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   February 17, 2010  

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Joanna Newsom (Pre-Order)
YellowFever (Other Music Exclusive)
Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas (Various)
Moon Duo
Black Man's Cry (Fela Kuti Tribute)
The Whitefield Brothers
Art Museums
El Gran Fellove
Glen Brown Meets King Tubby
Kath Bloom
Field Music
Ewan Pearson (Mix for Kompakt)
Lightspeed Champion
Ellen Allien (Mix)
Robert Pollard
Freeway and Jake One


All of this week's new arrivals.

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We are very excited to announce that Other Music will be in Austin next month for the SXSW festival, hosting two great days of free music on the rolling lawns of the French Legation Museum. This is our third year throwing the event with our good friends Dig for Fire, who are filming the festivities so you'll be able to enjoy the sights and sounds even if you can't join us in Texas. We'll be announcing the full 20-plus band line-up in the coming days, but some of the confirmed acts include: the xx, Thurston Moore, Real Estate, Dam-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne, and the Antlers. Stay tuned for more details!

French Legation Museum: 802 San Marcos St. Austin,TX
No Cover | 1PM to 7PM both days
Presented by Babelgum | Sponsored by Magic Hat

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Other Music is giving away a pair of passes good for all five nights of the Avant Music Festival, which will be taking place at the Wild Project beginning this Friday, February 19, and running through February 27. Curated by Randy Gibson and Megan Schubert, the festival will be featuring some of the most talented young interpreters in New York in works that highlight the influence of the performer on experimental music from the 20th century and today. (Over the course of the festival, works by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Randy Gibson, and more, will be performed.) You can read the full line-up of musicians and programs here. To enter for passes, just email giveaway@othermusic.com. We'll notify the winner this Friday.

WILD PROJECT: 195 East 3rd Street NYC

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This Saturday, February 20, (Le) Poisson Rouge is the place to be for fans of live electronics and beat science, with the club hosting this fantastic triple bill featuring Nosaj Thing, Daedelus and Jogger. Other Music has two pairs of tickets to give away, which you can enter by emailing tickets@othermusic.com. We'll notify the two winners this Friday, February 19.

(LE) POISSON ROUGE: 158 Bleeker Street NYC




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$27.99 LPx3


Have One on Me
(Drag City)

Other than that cryptic cartoon, Joanna Newsom and Drag City have been pretty hushed about her much-anticipated third full-length, leaving all of us guessing how the harpist/singer is going to follow-up her 2006 masterpiece, Ys. The fact that it's a whopping three discs of new material has only added to the speculation, but Newsom will finally be unveiling Have One on Me next Tuesday, February 23. We're taking orders starting today, and will ship the CDs and LPs out this Friday, so the album can arrive at your doorstep on or near the release date. Please note: due to the weight of the package (three CDs or three LPs), our shipping rate will be a fraction higher, but feel free to email orders@othermusic.com for questions abut S&H.

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Bermuda Triangle EP

We're delighted to be the only store offering the brand new self-released CD-R EP by Austin's YellowFever! Bermuda Triangle reflects how the band, now a duo, have refined their offbeat pop sound in the year or so since releasing the material that was featured on the self-titled compilation reissued by the Vivian Girls' Wild World label in December. The four original songs here are even more hooky and expertly written than before, with a newfound maturity that only enables their addictively quirky sensibility. There's even an Americana-tinged instrumental featuring alluring violin on here, plus two covers, one by Austin band Horse and Donkey, the other a smooth, minimal cover of Culture Club's "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me." Far and away the strongest output by these phenomenal underground pop geniuses thus far! [KS]

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Brazilian Guitar Fuzz Bananas: Tropicalista Psychedelic Masterpieces
(World Psychedelic)

