Other Music Digital Update


Other Music Digital is pleased to now offer a comprehensive and competitive affiliate program that’s free to join and open to all artists, labels, webzines and music blogs. The concept is simple; you post links from your web site, blog, email update, MySpace page, etc., to purchase downloads from our site, and every time a visitor clicks over and makes a purchase we pay you a percentage of that entire sale, no matter what they buy. Not just a cut of the release you linked to; you will earn a percentage of THE ENTIRE SALE.

The percentages vary by how much business you bring in; the more sales you can drive to Other Music Digital each month, the higher percentage you earn. The split starts at a minimum of 7% of retail to the affiliate, ranging as high as 15% if you drive over $10,000 in sales to us in a given calendar month. Below are the details of the percentages you can earn, calculated by month:

Total Sales Amount AFFILIATE’S SHARE
Up to $350 in aggregated Qualified Sales:  7%
Over $350                                                8%
Over $1000                                              9%
Over $2500                                            10%
Over $5000                                            11%
Over $10,000                                         15%

We would love to have you on board as an affiliate. We need the help of likeminded musicians and music supporters to stay competitive, and when you help us, you help yourself, the artists that you feature, and you help your customers to find a great site with better-quality files than iTunes (320 kbps non-variable mp3), a convenient interface, and tons of great music and reviews. If you are interested in signing up or have any questions, please contact affiliate@othermusic.com for details. THANKS!