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  December 2, 2013  

Welcome to Other Music's annual Holiday Gift Guide. Below you'll find a variety of special and unique items that we're excited about here at the shop, and we think would make great gifts for the music lover in your life, even if that music lover happens to be you.

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Big Star - DVD & T-Shirts
Facing the Other Way - 4AD Book
Lee Hazlewood - Box Set
Purple Snow (Various Artists)
A Scene In Between - Book
Longing for the Past - Box Set
I Heard the Angels Singing - Box Set
Miles Davis - Box Set
Joe McPhee (4CD)
Bob Dylan (Another Self-Portrait)
Gene Clark - DVD
Father Yod & the Source Family - DVD
David Tudor - CD Box Set
William Basinski - CD Box Set

I Am the Center (New Age Comp)
Ye-Ye Girls of '60s French Pop - Book
Studio One Ska Fever! (Various Artists)
Punk 45 (Various Artists / Book)
A Band Called Death - DVD
The Breeders - Box Set
Morrissey Autobiography - Book
Houston Rap - Photography Book
Other Music T-Shirts & Totes
Discwasher Vinyl Care Kit

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Photo by Danny Dorsa
With all ears turned their way from the recent outpouring of blog love for Love's Crushing Diamond, Mutual Benefit will be celebrating the release of this great album via Other Music Recording Co. tonight, December 2, with an in-store performance at our East Village shop! (More North American tour dates are listed here.)

OTHER MUSIC: 15 E. 4th St. New York, NY




Nothing Can Hurt Me

Like all great rock and roll documentaries, Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me leaps from the screen like flames from a fire. Working with a heady mixture of sight, sound, and memory, directors Drew DeNicola and Olivia Mori activate the nostalgia lobe in every Big Star fan, rattling loose recollections of performances seen, articles read, myths misheard, gatefolds opened, and above all, records listened to. Despite having close to nothing in the way of performance footage (like the Flying Burrito Brothers, there's almost none to be found), the film tells a lush and lively story of the hard-luck band with piercing interviews and Super 8 footage, all while alternate takes and demo versions of Big Star songs ring throughout. The DVD and Blu-Ray releases feature bonus mini-documentaries on Alex Chilton and Chris Bell, as well as rare studio footage. This film must be seen!

$25.99 DVD
$28.99 BLU-RAY


Neon, Radio City, Nothing Can Hurt Me, Ardent Studios

Wear your Big Star pride out in the streets with these stylish t-shirts, straight from legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. The #1 Record "Neon" design is as simple and striking as the LP cover it was taken from while the Radio City shirt is a modern update on the William Eggleston lightbulb photograph (customers should note that the shirt is a brighter red than the image on our website). We also have the limited Nothing Can Hurt Me shirt, as well as a very cool blue-gray shirt bearing the classic Ardent Studios logo. All shirts are printed on 100% cotton. S, M, L, and XL sizes available in all styles!

Neon T-Shirt

Neon T-Shirt


$19.99 Radio City T-Shirt


$21.99 Nothing Can Hurt Me T-Shirt


$19.99 Ardent Studios T-Shirt






By Martin Aston
(The Friday Project)

To commemorate 30 years of blowing minds into fragile sheets of glass, author Martin Aston presents the first-ever book about the history of the legendary 4AD label. Written with the full cooperation of 4AD founders Ivo Watts-Russell and Peter Kent, and with the design participation of label mainstay Vaughan Oliver, who created the iconic look of the label's releases, this is a beautiful and comprehensive look at a label that changed many minds in favor of the dark. From Bauhaus to Pixies, from Cocteau Twins to the Birthday Party, from Mass to Insides, the whole story can be found within.

