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  June 26, 2013  
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We could not be more excited for the upcoming July 9 release on Other Music Recording Co. of Anna von Hausswolff's stunning Ceremony album, and her first ever US performance on July 10 at Glasslands. We were blown away by this record when we brought in a few copies of the Swedish release on Kning Disk late last year, and press outlets including Pitchfork, NPR and the NY Times seem to agree, it's something special. We've been told her live shows are not to be missed, and you have just one chance to see Anna perform in the States before her full tour this fall, so get your tickets to Glasslands now, and we are giving away a pair every week until the show. Email enter@othermusic.com for your chance to win.

Jenny Hval
Stellar OM Source
Devo (early recordings on LP)
Lightning Dust
Scott Walker (Box Set)
Big Star
Parquet Courts
Let Me Play This for You (Various)
Hailu Mergia
The Three O'Clock


The Samps
Matias Aguayo
Enjoy the Experience (CD, LP or Book)
The Ecstasy of Gold Vol. 1 & 2
Country Soul Sisters Vol. 2
Ruby Ray (Photography Book)
Quasimoto (available on LP)

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The re-discovery of this long-forgotten proto-punk band of brothers from Detroit is one of the most exciting and inspiring rock & roll stories in recent times, and on Monday, July 1, Death will be performing at Le Poisson Rouge on the heels of the weeklong screening in NYC of the documentary, A Band Called Death (which wraps up this Sunday at Cinema Village). The group will be joined on the LPR stage with two other great rock & roll bands opening the night: Purling Hiss and Other Music's favorite Jersey punks, the Everymen, who are kindly offering 10 pairs of tickets to our Update readers for this killer show. Email giveaway@othermusic.com for your chance to win a pair. (Must be 18 or older to enter.)

LE POISSON ROUGE: 158 Bleecker St. NYC
Hosted by Militia (of Swear on Your Life/Judas Priestess) and presented by LPR & the Black Rock Coalition

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The breezy, tropical-tinged pop of Cayucas' debut full-length, Bigfoot on Secretly Canadian, is about as perfect of a summer record as you're going to hear this season. Zach Yudin and his band are in the midst of a huge North American tour which pulls through New York next week on Friday, July 5. We've got a pair of tickets to give away to their show at Mercury Lounge and you can email enter@othermusic.com for your chance to win!

MERCURY LOUNGE: 217 E. Houston St. NYC

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While Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward would do just fine in their respective careers without this much-loved, ongoing collaboration, there's no doubt that these two have great chemistry together as performers and are having a lot of fun making music with each other, creating some truly timeless pop music as She & Him. Their Summerstage show in Central Park on July 6 is sold out, and the added date on Monday, July 8 will most likely be as well; we've got a pair of tickets to offer for this one and to enter, just email tickets@othermusic.com. And with Camera Obscura opening, you'll want to be sure to get there early!


Other Music's summer Monday residency at New York City's Ace Hotel continues through to the end of August! During these next few months, you'll find a different member of our staff DJing their favorite records and countless varieties of music inside the gorgeous lobby bar every Monday evening from 8pm to midnight, and we hope you'll come and join us as we shake off those dog days that are finally here. So mark your calendar: Other Music's Summer DJ Residency at Ace Hotel, every Monday in June, July and August. Here's the schedule:

7/01 - Mikey IQ Jones
7/08 - Amanda Chouette
7/15 - Pam Garavano-Coolbaugh & Michael Stasiak
7/22 - Andreas Knutsen
7/29 - Scott Mou
8/05 - Amanda Chouette
8/12 - Chris Pappas
8/19 - Ryan Naideau
8/26- Pam Garavano-Coolbaugh & Michael Stasiak

ACE HOTEL: 20 W. 29th St. NYC
8:00pm to Midnight | Facebook Event Page





$17.99 CD
$22.99 LP


Innocence Is Kinky
(Rune Grammofon)

"Innocence Is Kinky"
"I Got No Strings"