"Era Uma Nota De" Loyce E Os Gnomes
"God Save the Queen" 14 Bis

Yes, it's true, when that psychedelic breeze of freedom blew around the world in the late '60s, of course it hit Brazil hard despite the increasingly truculent nature of the military dictatorship, and there were FAR more records released reflecting this fact than those by the half-dozen or so Tropicalia artists we all know and love. For starters, none of the 15 artists here were participants in that celebrated movement, although this album will undoubtedly get filed under "Tropicalia" in stores and your collection/playlist. For sure, the precedent set by Caetano/Gil/Gal/Mutantes et al. provided a context for these deliciously freaky nuggets, particularly from the record labels' viewpoint. But really, these artists were mostly freaks chomping at the bit to answer the wild records flowing in from the West Coast and London. As the liner notes stress, tracks like those by Ton & Sergio, the Youngsters, Serguei and Banda De 7 Leguas barely got past the promo-copy stage, and we should be thankful they at least got that far. "Lindo Sonho Delirante" (Beautiful Delirious Dream) by then-pretty-boy-heartthrob Fabio is a standout, and God only knows how he got away with it in 1968! "God Save the Queen" by 14 Bis predates the Sex Pistols and will blow your mind; too bad the CD couldn't come with a tab of acid, as it would really be appropriate. Copious notes and a mini-doc on the enhanced CD add context where available, since many of these artists are frighteningly obscure even (or especially) in their homeland. (Although one artist here, Marisa Rossi, happens to be the mom of an old friend of mine!!) Mutantes fans, prepare to be knocked sideways. You've been waiting for this album! "Recommended" doesn't even begin to describe it...."required" is more like it. [GC]

Order CD by Texting "omcdvariousbrazilian" to 767825







Lazy Bones
(QDK Media)

"Black Tears"
"Tooth Factory"

(QDK Media)

"I Am Very Far"

I think at this point, it may be officially stated that Zambia is the new vintage rock Valhalla. There have been more reissues of heavyweight Afro-rock killers from Zambia in the past year than perhaps ever before, and each one has continued to knock the OM staff onto the floor with their blend of lean grooves and chunky, effects-laden riff damage. These two reissues may be crown jewels in the canon thus far though. Witch cut Lazy Bones, a dark slice of brooding, wah-wah infused psych in 1975; its borderline in-the-red production and tough-as-nails stance give the record's ten songs an edge that only adds to the band's stomping, funky rhythm section. With skilled guitar work, and most important of all, totally catchy tunes, these tracks often feature epic, complex and almost prog-like structures that are somewhat unusual for a stripped down rock combo such as this. They score extra points for their songs titles, too -- "Black Tears"! "Off Ma Boots"! "Havoc"! Not to mention my personal fave, "Tooth Factory"! There are Sabbathisms are here, of course, but they successfully manage to transcend carbon copy imitation for a sound that blends funk, psych, prog, and garage into a winning combination.

Amanaz's Africa is a little more sedate, with the intensity meter kicked down a few notches; that's not to say that the record suffers as a result though, as this album's more chill vibe brings a nice respite from the blistering insanity that we've been fed via the previous few Zambian nuggets. Amanaz go for more of an LSD, Krautrock-inspired feel that evokes the same slow-burning atmospherics as Can classics like "Sing Swan Song," "Augmn" and "She Brings the Rain." The gorgeous title track even includes lovely Zuluesque vocal chanting and harmony vocals by the whole band, laid over smoky riffs and pulsating percussion. The insanity of your Zebby Tembo variety is reigned in for a more "mature" sound that brings the same level of tension, but with a greater sense of menace and dread. This record was a total surprise, and I mean that in the best possible way. Both albums come most highly recommended, of course, and with that, there's only one thing left to say, of course-- Afro Jams of the Week!! [IQ]

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$14.99 LP


$8.99 MP3



"In the Trees"

