronics for the four movements of Virdulegu forsetar, and it moves at an exquisite, almost glacial pace. In some ways, it reminds me of the opening seconds of "Also Sprach Zarathustra" (before the toms come in) time-stretched beyond an hour, moving between ebbs of bassy drone and crescent, yet deliberate fanfare. Perhaps the closest comparison would be to LaMonte Young's long out-of-print brass score of Second Dream of the High-Line Tension Stepdown Transformer. Incredibly nuanced and elegant. [RB]







$15.99 LP



Moment Returns

"Chronosynclastic Infundibula"
"Tomorrow Today (Pt. 1)"

Did you ever come across an album that you unexpectedly fell in love with? Last year's collaboration between Triosk and Jan Jelinek, 1+1+3 was such a record for me. This time sans Jelinek, the Australian trio's new album further establishes them as a skilled and intriguing outfit. Based around the live playing of jazz musicians Laurence Pike, Adrian Klumpes and Ben Waples (drum/vibes, piano/Fender Rhodes/vibes, and double bass respectively), subtle shifting live loops reminiscent of both modern classical and minimal techno drive each piece. Softly erupting in a restrained push-and-pull tension, Triosk use slight digital techniques to further enhance their warm, mood setting soundscapes. Filled with shimmering passages, the ensemble creates many beautiful musical moments that are reminiscent of a diverse range of artists like Tortoise, Keith Jarrett, Terry Riley and Town and Country. At times Moment Returns even feels like a "live" Basic Channel. A great, engaging listen. [DG]





CD single



Sprout and the Bean
(Drag City)

"What We Have Known"

In light of recent developments, I've been making an effort to focus my thoughts as often as possible on the fact that some good things have actually happened in the year 2004. One of the first things that comes to mind is the emergence of the inimitable Joanna Newsom. The Milk-Eyed Mender has been one of the most polarizing releases of the year, loved or loathed in equal measure by our staff and customers, and sure to end the year as one of our best-selling albums. Who would have guessed that a 22-year old harpist from Nevada City, California, would ever become so popular? It may be a long time before Joanna finishes up her seemingly endless tour and gets into the studio to record a proper follow-up, so here's a teaser to keep us all interested.

The single for the "Sprout and the Bean" includes "What We Have Known," a great previously unreleased track recorded in the wake of her newfound success. It's a beautiful song, not quite as stripped down as the material on the full-length album, with Joanna singing and playing both piano and harp. There's also a very cool video for "Sprout and the Bean" directed by a couple of UC Berkeley students. I'd hate to ruin the premise, but it involves an animated chalkboard forest mural, a little toy boat floating down a stream, lots of greenery, and a chorus of lovely cloned Newsoms in full-on faerie regalia. Consider yourself smitten. [RH]







Triola Im Fünftonraum

"All My Friends"

Triola is the one and only Jorg Burger, the man from Cologne who records under almost as many aliases as Wolfgang Voigt. You may have just heard of a few of them; does the Modernist, Bionaut, Autobianchi, Burger/Ink, ring any bells?? Yes, Jorg Burger is all of them and more, and now he has recorded one of the most brilliant records that Kompakt has ever released. Triola Im Fünftonraum is right up there with Dettinger's two full-lengths. It is that good, and takes us back to the classic days of Kompakt, before Schaffel, before Pop Ambient, when a techno record was filled with all of the elements that I love in electronic music. Downtempo beats collide with lush synths and the tracks build slowly with some of the most gorgeous melodies I have heard in some time until they climax and everything drops, fades and the next track does exactly the same thing -- it totally blows you away. This album is fantastic, and definitely one of Kompakt's finest hours. Don't get me wrong, I am a fan of almost everything on the label but this album really took me by surprise. I have to say that techno music was lacking this year and I had almost given up hope, until recently albums like this week's John Tejada, AM/PM, Oliver Hacke, ADA and now Triola have restored my faith in the genre. Long live the 4/4!! [JS]








Various Artists

"No Heathen (Ghetto Plazma Mix)" Com.A / Wicked Act
"Comeback Wicked" Timeblind / Wayne Lonesome