$29.99 BK





There's a Dream I've Been Saving - 4CD, DVD & Book Set
(Light in the Attic)

"The Night Before"
"There's a Dream I've Been Saving" Suzi Jane Hokom

Light in the Attic present what is set to be the crown jewel in their stellar retrospective of archival Lee Hazlewood reissues with this beautiful box set containing the most in-depth overview of Hazlewood's LHI label to date. There's a Dream I've Been Saving includes four CDs of music, collecting every album (Cowboy in Sweden, Forty, The Cowboy & the Lady, and Requiem for an Almost Lady) and single recorded by Lee himself across two CDs cushioned by a handful of previously unreleased material, plus two additional discs of music from LHI's roster of other artists, including Suzi Jane Hokom, the Kitchen Cinq, Ann-Margret, Honey Ltd., the International Submarine Band, Arthur, the Aggregation, Sanford Clark, Lynn Castle, the Surprise Package, Virgil Warner, Hamilton Streetcar, and more. Also included is a DVD of Hazlewood's 1970 hour-long film, Cowboy in Sweden, and a beautiful 12"x12" hardcover coffee-table book documenting the history of LHI Industries, featuring photos, interviews, timelines, artist profiles, and more. Nearly all of the music contained within has been remastered for the first time from the original analogue master tapes, and what little was not is transferred from mint vinyl copies. There are plenty more little surprises in the box as well, but all you need to know is that this is easily the most breathtaking and well-presented artifact dedicated to one of America's most important and influential renaissance men.

$89.99 CDx4+DVD+BK





Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minneapolis Sound
(Numero Group)

"I Love You"
"Can You Deal with It"

The Numero Group celebrates their 50th release with this excellent box set documenting the early-1970s roots of the Minneapolis funk and soul scene that birthed Prince's Paisley Park empire. Spread across two CDs or four LPs, Purple Snow features tracks by a bevy of groups whose rosters included the likes of famed producers and musicians Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Andre Cymone, Morris Day, and one Prince Rogers Nelson, amongst many others who sadly (and sometimes unfairly) never found the heights of fame that the stars of the so-called "Minneapolis Sound" reached. A stunning document of intensive research and a true labor of love years in the making, the set also includes a hardbound book filled with over 30,000 words and numerous photos which collectively help dispel some of the myth and mystery surrounding this heretofore un-compiled yet vitally important funk scene. This is arguably Numero's finest release yet amongst a highly impressive catalogue, and stands as one of 2013's most vital soul reissues. Before springtime Purple Rain falls, there must be winter's Purple Snow... let the blizzard begin!

$36.99 CDx2+BK
$84.99 LPx4+BK





By Sam Knee
(Cicada Books)

There's a great passage in the Creation Records story, My Magpie Eyes Are Hungry for the Prize, where a club promoter mentions the first time she met Stephen Pastel. He was in his 20s, wearing an anorak and playing with an Action Man figure in a pub, and the promoter mistook him for Joe Foster's son. That quote all but sums up the brilliant, ultra-youth fashions depicted in Sam Knee's new pictorial, A Scene In Between. Mirroring the ascent of indie pop, twee, C86, Creation-ism, whatever you'd like to call it, Knee examines the sartorial choices of the scene's prime movers and backwards denizens alike, donning duffle coats and layered haircuts in an alchemical fusion of '60s Syd Barrett acid-psych prowess and the timid uncertainty of childhood into a spot-on amalgam of music, style and purpose. Escapism from Thatcherite England never made more sense, particularly in the hard-to-define era between punk's final gasps and a nation succumbing to their first roll on Ecstasy. Incredible stuff!

$24.95 BK





Longing for the Past: The 78 RPM Era in Southeast Asia - 4CD Box & Book Set

"Nang Nak" Laos
"Ile-Ile" Indonesia

We're starting to think it wouldn't properly be the holiday season if we didn't have another of renowned reissue label Dust-to-Digital's gloriously conceived packages to floss in our annual gift guide. Thankfully they've come through late this year with one of their best sets to date, a lovingly compiled four-CD odyssey that tracks the rise of the 78rpm record in Southeast Asia circa 1905-1966. Featuring long unheard tunes and styles from Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia amongst other regions, Longing for the Past includes what is by far some of the most spectral and otherworldly music you're likely to ever hear, with ghostly sounding string bands, driving Laotian mouth-organ ensembles that practically seem to prefigure Terry Riley, celestial gamelan ensembles, and highly romantic and mysterious Sundanese flute which seemingly dances with shadows. That only really scratches the surface of the riches to be found herein, all housed in a slipcase with a 272-page book chock full of vintage photos (some beautifully hand-tinted), label scans, and informative notes.