Hard to believe, but apparently San Francisco's Wooden Shjips might be a touch too ornate for its main man Ripley Johnson. At least, that's the impression I get after taking a listen to Escape, the latest mini-LP from Moon Duo, his decidedly more "restrained" project with Sanae Yamada. Following up on a pair of 12" singles, the duo's first for Woodsist harnesses the mantra-like power of Kraut repetition, hitches it to searing, two-chord garage moves, and rides off into a grimy, smoky sunset. There's little variation from track to track, but that hardly matters, as Johnson and Yamada are more than content to pound the same tempos into the ground over and over again, forming a backdrop for some searing solos, distant vocals, and gritty keys. All told, tracks like "Motorcycle, I Love You" and "Stumbling 22nd Street" play like bugged out amalgams of blown out Velvets or a more zoned/faded Spacemen 3 riffing right along with Suicide -- ultimately worth checking out even if you're never vibed on Wooden Shjips. [MC]

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$9.99 MP3


(Paw Tracks)


A sprawling, and yet still oddly concise, double album of wasted post-industrial/apocalyptic soundscapes from one of the most inscrutable bands on the planet, Brooklyn's own Excepter. I'll be the first to admit that these guys and girls can make the listener work for it, but damn if this release doesn't offer some of the most pleasing and pleasurable tunes they've yet put to tape. There's still plenty of menace, wooze and warble to be found on Presidence, along with a fair amount of the theatricality they've become known for, yet a number of these tracks are strangely inward and pastoral, and dare I say it, actually sport some good vibes. [MK]

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Black Man's Cry: The Inspiration of Fela Kuti
(Now Again)

The world right now, but more so New York in particular, is in the grips of Fela-mania. His catalogue is once again being re-mastered and reissued en masse, and we at Other Music meet dozens of people every week who come in asking one question: "Do you have any music by Fela Kuti?" Thanks to a highly successful (and highly tasteful, well-executed) Broadway show about the man, his life, and his creative legacy, not to mention what is perhaps an all-time high in interest in the music of Africa and all of its territories, more people than ever are hungry for Fela and his distinctive Afrobeat sound. The folks at Now Again Records have done a great service not only to those with the hunger, but also for those who have worshipped at Fela's altar for some time now; with Black Man's Cry, we get a beautiful package of music both inspiring and inspired by Fela, including many unlikely covers of Fela's music from around the world, including Nigeria, Ghana, Colombia, Trinidad, and Munich.

This set is overflowing with rock-solid grooves that dabble in cumbia, highlife, steelpan calypso, and even a bit of contemporary funk. What's most refreshing about this collection is that in hearing some of Fela's most popular tunes completely rearranged into new cultural contexts, one gets strong ideas not only of the power of his message, but also of the power of his musicianship and songwriting talents. Whether played on a saxophone, a steel drum, or simply with the human voice, his melodies ring through loud and clear, and these tunes can be recognized from miles away regardless of the cultural dress in which they dance. There isn't a duff track in the set; this record is THE definition of "all killer, no filler", and the packaging is lovely, with detailed liner notes by producer and compiler Egon, plenty of great photos of both Fela and his wives, and the many records and bands featured inside. Best of all, the whole thing has been given the blessing of Fela's estate. This set is a rock-solid no-brainer, and I seriously cannot recommend this thing enough. I'd call this the Afro Jam of the Week, but this set is special, and deserves a little more than that. Afro Jam of the Month? The Afro Jamchievement Award? Whatever, you guys figure it out and get back to me. All you need to know is that if you like funky African music, you should probably buy this. We all need a little inspiration in our lives. [IQ]

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$17.99 LPx2


$9.99 MP3


(Now Again)

"Sad Nile"

The duo of Boris Geiger and Jan Weisenfeldt, two humble funk fanatics originally from Munich, are the men behind the Whitefield Brothers moniker. You may have heard of their previous group, the Poets of Rhythm, who were one of the original funk-exotica bands of the past decade or so that found new inspiration in the raw, hard sound of soul that's been championed by Keb Darge, DJ Shadow and the Daptone camp.