The new full-length from Norway's Jenny Hval is a huge leap forward from her previous Viscera. While that album was a remarkable document of intense, experimental singer-songwriter forms struggling to tear itself out of confined structures and into a more freewheeling and improvisatory feminine blues, Innocence Is Kinky sees her harnessing that intensity into more controlled and concentrated deliveries. The results play like an odd, lovely hybrid of Laurie Anderson and early PJ Harvey; in fact, Innocence's producer is longtime Harvey collaborator John Parish, and the raw immediacy of his sound is felt throughout, not to mention his ragged guitar sonics. This is one of the year's most surprising and engrossing albums that fans of the aforementioned artists, not to mention the work of Julia Holter or Zola Jesus, will want to check out. Highest recommendation! [IQ]




$18.99 LP


Joy One Mile
(RVNG Intl)


A few years back, we fell under the spell of Christelle Gualdi's Stellar OM Source recording project, as Gualdi nestled amid the glowing pyramids and crystals of the nu-new age resurgence and staked out some space for herself. But after a flurry of self-released CD-Rs, split singles, and an album on Olde English Spelling Bee, she receded from view around 2010. Late last year, she came back around with the No Image EP on Rush Hour, revealing that those halcyon synth washes were now tethered to beats. She follows it up now with Joy One Mile, an intimate, mesmerizing full-length that finds Gualdi engaging with the earliest iterations of intelligence dance music, reveling at the intersection between acid, electro and house. Think Black Dog Productions, B-12 and the like. Helping to make her beats more lucid, Gualdi had house producer Kassem Mosse tighten up the grooves ever so slightly, the results being an exciting new electronic album that builds on these old styles to great effect. [AB]




$34.99 LPx3+MP3

With Love

"If I Will"
"Glass Ocean"

In the wonderful world of lone electronic producers, I admittedly am one of the Zombyheads. I love breaks and breakbeats, emotion-filled hip-hop instrumentals, the artificial textures and rhythms of the UK grime scene, dubstep's bass bin womb, and classical-inspired minimal electronics. I can also remember where I was in (and the sound of) 1992,  so needless to say, I'm thrilled that Zomby is back with a new double album, his second for 4AD. With Love is such a fitting title for the latest release from this mysteriously mirror-masked, ballet-loving, British b-boy (who now resides in Brooklyn), for much like the fan-made Zomby Dubs series of downloadable zip files collecting various radio rips, mixes, YouTube and Twitter exclusives, and other odds and ends, this is music primarily for his devoted followers. His most wide-reaching and expansive outing, this also feels like a more personalized collection of his own favorite tracks from the last few years -- a mixtape of Zomby, by Zomby, if you will. With Love creates a captivating mise-en-scéne with tight sequencing and well-placed snippets of inspiration, like a grime version of J Dilla's Donuts.

The son of a songwriter, Zomby grew up surrounded by music, listening to pirate radio and developing a strong love of breaks and bass, while digesting the compositional aspects within the sounds he heard. He lives in a world where fractured memories of dance culture run wild, warehouse parties flourish, darkened alleys are things of beauty, and rhythm, melody, and emotion lead the way through the blackness. Mini-moments of frenetic and soul-drenched rhythms sit next to more spacious movements of stark beauty, minimalist compositions, and intergalactic digital constellations. With Love is a series of lonely sonic sonnets written upon inspiration, then carefully placed into a handmade box of mementos. He treats his love of grime, jungle, trap, R&B, dubstep, French house, and hip-hop with extreme care and refinement; like couture street wear, his is the designers' sound of the street, presented as a one-of-a kind original that reflects the current flavor of the underground with stylized grit and texture. Yet Zomby's music is the real deal, not an overpriced knockoff -- this music is in his blood and in his bones.

Though he's often grouped in with Actress and Burial, on With Love Zomby distances himself from the London scene a bit, aligning himself more with current sonic and rhythmic trends in American soul. More than a few tracks could be underground hip-hop instrumentals, yet with an air of refinement and a sense of beauty missing from most of the producers he's referencing. He moves closer to creating electronic R&B, compositions made of rhythm and dark-hued emotion, rugged and deep. Zomby purposefully has stood on the fringe of the global electronic scene, and that seems to be where he's most needed -- looking in, observing, absorbing, and reporting back with albums of fine and unique design, not succumbing to the path or structure of a "traditional" artist.