The year 2004 will be remembered for many things including the rebirth of ragga-jungle, and the influence of dancehall seeping into both the mainstream and underground audiences. From Tigerbeat6 and Kid 606, this Shockout compilation will show you why. Gathered from the series of 45s and 12-inches released over the past year, this is the rough, dubby, mechanical and damaged riddims that have invaded many an unsuspecting sound system. This collection brings together some of the best contemporary producers from around the world who utilize the bounce aesthetic and broaden the scope, sound and technique that was born in Jamaica and popularized in London and New York. Over 15 tracks, we get original productions and remixes from Soundmurder, The Bug, DJ/Rupture, Ove-Naxx, Timeblind, Kid 606, Rootsman, Teamshadetk, 8 Frozen Modules, Strategy and Guislain Poirier. Most of these tracks are blessed by the vocals of Wayne Lonesome. This is a tight and impressive mix of modern dancehall and ragga. I suppose being released as singles first insured that each track would have the strength to stand own its own. Shockout illustrates the scene as an impressive whole -- from Brooklyn to Montreal, England to Japan, or San Francisco to Portland, OR. Bubbly bass, danceable and shredded beats, sharp, piercing cymbals and keys, smooth and devastating vocals, all the bases are covered. Turntable-less fans of any of the names mention have no doubt been waiting for this CD. Worth the weight if you've missed any of them the first time around. Recommended. [DG]








"Prey and Predator"

Efterklang are a 10-piece ensemble from Denmark that includes Iceland's Amina Quartet. (Amina are responsible for all of the strings on Sigur Ros' albums.) An incredible debut, Tripper features rich orchestral textures, dual male and female vocals and crisp, glitchy electronics. The formula may sound familiar but the music is unlike anything else that you have heard in awhile. Efterklang are definitely influenced by the aforementioned Sigur Ros along with their Icelandic brethren Mum, Philip Glass, My Bloody Valentine and many, many more, but with their own spin on it. The tracks on Tripper range from Oval type glitch-pop with beautiful lulling vocals over the top, to Rachel's and Philip Glass inspired orchestral compositions, to electronic pop gems that would fit well alongside Morr Music's finest. The overall atmosphere of Tripper is stark and cold with an unexplainable underlying beauty making it the perfect soundtrack to the forthcoming winter. An amazing debut that is a must have for fans of Sigur Ros, Mum, Colleen, and Rachel's. Definitely one of this year's finest debuts. [JS]









"Bossa For the Devil" / "Bay Bay Bay"
"Chick a Boom" / "Gimme a Bassline"

Alex Gimeno, aka Ursula 1000, is known primarily for his elegant, slightly retro loungecore breakbeat albums, but the New York based artist has a pretty diverse back-catalog of music. Whether he's producing disco-punk remixes for the Faint, White Stripes and Human League, or assembling compilations of '70s glam rock, he seems set on keeping his followers guessing as to what direction he'll go next. With this mix CD we get a taste of his diverse and eclectic taste but it's still within the context of his loungecore aesthetic. He definitely injects a freshness and edginess to a sub-genre that has increasingly gotten more and more derivative -- many people will be surprised by how upbeat and contemporary it all sounds. Favorites include the deep house/swing fusion of Frank de Jojo's "Come Home Baby" and the Afrobeat tropicalia stylings of British indie rock darlings The Bees' "Chicken Payback." You'll also hear shiny neo-disco floor-fillers and straight up boogaloo as well. All in all, a fine deftly mixed party CD that showcases an artist's continued love affair with music of all kinds. This is one of the best mix CDs I've heard all year. Recommended for everyone! [DH]







Out on a Funky Trip

"Stepping Up" Lyn Taitt
"Funky Sting Part 1" Barry Waite Ltd.

Out on a Funky Trip is a great compilation showcasing the wealth of funk inspired reggae recorded at the legendary Randy's studio. Featuring some unreleased songs and informative liner notes by David Katz, this collection is comparable to and even stronger than Soul Jazz's Studio One Soul and Funk comps.

Run by a Chinese family living in Jamaica, Randy's was the making of Vincent Chin, but it was his son Clive who actually brought the studio to its legendary status. This compilation brings to light the "rebel rock" sound that this collective group of musicians and engineers created and sculpted at Randy's. Heavily influenced by the funk and psychedelic soul coming from the US in the early-'70s from artists like Earth, Wind and Fire, Sly Stone, The Meters, and Booker T and the MG's, Jamaicans found their own way to incorporate the wah guitar, electric piano and proto-disco drums into their own homegrown musical jungle. Many JA record labels were distributing the singles from Stax, Motown and Brunswick, hence many of the musicians and vocalists were aware of the new movement in sound and inspired to do their own version, ultimately learning the styles and techniques used in creating the songs they adored.