$64.99 CDx4+BK





I Heard the Angels Singing: Electrifying Black Gospel - 4CD Box Set
(Tompkins Square)

This is not the first time our holiday guide has featured a stunning set of rare black gospel from our friends at Tompkins Square; if you loved Fire in My Bones and This May Be My Last Time Singing, which were both also produced by Mike McGonigal (of YETI magazine) for the label, you will surely be interested in this great new box. The Nashboro label, based out of a record shop in Nashville and founded in 1951, tended to feature sweet and soulful gospel groups who blended gritty lead vocals, angelic harmonies, and musical salvation with echoey, spacious production, and this is a truly wonderful collection that should appeal to any fan of great and original sounds.

This is a pre-order. Item is will be shipped on or slightly before its 12/10 release date.

$37.99 CDx4





The Original Mono Recordings - 9CD Box Set

For the first time, Miles' original spate of recordings for the Columbia label, spanning his post-bop era in the wake of the "birth of the cool," are collected into one volume, the way they were originally heard -- in glorious monophonic sound. These mixes will no doubt open your ears to subtleties you never would have pulled out of their stereo counterparts. Containing one of the most stunning runs in jazz history, in terms of quality and impact on the music world at large, this box offers up the mono masters of 'Round About Midnight, Miles Ahead, Milestones, Porgy and Bess, Kind of Blue, Sketches of Spain and Someday My Prince Will Come, as well as two rarities: 1958's Jazz Track (featuring Miles' score to the film Elevator to the Gallows) and 1964's split release Miles and Monk at Newport.

$107.99 CDx9





Nation Time: The Complete Recordings
(Corbett vs Dempsey)

Joe McPhee is a modern day legend. Mostly known for his saxophone work in many free jazz and avant ensembles, he's been regularly releasing albums and collaborating for over 40 years and is up there with greats like Ayler, Lyons and Coleman. Originally released in a small private edition, this live recording of a captivating performance from 1970 at Vassar College was his first LP, and has been touted as a landmark of "free" music with funk and 'out' jazz elements playing next to each other simultaneously. A relentless spew of soulful group performance and exciting, mind-bending tenor saxophone work, Nation Time still sounds just as fresh today. Over the course these four CDs, we have the original album as well as all of the recordings surrounding the legendary session, giving us a voyeuristic view into the mind of a genius and the groundbreaking upstate NY jazz scene of the early 1970s.

$44.99 CDx4





Another Self Portrait: Bootleg Series Vol. 10

"Alberta #1"
"Let It Be Me"

Although many would argue that Dylan's Self Portrait has been unfairly maligned through the years, this new vision of the work does distill its essence into something more palatable and ultimately sensible. It's hard to fathom that there are songs on here of such high caliber from such an important artist that they'd never been heard before, never bootlegged, or barely even whispered about. Take "Pretty Saro," a fine old English folk song that many others have sung but never like this, which in a way puts an absolute nail in the coffin of the ridiculous canard that Dylan can't sing. So much to discover here, this is easily the best volume of the Bootleg series yet, and they've done an unusually fantastic job with the packaging as well.