Disc one is heavy on the jungle and has a more clubby aspect, while the second explores spacious low-end filled trap rhythms and gamelan-referencing piano meditations. On this album he showcases the many sides of his interests, and with 33 tracks of sonic manipulations, every aspect of his discography thus far is touched upon. Through the moments of reflection and introspection, Zomby also moves forward, not so much with sheen as with structure, composition, and overall ability. Most of his tracks average just one or two minutes, like he's walking from room to room within a club; one minute hedonistic communal dancing, the next pure mind expansion, he's time-traveling from party to party, with every moment, emotion, and sonic nuance detailed. Like a good photographer, he has the ability to place you in the action, capturing the emotional center of a given scene. There is a lot to enjoy here, even if the moments may be short, much like the memories themselves that are reflected upon -- they come in a flash, linger a bit, then are gone. If you like Kuedo's Servant or Aphex Twin's Druqs, hip-hop producers Lex Luger, Drumma Boy, Clams Casino, or AraabMuzik, and can appreciate Wiley as much as Phillip Glass or Arvo Part, With Love is a combination of all the above, re-imagined in the warm glow of high-definition darkness. Definitely recommended. [DG]



Vol. 1
$19.99 LP


Vol. 2
$25.99 LPx2


Hardcore Vol. 1
(Superior Viaduct)

Hardcore Vol. 2
(Superior Viaduct)

RED ALERT! Devo's basement demos were comped for release by Rykodisc back in 1990 and 1991. Both volumes of Hardcore Devo captured the quintessential American musical art/commerce clash in its infancy, back when there were three Mothersbaugh brothers involved in the band, and no one had heard or seen anything like what they were creating, in veritable anonymity, in an Akron, Ohio basement. Covering the years 1974 through 1977, leading up to their early singles and well before major labels took interest, these archival offerings showcase Devo fully formed, with no lack of confidence or originality impeding their progress. It's difficult to express how incredible and enlightening these records are. They made a huge impact on me about 20 years ago and their reputation has only improved in the intervening decades. Homemade effects, tape loops, hot-rodded instruments, build-it-yourself synthesizers and ring modulators standing in for vocoders helped the members of Devo to achieve their vision (as would the early promotional films and features the band generated in these days, the music to which can be heard on these releases), and their sensibilities of warping pop music and broadcast media culture resulted in some of the most accessible weirdness you could hope to discover. They get crass ("I Need a Chick," "The Rope Song"), they get robotic ("Mechanical Man"), they get in your head ("A Plan for U," "Bottled Up"). Their early triumphs -- "Jocko Homo," their astounding cover of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" -- are all realized here in full, years before they'd begin to enter the public consciousness via MTV and television appearances that made the group somewhat of a household name. Vol. 1 was only available on vinyl in France, and the second volume never was; the estimable postpunk reissue label Superior Viaduct brings both of them back to their glory, and tacks on four previously unreleased tracks to Vol. 2. Imagine what you could do if time and money and resources weren't an issue, yet you didn't need a lot of capital to realize your ideal form of art. That's what Devo did. Essential listening. [DM]

R.I.P. Alan Myers, Devo's "human metronome" from 1976 to 1986, who sadly lost his battle with cancer earlier this week.




$14.99 LP+MP3

Deep Thuds

"Empty Mind"
"Sunshine No Shoes"

Spacin' is one of two bands birthed out of the great Philly psych powerhouse Birds of Maya (the other being Purling Hiss), and Deep Thuds is a killer debut and a great psychedelic rock record from start to finish! Taking cues from early Flamin' Groovies, Hawkwind or even Accelerator-era Royal Trux in equal measure, the group blazes through a killer set of tunes, starting off strong with "Empty Mind," which trails off into a no-fi Kraut jammer sans vocals and drums, just swirling guitars galore! Later in the album, "Sunshine No Shoes" marks its territory as the summer anthem of 2013, by incorporating wailing Byrds-ian vocals into the already thudding mix. Wow! What a truly solid album this is -- it not only warrants repeated listens but stands apart from a lotta the B.S. rock revival stuff going on these days. Mention Spacin' in the same breath as bands like Oblivians, GbV, Comets on Fire, Steve Gunn, Endless Boogie, White Fence, etc. to get it right. [RN]