The first album the duo recorded as the Whitefield Brothers was 2008's critically acclaimed In the Raw. It continued down the same trajectory as the POR stuff, but this was an all-instrumental affair, highlighted by a markedly more psychedelic and sensual sound -- so much so that I wondered if the whole thing was a concept album built around a soundtrack to an early-'70s black softcore adult film that didn't exist.

Now comes the follow-up, Earthology, and as the title suggests, the inspiration this time around is the funkier sounds emanating from around the world. Seemingly inspired by a globetrotting trip, this album is a synthesis of all of the popular world-funk sounds that many fans of Other Music's International section would be familiar with. Ethiopian scales and horn lines abound on tracks like "Sem Yelesh," while album opener "Taisho" is a heavy, Turkish fuzz-funk-styled workout. Other highlights include the hip-hop collabos featuring abstract heavy-hitters Percee P and Med on "Reverse," and OM faves Edan and Mr. Lif on "The Gift." Recommended! [DH]

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$14.99 LP


Rough Frame

"Sculpture Gardens"
"When Amber Melts"

According to the charmingly amateurish Woodsist website, the Art Museums' manifesto reads something like this: "Art Museums ARE into art, poetry, WHAAM records, and films about mods... Art Museums ARE NOT into flared trousers, drip coffee, dirty sneakers." San Franciscans Josh Alper and Glenn Donaldson (of Skygreen Leopards) play at being hi-fi Godard scholars, but Rough Frame is their lo-fi, dirt-under-the- fingernails mini-pop album. They are adamantly behind the recording curve, preferring an off-the-shelf tape recorder in lieu of, you know, a studio. Like their manifesto, Art Museums are self-referential to a fault, ironic as heck, and as spunky as New York City surf specialists the Drums.

The first track, "We Can't Handle It," could be their alternate manifesto; a spiky synthesizer plays over tinny Casio keyboard drums that sounds like the Modern Lovers' "Roadrunner" as heard via walkie-talkie, with a loose narrative about being a struggling band attempting to reckon with the significance of their influences. Alper and Donaldson sing, "At our first show last night/they hardly had the nerve to twist and shout," and "Now he spends the day alone in his room/trying to play along to Maureen Tucker," fully expecting the listener to know (and appreciate) who and what they're talking about. "Paris Café" scrapes the gum from underneath Robert Pollard's desk, and "Sing a Song of Stacie" sounds like the duo sat down to coffee with Anton Newcombe. Rough Frame is a neat amalgamation of about forty years of bubblegum rock and roll music -- Belle & Sebastian meets the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Donovan meets Guided by Voices. Robert Christgau once said that GbV was "Anglophilia in the shower." Art Museums are anglophilia on the playground -- a lot of fun in the sun, slipping and sliding to your favorite band. [MS]

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$32.99 LPx2


Mango Mangue
(Vampi Soul)

"Mango Mangue"
"Bomboro Quina Quina"

Francisco Fellove Valdes was a Cuban percussionist and bandleader of the 1950s and '60s who wrote and recorded solid, fiery dance tunes that combined mambo, guaracha, cha-cha-cha, and other popular Latin dance styles with scat singing into a style he called "chua-chua." This fantastic collection on Vampi Soul compiles the best of his chua-chua compositions (including the title track, which went on to be recorded by Latin heavyweights like Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, and even Tito Puente), some interpretations of popular Mexican and Puerto Rican songs, along with a bit of guarachera thrown in for good measure. This stuff is completely infectious, totally catchy, and filled with kinetic movement. None of this music is watered down at all; each track combines raw, visceral percussion and scat chanting with robust, jazzy horns, some lively flute work, and a keen ear for catchy melodies. What strikes me most about this compilation is the way he effortlessly manages to take dance styles that have been oft-anthologized and infuse them with just enough of a "pop" undercurrent to move them out of what can, on other records, become a bit over-familiar and homogenized, while still retaining the unbridled energy of the rhythms that reside at the core of each tune. If you don't find your body moving while listening to this record, have a doctor check your pulse immediately and check yourself into the nearest funeral home; on Mango Mangue, Valdes proves in full why he was nicknamed "The Great Fellove." [IQ]

