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  August 14, 2013  
Raspberry Bulbs
Washed Out
Bernard Parmegiani
Baudouin de Jaer
Nate Young
S.E. Rogie
Nightingales and Canaries (Various)
Tropic of Cancer
Medico Doktor Vibes

Violet Poison
Dub Club
Asia Argento
Michael Fennelly

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Brought to you by our good friends at the Brooklyn Flea and Raspberry Jones, Seahouse is an early-evening outdoor hang taking place every Thursday at the South Street Seaport, and sure to be a perfect kick-off to your summertime weekend, with purposefully motley DJ sets by some of the city's finest sound selectors. Starting this Thursday, Other Music will be kicking off the evening's festivities with a listening party at 7 p.m., highlighting an upcoming record handpicked by the shop's staff, along with special giveaway and a $3 beer special. For this week's edition we are very excited to be playing the upcoming Black Jazz Signature mix by Theo Parrish on Black Jazz Records (out in stores on Tuesday, August 20th), followed by a DJ set from $mall ¢hange from 8 to 11 p.m. We hope you will join us!

Free | All Ages

AUGUST 22: Franz Ferdinand Right Thoughts, Right Words, Right Action (Domino) followed by King Britt DJ Set, presented by Afro-Punk
AUGUST 29: Blouse Imperium (Captured Tracks) followed by Captured Tracks night featuring DJ Sets by Anthony Naples & Lemonade
SEPTEMBER 5: Delorean Apar (True Panther) followed by Sinkane DJ Set

Just a few more weeks remaining in Other Music's Summer Monday residency at New York City's Ace Hotel! We hope that you'll come and join us as we cool off from the heat, with a member of our staff DJing their favorite records and countless varieties of music inside the gorgeous lobby bar every Monday evening in August from 8pm to midnight. Here's the schedule:

8/19 - Andreas Knutsen
8/26 - Ning Nong

ACE HOTEL: 20 W. 29th St. NYC
8:00pm to Midnight | Facebook Event Page

AUG Sun 25 Mon 26 Tues 27 Wed 28 Thurs 29 Fri 30 Sat 31
SEP Sun 01 Mon 02 Tues 03 Wed 04 Thurs 05 Fri 06 Sat 07

Captured Tracks is celebrating its 5-year anniversary with a two-day festival in Brooklyn over Labor Day weekend (8/31-9/1), featuring DIIV, Mac DeMarco, Wild Nothing, Beach Fossils and many more. The label and their artists have set up a special contest for participating record shops within a day's drive to NYC, with three different prize packages, each one including two passes to the CT5 Fest as well as one of these experiences:

-Coffee and donuts with Mac DeMarco
-A tarot-card reading by Devon from DIIV
-A pizza hangout with Cole from DIIV + an autographed LP

To enter for your chance to win, email giveaway@othermusic.com. We'll forward your entry to Captured Tracks who will pick three winners at random from all of the entries from the participating stores. (Email addresses will be used for no other purpose than for this contest and will not be added to any mailing list.) Happy 5 years to Captured Tracks, and here's to many more!

THE WELL: 272 Meserole St. Brooklyn, NY
More infomation & tickets available here





$21.99 LP

Deformed Worship
(Blackest Ever Black)

"Cracked Flesh"
"Groping the Angel's Face"

Raspberry Bulbs is a modern rock band that defies easy classification. People immediately reach for indie comparisons, hint at black metal (Bone Awl connection) and noise (Hospital Productions connection) in reviews, and you can often see the group playing live with today's crop of NYHC mutanoids. However, Raspberry Bulbs are lone wolves -- they don't quite fit in -- and it's exciting to witness this kind of thing happening in real time. Deformed Worship is Raspberry Bulbs' second proper album (the first with a full band), and Blackest Ever Black's first 'rock' record in their ever-growing catalog of experimental newcomers. It's a strong effort and immediately solidifies the group's place in aughts punk history. Think about it contextually -- when is the last time a record label with an almost entirely electronic roster released an album of pummeling rockist assault?