$14.99 LP+MP3



"Reckless & Wild"

This long-running collaboration between Amber Webber and Josh Wells, best known for their ongoing work in Black Mountain, opens with the halting stutter of a vintage drum machine, followed by a warm synth chord, and any longtime fan will prick up their ears and check their player; has this folky duo gone electro? Yes and no, but regardless, Fantasy contains some of the best songs the pair have ever produced, as the restlessness of their sound, from the bare acoustic intimacy of their debut, to the piano-driven pop of 2009's Infinite Light, to this minimal retro-'80s melancholy dream, only seems to inspire Lightning Dust to greater and greater heights of sublime song craft. This album manages to sound organic and sincere while referencing 1980s radio pop that in lesser hands would undoubtedly come across as cheesy and thin; a track like "Reckless and Wild" brings to mind little else than prime-era Sinead O'Connor, and it's heart stopping at that, and elsewhere the record recalls other vintage ear candy from Giorgio Moroder to Stevie Nicks. The key to the success of Fantasy lies in the serious and accomplished songwriting, Webber's truly lovely voice, and the restrained minimal production, laying the emotion bare every time. It may sound like a classic John Hughes soundtrack, but this album is all heart and clearly has little interest in grabbing for some sort of Day-Glo retro cool; more than any sound or style, this one is about great songs. [JM]




$55.99 CDx5
$174.99 LPx5

Scott: The Collection 1967-1970

"It's Raining Today"
"Little Things (That Keep Us Together)"

Scott Walker's epochal run of solo LPs for the Philips label finally see the deluxe, lavish reissue treatment that they so deserve. Scott, Scott 2, Scott 3, Scott 4, and (the still underrated) 'Til the Band Comes In are remastered and packaged without any extra material, though honestly these albums don't need any padding; each is unique and wholly engrossing in different ways. Walker's deep, velvet croon simultaneously woos the swooning teen girls who saw him as a pop heartthrob, and offers abstract, intellectual discourse to the horn-rim-bespectacled intellectuals who spent their days in the same European art theatres, and clutching the same sociopolitical manifestoes that inspired the material Scott began to write himself amidst the Bacharach, Brel, and Mancini covers peppered throughout. For the uninitiated, these albums will be revelations; dripping in lush, somewhat baroque atmospheres with massive string and horn orchestras that reference Sibelius and Delius, yet countered with a touch of backroom cabaret trash, they entirely toss away the Anglophilic obsession with electric R&B/blues, and instead wholly embrace European art song.

That these records began as chart toppers and slowly courted controversy (and even bans from the BBC) for their increasingly stubborn pathways into the avant-garde remains remarkable. These albums are a far cry in certain contexts from the bleak contemporary landscapes Walker conjures, yet they share more commonalities than one would perhaps realize from a surface view. This era of work already begins to show the sharply barbed black humor that Walker now brandishes like a scythe, and the same concepts of a man alone, surviving in a psychic and emotional wilderness with no resolutions and happy endings, is at the heart of much of Walker's self-penned material throughout these early albums. I seriously cannot recommend these records more highly, as they are -- in my opinion -- pieces of music that everyone should hear at least once before they die. Also included in the box is a book filled with period interviews, photos of Scott at work in the studio, and a great essay by Rob Young, former editor of The Wire and the man responsible for No Regrets, the excellent anthology of writings on Scott's entire career trajectory. It's one of the loveliest box sets released this year, and I simply cannot recommend it enough. [IQ]




$15.99 CD
$23.99 LPx2


Nohting Can Hurt Me OST

"O My Soul (Demo)"
"Big Black Car (Rough Mix)"