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Big Dub: 15 Dubs from Lost Tapes

"Prince on Dub"
"The Clean Dub"

With the closing of crucial UK reggae reissue imprint Blood & Fire (and a similar shuttering of Auralux and Top Pot) we've been jonesing as to where our next dub reggae fix might come from. Thankfully, this Japanese imprint has taken up the chalice. And this set is a doozy, especially considering that one of our favorite B&F titles ever is Glen Brown & King Tubby's mighty Termination Dub set. Nothing may quite be at "Assack Lawn No. 1 Dub" peaks, but there are plenty of groovy dubs, many laced with flute and roller rink organ lines. Here's hoping to more King Tubby's dubs coming to light in the land of the rising sun. [AB]

Order CD by Texting "omcdglenbig" to 767825






Thin Thin Line
(Caldo Verde)

"Thin Thin Line"
"Another Point of View"

Gorgeous new album from Kath Bloom, released by Mark Kozelek's imprint Caldo Verde. Bloom is currently in the midst of a brilliant second act, the first was when she produced a stunning body of work with avant-blues guitar player Loren Mazzacane Connors in the early eighties. She recently had a lovingly compiled tribute album dedicated to her, featuring the likes of Bill Callahan and Devendra Banhart, and now comes her latest release, which features that remarkable, remarkable voice of hers in all its glory. She has a singular vision for sure, and this is a deeply affective and moving work from the woman.

Order CD by Texting "omcdkaththin" to 767825






(Memphis Industries)

David and Peter Brewis are back together as Field Music, having taken a few years off to work with their respective side projects, School of Language and the Week That Was. So it's safe to say that the brothers have kept busy since releasing 2007's Tones of Town, but that didn't squash their creative impulses in the slightest. Measure is a double disc worth of tunes and plays like a love note to rock and pop music of yore, these Brits delightfully wearing the influence of psychedelia, '70s glam, power-pop and even a little twang on their sleeves, all put through the Field Music filter, their orchestral flourishes and unexpected zigzags making this sonically, and quite literally, their most expansive set to date.

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$12.99 MP3


We Are Proud of Our Choices

Preview Songs on Other Music's Download Store

Prolific remixer and producer Ewan Pearson joins the ranks of Michael Mayer, Tobias Thomas, DJ Koze and Superpitcher, playing selector for Kompakt Records' incendiary mix series. As expected, Pearson's ear for the dancefloor comes through loud and clear, as he delivers a seamless mix featuring A_ldric, Rmnvn, Lusine, Yukihiro Fukotomi, Yosa, Gregor Treshor and more, before floating into lilting synth-pop from Little Dragons and Boto'x.

Order CD by Texting "omcdewanwe" to 767825






$9.99 MP3


Dream Get Together
(Dead Oceans)

"Careful with That Hat"
"Dream Get Together"

Sun-dappled psychedelia and towering classic rock riffs and chops meet again on this, the third release from the golden-kids in Citay. These folks are all about the craft, and Dream Get Together is about as an impeccably put together and played album you'll hear all year. Includes a simply genius take on the Galaxie 500 classic "Tugboat" as well.

Order CD by Texting "omcdcitaydream" to 767825






$9.99 MP3


Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You


Though he's a former member of brash, electro-aggro-rockers Test Icicles, Dev Hynes' new, aptly named "Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You" couldn't be further from his former band's sound. Like his last two records, Hynes (a/k/a Lightspeed Champion) crafts soaring, almost theatrical pop numbers here, beautifully catchy songs that are made even better by way of immaculate production and nuanced instrumentation.