None of this would matter if the music itself didn't truly kill, and it does. Opener "Cracked Flesh" kicks off with a 1-2 guitar crunch, with vocalist/bandleader Marco del Rio lending a heavy wallop about 30 seconds into the song, propelling it forward with a hardcore energy. Throughout the album, drummer (and Other Music staffer) Ning Nong delivers gut-punch fills and driving cymbals, often leading the group into jarring start/stops. The 'guitar section' drives hard the whole record, knocking songs out, standing them back up again, and then descending in a new direction before you've fully recovered. A few tracks in, "Before Man" is their "Ready to Fight," with the song sticking to a plodding, unrelenting mid-tempo downer beat. Later, "Groping the Angel's Face" stands out because of its grotesque vocal delivery, harkening back to del Rio's previous project, Bone Awl.

You'd be safe to say the real beauty of Deformed Worship is that it's chock full o' crude, distorted, powerful no-frills riffs. It takes the palette of great noisy '80s sludge punk (Lubricated Goat, Scratch Acid), and mixes it with very slight, tonal black metal influences, Japanese heaviosty (think High Rise) and NWOBHM thuggish shredding, and heads into some kind of alternate reality where all these things blend and bleed together in a pinkish, slimy sonic black hole. A band clearing its own path and not looking back. An album that warrants repeated listening. Kill your fuckin' idols! [RN]





$17.99 LP


(Sub Pop)

"It All Feels Right"
"Great Escape"

With Paracosm's first track, "Entrance," Ernest Greene cordially invites you into paradise, for forty minutes at least, by opening the gates on the lush, chiming nature of Washed Out's new album. Yes, you will hear actual birds chirping in between many a song, and possibly a rushing river too. You will also hear the gorgeous, hazy dream pop that Greene pioneered, and has continued to practice and refine; he simply sprinkled beach sand over his earlier Washed Out outings, and created Paracosm, the genuine definition of chillwave heaven. As with the band's debut EP and 2011's Within and Without, Paracosm's songs are blissful and multi-layered with synths, dreamy keyboards and Greene's hypnotizing voice. However, this sophomore full-length creates a more established scene, and there are instances of otherworldly and utopian paradise left and right. After album-opener "Entrance" beckons you into heaven, "It All Feels Right" establishes absolute stability in this glossy, shining world, with lyrics like "Call your friends, I'll call mine / We'll head out for a long ride / Sun is coming out now, it all feels right." The sensual soul-tinged love songs that had a nocturnal and colder vibe on Within and Without are still present on this album, but simply in a much warmer, carefree mode, and the production is flawless. "Don't Give Up" keeps the ball rolling without an ounce of worry, as Greene sings the chorus "Even though that we're far apart / We've come so close and it feels right / Don't give up." For a last slow dive into cool waters at the end of the summer, Paracosm is a cathartic, meditating, beautiful album that sticks close to Washed Out's signature sound within a sunnier context. [MM]






De Natura Sonorum
(Recollection GRM/Editions Mego)

Bernard Parmegiani is arguably one of the most important composers of the French INA GRM electroacoustic school; his work stands as some of the most intricate and complex yet deceptively direct and powerful musique concrete, with pieces that flow in a forward narrative, sculpting fully immersive sonic worlds out of recontextualized prerecorded sounds. De Natura Sonorum is perhaps one of Parmegiani's most epic and infamous works, a beautifully detailed contrast of silence, space, deep resonating tones, and percussive textures. This remastered double-LP release is actually the first time that the complete work has been available in one concise collection, as its constituent parts have been issued piecemeal on assorted LPs over the years, and in its entirety previously only via CD. Here it is, though, in all of its glory -- every buzzing, throbbing, pulsating note, every rich drone, every flickering rhythm, every dazzlingly forward-looking slice of sonic architecture. This is pretty much as essential as electronic music gets, folks; few pieces of work are as fully-realized, deeply moving, and wholly engrossing as this, and while I'm a huge fan of Parmegiani's catalogue as a whole, this is certainly one of the best entry points into his universe as you're likely to hear. I cannot recommend this more highly. [IQ]







Compositions for Geomungo and Gayageum
(Sub Rosa)

"Composition for Solo Geomungo, Sanjo I, Heroes of Thought and 5 Lines"
"Sanjo 1: The Earth Around the Sun. Movements of the Earth Around the Sun"