The long-awaited Big Star doc Nothing Can Hurt Me will finally be released for screens large and small the first week of July, and in conjunction this great CD and LP soundtrack is hitting the shelves, after a brief appearance on Record Store Day as limited vinyl. Where the recent Rodriguez film used a straight-up greatest hits collection to bring that overlooked-in-his-time cult hero to a wider audience, here Big Star is examined with a set of unreleased rarities that should appeal to both super fans and neophytes. Twenty-one of the group's classic songs are collected in unreleased versions, or more often unreleased mixes: demos, early-'70s alternate mixes, rough mixes, and 2012 exclusive mixes for the film. I won't tell you that these are the all-time essential versions -- Big Star's original albums are some of the most essential pop records of all time -- but these are all great and often pretty different takes on songs many of us have perennially stuck in our heads, and it's a pretty cool set from one of the very coolest bands ever. [JM]




$17.99 LP

American Specialties
(Play Pinball)

People just can't get enough Parquet Courts! The NYC foursome rose out of the thousands of bands trying to make it in New York City last year with the release of their Light Up Gold album, which started slowly but gained all kinds of notice, and now finds the group permanently on tour, becoming the preeminent voice of '90s-styled indie rock, and all that it represented, for 2013. American Specialties reissues an earlier cassette demo that trades the immediacy of their full-length with more of a willingness to explore, from the frantic bash of opener "My Boyfriend's Band" to the ramshackle balladeering of "Square States," to an album's worth of material that telegraphs their ascent. This band was worth championing well before the hype started, the fulfillment of co-frontman Andrew Savage's role in earlier groups (Fergus & Geronimo, Teenage Cool Kids) as part of a creative, driven, energetic rock band that's fully embraced its pop side and digested its various influences. If you needed any more reason to pay attention to what's going on, rather than waiting for the world around you to vet it, a record like American Specialties ought to do it. [DM]




$15.99 CD

Fifteen Quiet Years

It's actually been a bit longer than Fifteen Quiet Years for this seminal Louisville indie band, whose single LP release (Rusty) on Touch & Go/Quarterstick in 1994 has been hugely influential on the more avant-garde side of indie rock, and was a stepping stone for much of the math rock and post-rock world. This may be reading too much into their short story, but in some ways they seemed to be brought down by their own success, and while everyone involved in this group went on to release much varied and interesting music after the band's demise, 2013 finds two core members, shockingly, gone from this earth, and perhaps now more than ever there is power and purity in the music Rodan made together in their brief but bright flame of a career. So it's with open arms and ears that we welcome this odds and sods collection, featuring a complete (and terrific) BBC session, plus several out-of-print singles, comp tracks and live recordings. Fans should definitely grab this one; it was well worth the wait. [JM]




$15.99 CD


Let Me Play This for You: Rare Cajun Recordings
(Tompkins Square)

"La Valse De La Veuve" Angelas LeJeune
"J'Vai Jouer Celea Pour Toi" Percy Babineaux & Bixy Guidry

I considered myself fairly well versed in Cajun music, but as usual, the good (and smarter) people at Tompkins Square have taken me to school. Their latest installment in the Long Gone Sound series is another treasure trove of rare, archival recordings, this time focusing on the music of the Louisiana Bayou. Mind you, this is not some broad comp of old-time Cajun music (please, this is Tompkins Square). Here the label looks at a specific scene from a specific period: the work of a few musicians from southwestern Louisiana in 1929 and 1930. Aficionados will flip for this; the CD (no vinyl, I'm afraid) contains tracks from scratchy 78s never released on LP or CD -- this is music that practically no one has heard since the Hoover administration, and the names will be familiar to only the most hardcore fans. We get eight songs -- the entire recorded output -- by the accordion and fiddle duo of Adolph "Bixy" Guidry and Percy Babineaux; 13 from accordionist Angelas LeJeune; and two other ultra-rare recordings. "Not to be understated," the label tells us, "this collection features some of the most vexingly rare & valuable Cajun 78s ever recorded." Believe it. The tunes are alternately haunting and lovely, just accordion, fiddle and vocals, played with great passion and skill. All fans of old-time music will enjoy this. You get waltzes, instrumentals, a little bit of blues, creole -- the whole mishmosh of sounds from this Depression-era jumbo stew. As we've come to expect from Tompkins Square, the collection is put together beautifully, with handsome packaging and detailed liner notes. [JBr]