Out on a Funky Trip includes four tracks from the Sly Dunbar led Skin, Flesh and Bones sitting next to selections and versions from Tommy McCook, The Maytals, King Cole, and others. Dare I say the outcome is groovy in the best sense of the word? Also recommended to those who've picked up Stones Throw's recent funk reissues as well as the Midwest Funk compilation. [DG]







The Lake
(Secretly Canadian)

"The Lake"

I perceived something remarkable about Antony when I attended his last performance (which featured Boy George, by the way.) I suppose you can anticipate extraordinary things from extraordinary people, but this was something else, really. I have never experienced Antony and the Johnsons live, and I didn't really know what to expect, only a faint concept of something somber and reserved. I was quite mistaken in regard to the latter. Antony's performance-landscape idly unraveled into a colloquy that defiantly existed outside of his exclusive narrative and peculiar ambience, creating a dialogue that defined everything 'selfless' in the warm collocation of the 'other' into his radial context as he effortlessly wove through his cavalcades into the profound depths of human affection. Humor, laughter, and confounding positivity were his dialectical bridges. We laugh as the result of the discharge of superfluous nervous energy in regards to the repression of certain behaviors or fashions of thought, which leads to an entrapment of requisite energies. When those quelled sentiments and dispositions are circumvented, it is expressed in laughter. These are the Freudian pleasures we derive from tapping into the abysmal forces that can ultimately be traced back to the 'id' instincts of life and death. This is a shared humor, a communal defense mechanism, a dynamic unconsciousness bursting through as an attemptive encounter with prejudice, self-deprecation, rebellion, and depression. And for one to have the capacity to endure and share this laughter with his or her audience in this humanistic tendency is quite exceptional.

Theatrical and exorbitant -- Antony resonates, visually and audibly (with a fascinating multi-octave vocal palette) through the caliginous layers of the social and cerebral panorama depicting powerful, haunting imagery. Almost surrealistic. With (perhaps) a Klaus Nomi-like androgyny and a euphonious influential palette that softly echoes avant-cabaret style singers (Mabel Mercer?), Nina Simone, Bryan Ferry -- and a gorgeously sparse, emotive styling that could only parallel Arthur Russell. This EP is an early preview to the album I am a Bird Now set for release in February. There are two non-album tracks, "The Lake" and "Horror is Gone" and the explosive "Fistful of Love" -- which features Lou Reed on backing vocals and guitar. Blissful and wondrous, Antony is peerless. One of the most essential releases of the year. [MT]







Nocturnes, False Dawns and Breakdowns


Former member of Sad Rockets and Bergheim 34, and current Heidelberg, German resident (by way of California), Andrew Pekler began recording on his own in early-2000. Nocturnes, False Dawns and Breakdowns continues where 2002's Station to Station left off, exploring the possibilities of combining programmed digital-scapes with acoustic improvisation. Precise shifting tones of delicate electronic textures combine with bleeps and pulses coming in, seemingly from all directions, while multiple layers of dense and diverse percussion and vibes work with and against each other to create a sonically rich tapestry of sound. Recalling everything from the electro acoustic funk of Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Sun Ra to the spacial dub/jazz explorations of Burnt Friedman, Four Tet, Tortoise, Cinematic Orchestra and As One. The interesting thing is that Nocturnes manages to keep it all together in a way that gives his music a very evenly balanced weight and feel to it, never pushing so far out that it disrupts the overall character of the whole. Recommended. [GA]







Various Artists

"Destination Vertical" Rechenzentrum vs.
Masha Qrella
"And Many More" John Tejada

I have a fond memory of hanging out with my boy Anton and hearing "Staedtizism 4" for the first time. I say hearing because being in a big, almost empty room with a Bose mini system, I could hear all the sub-bass melodies crawling around the room. They weren't just throbbing straight-up-and-down all boring-style, they were weaving and intertwining and I was thinking, "Damn, this is much better than I remember!" And, no I wasn't stoned. So what does that have to do with "But Then Again?" Well, right off the bat, the first thing I noticed was that this album sounds AMAZING. The tracks feature ultra-dynamic sound positioning and pin-point melodies that linger so far from the speakers that it resembles the effect of someone behind you beatmatching his ringtone to your stereo. (Check the last section of Cappablack's "5th Dimension" with its Brigitte Fontaine loop.)