Sub Rosa, the legendary Brussels-based label for essential gems of avant-garde and experimental music, continues its tradition of excellence with this inspired release by Belgian composer Baudouin de Jaer. Over the course of two expertly recorded discs, de Jaer presents compositions for two ancient Korean instruments, the geomungo and gayageum, both zither-like devices whose origins can be traced back to the 4th and 6th centuries respectively, some legends even hinting at earlier times. Unlike more academic approaches to traditional instrumentation, de Jaer moves well beyond the strictly demarcated historical applications and explores the sonic and compositional possibilities of these rarely heard instruments. While honoring their Korean origins, the compositions present a fresh take, pushing towards John Cage-like modes of exploration, with a wide-range of deep and light timbres and a mysterious, blues-like sense of metaphysical imagination.

The first disc features new compositions mostly for the geomungo, whereas the second one is a welcome reissue of de Jaer's 2012 out-of-print release of gayageum pieces. On these discs, de Jaer audaciously zigzags through major and minor modes, exploring haunting pentatonic scales and expressive silences. An earlier review compared his approach to Jozef Van Wissem's recent appropriation of the classical lute, but while both musicians express the same spontaneity and at times affectionate experimentation, Baudouin de Jaer's approach is much more that of a composer. This is further highlighted by the fact that all instruments are played by virtuoso Korean musicians displaying ingenious finger work and subtle pacing, fully emphasizing the quietness and disruption of de Jaer's majestic compositions. Revealing a rich sound world that should appeal to everyone interested in the inventive reframing of traditional, avant-garde, and world music, Compositions for Geomungo and Gayageum is an absolute essential listen. [NVT]


$22.99 LP


Machine Gun Nest: Cassette Works Vol. 0

After years of building up a following in the noise and industrial communities, and earning a reputation as the man whose production skills helped shape much of the Hospital label's back catalog, Kris Lapke's own music is finally seeing the widespread acclaim it deserves. Machine Gun Nest rounds up just some of the many highlights of his cassette output as Alberich, and while this may be a compilation, it's sequenced so well that it plays like a proper album. Lapke's personal vision takes in influences from early rhythmic industrial pioneers such as Esplendor Geometrico and PAL, the heaviest power electronics on the Tesco Organisation roster, and the vast expanse of John Carpenter's soundtracks. Though his work is at times too noisy for the dance floor, his rhythmic approach always has heads nodding nonetheless. Built around a distorted pattern that skitters across the stereo field, "Snow Is Falling in the Ruins of Stalingrad" is one of his finest tracks, and it's nice to see it pressed to vinyl after first appearing on Hospital's double-cassette compilation, White Eye of Winter Watching from 2011. Also welcome is the inclusion of both of his contributions to Hospital's hard-to-find 2010 double-cassette comp, Around the Dragon's Broken Neck Hangs the Medal of Saint Lazarus. Side two opens with a brief reprieve from the rhythmic onslaughts by way of the ambient track, "No Mistake," previously only available on last year's self-released Turned Back cassette. This collection is a great entry point for newcomers and a welcome record to spin while we wait for the official follow-up to his debut LP from two years ago, which sold out of its 200-copy pressing in a flash. [NN]







Regression: Blinding Confusion
(NNA Tapes)

Nate Young's newest solo album, Regression: Blinding Confusion, is a gentle sonic nightmare full of long synth waves, pump organ, twisted percussion shakes and hallucinatory voices. Opener "Forever Day" is a slow-burning, smooth piece of organ drone, where we find Young toying with recurring melodic themes and high frequency sine wave tonal noise. It transitions flawlessly into "Beneath the Mist," a spooky, pulsating, electronic symphony inna recent Wolf Eyes style. The flip side is total monster lurker zone from the start, featuring "Escape with Nothing," which pairs growling Godzilla vocals against sputtering street-trash electronics. Many moments on this album recall recent drone sounds emanating from Call Back the Giants, as well as the lonesome/down aesthetics of JD Emmanuel. Weird, slow-moving, and affecting. [RN]