$19.99 LP+MP3

Hailu Mergia & His Classical Instrument: Shemonmuanaye
(Awesome Tapes from Africa)


Hailu Mergia was already an accomplished professional musician by the time he released this 1985 solo debut; as a member of Walias Band he had found success across Ethiopia with an African jazz sound that echoed the polyrhythms of contemporaries like Mulatu Astatke and Mahmoud Ahmed. But after touring the United States, many of the Walias Band members decided to settle in America in order to avoid Ethiopia's highly restrictive dictatorship, and Mergia was amongst just a handful of players who chose to return to their homeland.

Through the early '80s, Mergia continued to perform gigs with fellow ex-Walias members and eventually recorded this beautiful album. In his solo work, Mergia aspired to revive the tradition of using the accordion as lead instrument and melodic voice. Equipped with a Moog synthesizer, Rhodes electric piano and a drum machine, Hailu produced gorgeously hypnotic symphonies led by accordion harmonies, set to traditional Ethiopian rhythms. Mergia's airy chanting vocals combined with his particular accordion arrangements resemble harmonium melodies of Pakistan's Qawwali and Sufi devotional music. The entire recording is a gorgeous composition which links jazzy tunes of the Ethiopiques compilations to the analogue sounds of Africa's '80s synth-pop.

Today, Hailu Mergia is a cab driver, spending six days a week shuttling passengers to and from Dulles Airport and around the Washington DC area. He hasn't played a gig since the '90s but with this new reissue on Awesome Tapes from Africa, it is said that he is reconsidering his music career, and his beloved accordion. [ACo]





The Hidden World Revealed

"Jet Fighter"
"In My Own Time (Alternate Version)"

These guys coined the term "paisley underground" to describe their early-'80s L.A. pop scene that was so heavily indebted to the psychedelic jangle of the Byrds and the Beatles, and while cohorts the Bangles and the Rain Parade's David Roback (and later Mazzy Star) would find more mainstream success, and the Dream Syndicate may be more often cited as a lasting influence on indie music, the Three O'Clock were a great band who were simultaneously ahead of and behind their times. Mixing garagey stomp and decidedly retro songwriting with timeless pop sensibilities and more modern instrumental flourishes, the group were a lot more than bland revivalists, and while this prime-era set is aimed more for the longtime fan than the neophyte, it's a pretty great listen front to back and can stand tall on its own. Covering 1981-1986, all the previously-released songs are from the band's two Frontier Records releases, from 1982 the Baroque Hoedown EP, and the following year's Sixteen Tambourines album, surrounded by demos, alternate mixes, covers, fan-club singles and rarities, including 10 tracks never before available in any format. It would have been nice to have thrown in some tracks from their two I.R.S. releases (if not the less-than-stellar final Paisley Park / Warner Brothers LP), but this has plenty of their best songs, along with many great non-album tracks. The Three O'Clock have been back in the spotlight with a recent Coachella reunion, and this set is a welcome reminder of what a great band they were. [JM]




$9.99 12"


Twice High

The Samps feature members of Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti, Nite Jewel, and Wild Hunt, who throw down heady collages of skittering R&B beats, sun-soaked keyboard haze, and heavily spliced-and-diced vocal confetti. Their new 12" plays like a more pop-conscious take on the Flying Lotus/Brainfeeder sound, where vintage private-press fantasies rub shoulders with contemporary rhythm sciences. If you've dug the past releases from the Gloriette/Human Ear collective, not to mention the freaky DIY soul vibes of the Personal Space compilation, you'd be wise to grab this, ASAP.




$17.99 CD
$17.99 LP

Without Your Love
(Nigjht Feelings)

"Crossed Wires"

Following two great EPs for the Tri Angle label, San Francisco's Christopher Dexter Greenspan returns with a new album under his oOoOO moniker, released on his Nihjgt Feelings imprint. Though the general feel and aesthetic of his mysterious productions are still intact, it's a lot more free-floating and open here, as ghostly and formless R&B hovers over a smoking cauldron of hazy synths, druggy slow-motion beats, and other eerie soundscapes. For those of you who thought that the short-lived sub-genre of "witchhouse" was dead, Without Your Love begs to differ.