While previous ~scape releases focused on dub, glitch-hop and, in the case of "Staedtizism 4," minimal soul, "But Then Again" displays a wide yet focused sense of variety that shows the label successfully branching out while still remaining true to its minimal, textural, high fidelity aesthetic. The melodies are more pronounced but without just being one-finger, 'naive' melodies. They remain somewhat 'serious' and complex, sitting in some less-explored space between dancetracks and ambient tracks. (Check John Tejada's "And Many More," Jelinek's "Western Mimickry" and J. Burger's "Neuland".) Some tracks touch on the indie/melodic electronica leanings of Morr Music, Karaoke Kalk and maybe even Intr. Version (Headset and Soulo, Epo etc.), but again, without ever becoming too obvious or 'cute.' Bravo to Stefan Betke and all the artists involved and happy fifth year anniversary! Recommended. [SM]







World Is Saved
(V2 England)

"Parliament Square"
"Winter Killing"

The sixth album from Swedish chanteuse Stina Nordenstam, and another deep, dark, joyful and complex pop album from this child-like ice princess. Nordenstam is an original, and an artist who belies her dark lyrics with her singsong, and manages to create dark and soothing music that is both modern and timeless. Orchestrated by a 14-piece band with strings, horns, keys, and much more in addition to scratchy guitars and bass and drums, the tracks are nonetheless halting and spare, with Nordenstam's otherworldly vocals and dark sad lyrics utterly mesmerizing. You could try to boil her down to Sigur Ros meets Radiohead meets Ricki Lee Jones, but with a powerful and original voice all her own, this album stands tall without comparison. [JM]







(Sea Note)

"Whose Blues"
"Fed Intro"

Liam Hayes' calls upon his influences (Rundgren, Chilton/Bell, sundry Beatles -- especially Harrison) with a refreshing informality. The songs don't follow a particular line, or retreat into a pastiche approach, so much as they try to sound new with every line. They try and they succeed, and sometimes just for trying. I guess it's rock, and also orchestrated pop, but all of this trying on his part thankfully never lapses into "too hard."

Balladry that is certainly a bit more creaky than Rundgren's, but also nowhere near as schmaltzy. Less tough a manner than Chilton, but just about as capable of being heartrending, not to mention uplifting. I mean...if those are the guys which first spring to mind in attempting to describe the man's music then I'd say that's a good sign! [DHo]







Philadelphia Roots 2 / Funk, Soul & the Roots of Disco 1965-73
(Soul Jazz)

"Collage" The Three Degrees
"Love (Your Pain Goes Deep)" Frank Beverly & The Butlers

Another classic collection from our heroes at Soul Jazz Records, and their second trip to the City Of Brotherly Love. The 20 tracks compiled here encapsulate the vibrant Philly black music scene of the period, featuring titans like Gamble and Huff, as well as many obscurities. Fun and funky dancefloor music throughout, but with a dark intensity and pathos that was peculiar to pop music of the period. What else do you need to know? Great, emotional and fun music, and an excellent collection. [JM]







Consider the Birds
(Sounds Familyre)

"Sparrow Falls"
"To Make a Ring"

It may only be a matter of time before David Eugene Edwards catapults to the level of attention that has already been won by his fellow singer-songwriter and Sounds Familyre labelmate Sufjan Stevens. Like Sufjan, his lyrics are characterized by an intense and introspective spirituality; the tone of his music, on the other hand, is far darker. While Sufjan's gentle and hushed songs are more in line with Nick Drake and Iron And Wine, David's are more tortured and painful, closer in style to Nick Cave, Crooked Fingers, and Will Oldham. Since 1995, Edwards has recorded at least eight albums with his band 16 Horsepower and on his own under the name Woven Hand, and he has consistently shown himself to be a master of dark country and folk inspired indie rock. Consider The Birds is perhaps his most focused solo release to date and is sure to please fans of his prior work. If you're looking for your fix of sin and redemption along with a hefty side of some good Old Testament Biblical wrath, here you go. [RH]







Over the Edge Vs. What I Want

"What I Want"

The new single from the Go Find features both "Over the Edge" and "What I Want," two tracks off the electronic-pop masterpiece Miami. Both songs also get re-worked and would be completely unrecognizable if not for Dieter Sermus' sweet melancholic melodies. The New Order meets Notwist vibe of the original version of "Over the Edge" is absent in the song's "Late Night" remix, replaced by sparkling finger-picked guitars and a sleepy, digital pulse. Styrofoam puts a little funk into "What I Want" with his remix filled with glitchy, hip-hop beats and buzzy synths. [GH]







Revolution of Yung Havoks
(Nature Sounds)

"Believe" (Featuring Jean Grae)
"Handle That" Featuring Cannibal Ox

Vordul Mega blasts out into the hip hop world out of the shadows of one-half of the cryptic, enigmatic Cannibal Ox with his debut solo album. Casting a crew of some of the best producers and MC's in the game (Jean Grae, Blockhead, Soul Purpose, C Rayz Walz) he blazes across 13 tracks worthy of attention based on his own skills and merit. Out now on Nature Sounds! [MT]