The Sounds of S.E. Rogie

In celebration of their tenth anniversary, Mississippi Records has recently issued a new series of LPs featuring some of the best music in their catalogue to date. Among them is this stellar, gorgeous LP by Sierra Leone guitarist and bandleader S.E. Rogie, a renowned musician who specialized in a localized style dubbed palm-wine music. The sounds of palm-wine fused the native rhythms and melodies of the Sierra Leone and Liberian regions with Trinidadian calypso, and was often played on guitars brought to the region from Portuguese sailors. The music spread to Ghana and Nigeria and, due to its similarities to the highlife music native to those regions, oft found itself performed by highlife musicians as well. Rogie is essentially the "King of Palm-wine Music," a man comparable to Franco in the Congolese Republic, or to Fela in Nigeria; he is the man who comes to personify the music's sound, spirit, and innovations to many listeners. This LP is a long overdue overview of his early work; it is filled with bright, breezy, yet deep rhythms played on almost literal kitchen-sink instrumentation (bottles, wood blocks, shakers, and such), Rogie's relaxed yet intricate fretwork, and his warm, charming vocals. This LP is a fine slice of listening for lazy summer days, and serves as a fine introduction to a musician of great historical importance and masterful skill who took a music born of the strife of slavery and transformed it into something slow, sensuous, and gentle without sacrificing any of its spirit or soul. [IQ]




$13.99 LP

Nightingales and Canaries Vol. 1

Also available from Mississippi Records is Nightingales and Canaries, a beautiful LP that collects performances by female vocalists from the Middle East during the early 20th century. Singers from Turkey, Roumelia, Istanbul, and Anatolia offer performances that veer between more raucous and flirtatious odes to love and sensuality, to more sedate, devotional, and demure cries of passion. The "Nightingales" of the title refer to the first generation of native Turkish women permitted to publicly sing after a wave of cultural reform, while the "Canaries" were those who fled the Republic for new lives in New York City. Their music is absolutely stunning in both its emotional power and rhythmic drive, as their yearning, aching voices intertwine and rise above a series of serpentine orchestral grooves. This is, without question, one of my favorite Mississippi releases to date, and the package is lovely, including a booklet filled with historical and contextual information. This one is NOT to be missed. [IQ]





$18.99 12"


The Sorrow of Two Blooms
(Blackest Ever Black)

In anticipation of Camella Lobo's debut LP as Tropic of Cancer, due in September on Blackest Ever Black, the label has repressed her 2011 12" in a limited edition of 500 copies, complete with the original picture sleeve. Written and produced with Juan Mendez (Silent Servant), these three tracks straddle the line between darkwave and post-punk, and combine the elements in a way that makes them sound more now than then, though fans of Minimal Wave and Dark Entries will find much to embrace. While there is an emphasis on claustrophobic atmosphere, these are more "songs" than abstract pieces, as Lobo's echoed-out vocals and skeletal guitar tones float ghost-like over persistent clicky drum machine beats. "Temporal Vessels" is a real gem, owing as much to the slower tracks from Pornography-era Cure (think "A Strange Day") as it does to classic shoegaze. If any of this sounds vaguely appealing, do not hesitate. This is a lucky last chance to get a long-sold-out 12" you'll wish you had when the forthcoming album is in constant rotation in a few months. [NN]





$17.99 LP

Relaxed Fit
(Ethereal Sequence)

"Lover Boy"
"Step to the Friend"

Relaxed Fit is the debut vinyl release by Paula, an alias for Montreal-based singer/songwriter/pop savant David Carriere, also a member of the art-pop group TOPS, whose Tender Opposites was released on Arbutus a few years back. After heavy praise from the likes of Grimes, who has gone so far as to say that he is the reason that she makes pop music, brand new Drag City offshoot Ethereal Sequence has issued his previously download-only release for proper turntable consumption. Fans of the skewed neon-retro throwback vibes of Ariel Pink, James Ferraro, and early Nite Jewel will find much to love here, as Relaxed Fit is overflowing with many similar sonic hallmarks, from the slightly grotty, clouded, synth-heavy production to the winking, upbeat melodies that are undercut with a more unsettled shadow. Carriere's pastiche of synth-pop, garage punk, and even hip-hop results in a dizzying sugar rush of candied pop confection that works very well in its small dosage. Featuring two bonus tracks, this is a limited pressing, so anyone into this particular strain of lo-fi, trashy pop and any of the aforementioned shouldn't hesitate. [IQ]