The Visitor

"Una Fiesta Differente"

Chilean producer Matias Aguayo returns with his third album, and the first for his own Cómeme label, featuring a wide cast of collaborators including many from the Cómeme stable. Mixed by Scott Monteith (a/k/a Deadbeat), The Visitor is filled with lithe, humid polyrhythms and deep, sultry club grooves, all topped off by Aguayo's playful vocals, often multi-tracked into dense tapestries of texture and melody.




$69.99 BK


Enjoy the Experience: Homemade Records 1958-1992

This double album compiles prime tracks culled from the collection of homemade, private-press records documented in Johan Kugelberg's Enjoy the Experience book (also available). Everything from DIY boogie, funk, and soul, to esoteric jazz and folk weirdoes, straight on down to off-beat Elton John covers(!!) are included here, with a few names longtime OM Update readers may know (Gary Wilson, Circuit Rider) and many oddballs heretofore yet unheralded. It's the kind of comp that'll most likely set you off on a spree of dirty-fingered crate-digging and feverish list-making... totally weird and totally fun.



Vol. 1


Vol. 2


The Ecstasy of Gold: 23 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West Vol. 1

The Ecstasy of Gold: 23 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West Vol. 2

These two limited edition vinyl compilations collect key pieces of lesser-known spaghetti western soundtrack music by Italian composers like Piero Umiliani, Bruno Nicolai, Stelvio Cipriani, and more. Filled with wild surf-guitar riffs, operatic wordless vocal arias, cavernous drums, and esoteric sound design, they're a perfect entry point into a killer sound world that goes beyond Ennio Morricone, yet holds the standards he set via his infamous work equally high. Limited to 750 copies each.




$21.99 CD
$27.99 LPx2

Country Soul Sisters Volume 2
(Soul Jazz)

"Color Him Father" Linda Martell
"Chastity's Song" Cher

Volume 2 of Soul Jazz's excellent dive into country music's greatest female singers. Featuring early groundbreakers such as Patsy Cline and Kitty Wells on to Wanda Jackson, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, Bobbie Gentry, Cher, Diana Trask, Jody Miller, Linda Martell, and many more, the 24 tracks here span 1956-1979, and represent a diverse stylistic spectrum -- from rockabilly influences to the Nashville sound to Appalachian roots to country soul. Includes a booklet with detailed liner notes and photos.




$22.99 BK+CD

From the Edge of the World: California Punk 1977-81
(Superior Viaduct)

From the Edge of the World is a lovely hardcover book featuring the work of San Francisco-via-NYC photographer Ruby Ray, and her documentation of the California punk scene between 1977-1981. Key figures like the Germs, Crime, the Screamers, the Avengers, and the Dils are chronicled, as are fateful moments like the Sex Pistols' maiden San Francisco voyage. Also included is a 16-track CD that features many of the aforementioned Cali acts documented in the book, making this a valuable document of a scene with plenty in the way of legend, but little in the way of true physical evidence.




$24.99 LP+7"+MP3


Yessir Whatever
(Stones Throw)

"Broad Factor"
"Am I Confused?"

Of Madlib's many projects, perhaps his most beloved is Quasimoto. Like Prince Paul and early De La Soul, Madlib's "bad character" is actually a lot of psychedelic hip-hop fun; Lord Quasi is a blunt-smoking, brick-throwing, crate-digging, jazz- and soundtrack-loving oddball with a pitch-shifted voice, and his songs are little gems of sampledelic beauty. He ran with MF Doom and J-Dilla, living in the same abstract-hop part of town, and Yessir Whatever is a scrapbook from the old neighborhood, a collection of twelve tracks recorded over the last twelve years. These are b-sides, compilation cuts, rare and out-of print singles, a die-hard's collection for the backpacking crate digger. Maybe not as good as a new album could have been, but good to have just the same. (Includes a peel-away sticker cover!) [DG]
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