Order CD by Texting "omcdlightspeedlife" to 767825






Wenn Der Südwind Weht
(Bureau B)

"Wenn der Südwind Weht"
"Mein Freund Farouk"

Low-key and quite minimal synth pop from Hans-Joachim Roedelius, formerly of Cluster and Harmonia, recorded in 1981, and yet equally as engaging as the best of that classic work. The songs are almost miniatures in a way, very quiet and personal, and performed with a wonderful economy of means.

Order CD by Texting "omcdroedeliuswenn" to 767825






Watergate 5

Wicked new mix from Ellen Allien devoted to the sounds heard at celebrated Berlin spot, Watergate Club. Her taste is as impeccable as ever, and we think it's pretty safe to say at this point nearly everything the woman's involved in is worth notice. Includes tracks from Matias Aguayo, Juno 6, AGF/Delay, Luciano, Uffie, and many others.

Order CD by Texting "omcdellenwatergate" to 767825






$15.99 LP


We All Got Out of the Army
(Guided by Voices)

"Silk Rotor"
"Rice Train"

This being, like, the tenth (!) Pollard release in the last two years, it might be easy to feign indifference and shrug this one off, but that'd be a mistake, as this set is surprisingly concise and engaged. Pretty blazing power-pop all around on this one, and of course, in a just universe nearly every tune on here would be a radio staple.

Order CD by Texting "omcdrobertwe" to 767825
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Stimulus Package

Pretty bangin' Philadelphia hip-hop from G-Unit producer Jake One, and former Roc-a-Fella M.C., Freeway. Tracks are tough and steeped in classic soul and jazz samples, and the album as a whole walks a pretty nice line between the mainstream and indie. Guests include Raekwon, Bun B, and Beanie Sigel. Album title is hilarious too.

Order CD by Texting "omcdfreewaystimulus" to 767825






Cottonwood Hill

"Places of Light"
"Brainticket Part I Conclusion"

In all my years as an OM employee, I've seen countless music trends ebb and flow in popularity, but through it all this odd little Krautrock album still manages to shock and awe all those who hear it for the first time. This psychedelic masterpiece has come to epitomize all that was German and weird in the '70s, but this record was actually first released in Switzerland before being picked up by a German label, not to mention that a third of the band were Italian and Swiss.

Cottonwood Hill is broken down into three parts. The album opener and the first half of the second song can be best described as chuggin' instrumental psych-funk that sounds like Can being produced by George Clinton. But two minutes into track two, "Places of Light," things start to kick in; vocalist Dawn Muir gives a spoken word intro asking to be taken aboard "your shimmering ship built of eternal time and icicle dreams," leading us into the eponymous third section.

"Brainticket" starts with sound of broken glass and then, for the next 26 minutes, the band takes you on a crazed psychedelic journey to the center of an acid trip gone terribly awry. Built around a repetitive motorik organ-based groove, the track consists of meticulously layered tape edits of sound effects that are simultaneously harrowing and hilarious. Throughout the course of the track, Muir's spoken word vocals get more and more desperate and paranoid, asking a series of acid-drenched rhetorical questions. ("Did you feel me touch with my eyes?" is my personal fave.) I could go on and on about how it builds and ultimately ends, but I don't want to give any more away and ruin it for you. Let's just say that it involves Beethoven's 5th...seriously!

Apparently, the band members had a massive freak-out following the recording of the album, all but one quitting and disappearing soon after, but the twisted legacy of this tremendous release lives on. Julian Cope claims this to be one his all time favorites and Nurse With Wound's Steven Stapleton recorded a cover version of the whole album in 1984! The warning on Brainticket's cover states "Don't listen to this record more than once a day or your brain will be destroyed," but don't let that scare you. That's what they said about Public Enemy, the Beatles and masturbation and you turned out just fine, didn't you? Do yourself a favor and do what countless other OM customers and employees have done before you. Buy a "Brainticket" to bedlam. [DH]

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