$26.99 LP


Liter Thru Dorker Vibes

Thanks to the all-killer-no-filler Companion Records label, the first licensed reissue of Médico Doktor Vibes' mysterious Liter Thru Dorker Vibes LP from 1979 is now available on vinyl! The product of a secluded home recording session by totally unknown Guyanese-American sound artist Bill Russell, Liter Thru Dorker Vibes is an insta-classic for fans of private press and leftfield weirdo albums. Recorded in South Central LA using a microKorg and electric guitar, this LP is a post-war hippy-soul-funk-reggae-outsider-fusion kinda thing that is a lot of fun to wrap your head around. Can we start using the term loner funk? Crude drum machines buried under washy vocals and funky guitar all swirl into a cosmic 4-track vortex. It is totally hypnotizing and unique with the truest amateur passion and powerful vibes throughout. This album would sit nicely next to weirdo sides from R. Stevie Moore, Virgin Insanity, Robert Martin, and Otis G. Johnson. Highly recommended! [RN]






Awakening Messiah
(Bed of Nails)

Released on the Bed of Nails imprint run by Dominick Fernow (Vatican Shadow), these tracks share Fernow's impulse of deconstructing techno in a very punk fashion. The unnamed Violet Poison previously collaborated with Shaped Noise on the eponymous Violetshaped, but here he delivers four dark, heavy solo tracks that bring very human angst to machine music.





Foundation Come Again
(Stones Throw)

"Wicked Dem Come" Lone Ranger
"Gimmie Gimmie" Natty King & King Stitt

Released by Stone's Throw and jointly produced by LA dub impresario Tom Chasteen and Tippa Lee, these are all new deep dub cuts from some classic names of the 1970s who have appeared on the Dub Club stage. Chasteen recorded a set of instrumentals with his LA crew and Lee took the tracks to Kingston for some scorching vocal contributions from the likes of Big Youth, Prince Jazzbo, Josey Wales, Dillinger, Trinity, Lone Ranger, and Tippa Lee herself. If you are a fan of classic dub, you need to check Foundation Come Again.




$26.99 LPx2


Total Entropy


A new full-length from this Italian pop culture princess -- Asia is the daughter of famed slasher pic director Dario Argento -- an accomplished singer, actress, director, visual artist and model in her own right. Here she works on original material from a diverse set of songwriters including Tim Burgess of the Charlatans, Anton Newcombe, Kurt Wagner, and Toog, covers classics from Serge Gainsbourg and Hector Zazou, and the first single is an electro-pop number called "Sexodrome." Enough said.




$17.99 CD
$36.99 LPx2

Love Can Change Everything

"I've Been Found"
"Love Can Change Everything"

A killer set of late-'60s/early-'70s demos from this under-appreciated legend, covering tracks from both his Millennium and Crabby Appleton days. Fennelly deserves acclaim alongside the best power-pop songwriters of the era, and this set goes a long way towards showing us why.

How long have you shopped at Other Music?
Since about 2009

Favorite bands/genres?
I'm definitely an indie rock fan through and through, but in the past few years have started listening to more experimental stuff. I'm currently really enjoying the new Hair Police and Pharmakon albums.

Favorite sections at Other Music?
Between my husband and myself, I think we've shopped in every single section at Other Music -- our music taste is so vast I don't even think I could choose a favorite section!

Top 3 albums/bands you were turned onto at Other Music.
Bill Fox's Shelter from the Smoke, the entire Throbbing Gristle collection, and Michael Nyman.

Your go-to people in the shop?
Everyone who works there is so great, but I think that Chris P. and Scott definitely know my tastes pretty well at this point.

Why record stores over online shopping?
You can't just can't get that personal touch online. I love the fact that I can come into Other Music, receive awesome recommendations, and discover new music I would never be able to find online.

I'm DJing the biggest, awesome-est music fest of the century. I have to be sure to drop "________" into my DJ set...
When I was a kid I literally used to listen to the Crystals' "Then He Kissed Me" on repeat, so I think I have to go with that song. I think my dream music fest would be a huge Phil Spector dance party.

What's your favorite in-store at Other Music and/or OM event?
I love listening to Other Music's staff spin at Ace Hotel.

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