Below the Radio / Various Artists

"Nature Anthem" Grandaddy
"For the Damaged" Blonde Redhead

As you very well know, there are tons and tons of compilations and DJ mixes assembled by artists, from the Back to Mine series to the Fabric installations to the influx of obscurity collections compiled by names like David Holmes, Volga Select, Morgan Geist or Don Letts. But most of these comps are geared for either recreating a dancefloor in your apartment or providing access to long lost gems, which is what makes this "mix tape" (via CD format) such a great novelty. Compiled by Grandaddy's Jason Lytle, there's nothing really obscure or even leftfield about Below the Radio. Quite honestly, it could very well be a mix tape that a friend made for you in college, 100 percent indie rock and subsequently played to death as a soundtrack for your study-time and whatever else you did in your dormroom. With the exception of an unheard Grandaddy song, everything else has been previously released, yet Lytle's thought-out track selection gives the album a fantastic and personal flow. You'd think he had a crush on you. Features 15 tracks from artists like Beck, the Handsome Family, Little Wings, Earlimart, Beulah, Home, Blonde Redhead, Giant Sand, the Fruit Bats and Pavement. [GH]







Various / Underground French Music 1977 to 1983

"Mae" Artefact
"Disco Rough" Mathematiques Modernes

Considering the term new wave was first associated with the French film movement, it's ironic that France's contribution to early-'80s electronic music was hidden under the shadow of German and UK artists. Marc Collin and Ivan Smagghe, a/k/a Volga Select, are setting the record straight selecting the tracks for Tigersushi's new compilation. Perfectly titled, So Young But So Cold borrows its name from a track by electro-goths KaS Product, and explores a fertile yet mostly unheard six-year period of French underground music.

While the frozen sound of a drum machine and the robotic synthesizers are an obvious common theme, the collection features a diverse selection of styles. So Young But So Cold starts off with the icy, drum-less lullaby "Suis-Je Normale" by cult artist Nini Raviolette, and then transitions into the darker, Suicide sounding territory of "Euroman" from the Stranglers' French bassist J. J. Burnel. Produced by Thierry Muller (a/k/a Illitch) Roman Photo's "Ruth" is full of dark, new romantic detachment, (or what French journalist Yves Adrien coined as Novo), then followed by a Smagghe edit of Mathematiques Modernes' 1980 classic, "Disco Rough."

Other standouts include The (Hypothetical) Prophets "Wallenberg" which is downright eerie and apocalyptic, but contrasted by the catchy electro-pop of Moderne's "Switch on Bach," the cyber-dance-punk of Artefact's "Mae," the Metal Boys' "Carnival" as well as "The Force," a cheeky electronic disco homage to Star Wars from the Droids. There are also plenty of luminaries featured including Tim Blake, who recorded the spacey "Lighthouse" after leaving Gong and before joining Hawkwind, and "Welcome (To Deathrow)" by the revered Bernard Szajner. Sixteen tracks total, this is the New Wave of New Wave! [GH]









Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Soft Pink Truth

"Out of Step"

With last year's fantastic micro-funk masterpiece Do You Party, Matmos' Drew Daniels showed us that when he wasn't busy sampling the sounds of liposuctions and rat cages, he likes to get down and dirty. For his second solo release as the Soft Pink Truth, Daniels throws us another curve ball transforming old-school American hardcore and British punk songs into techno music. He covers bands like Angry Samoans, Die Kreuzen, Crass and Minor Threat reinterpreting their anarchist classics through house, acid house and booty bass grinders. Features vocal guests like fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Vickie Bennet, Blevin Blectum and Dani Siciliano. [GH]









Various Artists

"I Robot" Juan MacLean
"Endless Happiness (Eye Remix)" Black Dice

A 3-CD set, DFA Compilation #2 culls all of the label's vinyl-only releases of 2004 and neatly places them alongside some rare and exclusive tracks. Includes artists like Pixeltan, Black Leotard Front, J.O.Y., and a new recording of "Bellhead" from Liquid Liquid, as well as old label favorites like Juan MacLean, LCD Soundsystem, the Rapture and Black Dice. The third disc is a fantastic mix CD guaranteed to get more than a few party guests pumping their fists and playing "air cowbell."









World of Echo

"Place I Know/Kid Like You"

Out-of-print for more than 15 years, Audika re-releases the late Arthur Russell's breathtaking masterpiece World of Echo on CD for the very first time. Sensually ethereal and intimate, his whispered confessions and cello are enshrouded in spacey echo, at times the songs become downright transcendental. Reissue includes unreleased music, a 24-page booklet and a DVD featuring rare footage filmed by Phil Niblock.




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