$21.99 CDx2
$114.99 Deluxe CDx4 Box Set
$79.99 Deluxe LPx3/CDx2 Box Set





The Byrd Who Flew Alone
(Four Suns)

Director Paul Kendall takes us through an in-depth exploration of Gene Clark's life, starting out on the family farm in Kansas City, on to playing in the New Christy Minstrels and then off to LA to start the Byrds. The band's other founding members, Roger McGuinn, David Crosby and Chris Hillman, are all featured prominently in the interviews revealing some of the behind-the-scenes events in the group that led to Clark leaving in 1966, and just as compelling is the story of Clark's somewhat troubled post-Byrds solo career. DVD also includes tons of additional interview footage that didn't make the final cut for the film, director's commentary from Paul Kendall, plus two live performances -- great stuff for any fan of American music.

$22.99 DVD




The Source Family DVD
(Drag City)

This fantastic and illuminating documentary about a young American group of religious seekers tells a tale about the rock-rollin' 1960s and the terrestrial paradise most associated with their Movement: California. The Los Angeles-based Source Family and their iconic leader, Jim Baker / YaHoWha / Father Yod, sought to transcend the mindset and mores of the "Greatest Generation" that spawned them, ultimately displaying themselves to be far more than the flower power freaks that the extant press on their famous communal lifestyle, vegetarianism, Eastern-inspired philosophies and Grail-like vinyl output suggests. Many of us first heard about this L.A.-based commune through the amazing psych-rock freakouts of the house band Ya Ho Wha 13, but this is not a music story. It is an incredible unpacking of the Aquarian Age of polyamorous practices, sex magick, drug use, and a quasi-utopian lifestyle that is both inspirational and problematic, told through truly stunning photos, films, writings and recordings of the Source Family scene that were maintained all these years by the Family documentarian, and then re-thought in a series of diverse and enlightening interviews with former family members who bring wonderfully varied perspective to these wild times. Whereas only some of us treasure and hunt for those special Ya Ho Wha 13 records, all of us can take away deep insight from The Source Family into how we process which elements of their lifestyle we disavow or embrace on our journey to the heart of the perpetually Weird America.

$15.99 DVD




The Art of David Tudor - 7CD Box Set
(New World)

Despite being an interpreter for and collaborator with some of the 20th century's greatest avant-garde artists, the full visceral impact of David Tudor's own work has been somewhat unjustly shrouded till now. A good deal of his music was composed as either site specific installations, or dance pieces commissioned by Merce Cunningham, so we're thankful for New World Records for compiling this astounding seven-disc set of mostly fugitive works that make a case for Tudor as being one of the greatest electronic music artists of all time. Apart from a piece by New York School composer Christian Wolff, and another by John Cage, with whom he's long been most associated (Tudor having given the very first public performance of the seminal 4'33" for one), the entirety of the set features Tudor's own compositions, mainly crafted from homemade instruments and electronics, oscillators, sine wave generators, squalling or hushed feedback, and densely layered field recordings. This is music that can either mimic the interior streams of brainwaves in action, or deal with outwardly spatial sound phenomenon as in his Rainforest pieces, a scrim of pattern that rewards close attention, or whose atmosphere you can endlessly get lost in. One of the most fascinating and awe-inducing releases of the year, and an unusually fantastic job with the packaging as well.

$106.99 CDx7





The Distintegration Loops - 5CD/DVD Box Set
(Temporary Residence)

"Disintegration Loops 1"
"Disintegration Loops III"

The deluxe vinyl box set of William Basinski's epic, four-volume work, The Disintegration Loops, was a very popular item with customers ordering off of 2012's Holiday Gift Guide. This year, it's available for the music lover in your life that doesn't own a turntable. Sprawling across five CDs, Basinski's archive of tape loops of orchestral swells and arpeggios recorded during the early 1980s literally crumble off the reels as you listen, and this set of music has become one of the most pure and highly acclaimed examples of ambient process music ever released. Beautifully housed in one place for the first time on CD, this box set collects the complete works of those four albums, as well as two live orchestral performances from recent years. Also included is a DVD of Basinski's Disintegration Film and a booklet that features touching recollections by Basinksi and his partner, James Elaine, as well as tributes and reminiscences by Antony Hegarty, David Tibet of Current 93, Roen Givony of the Wordless Music Series (who was responsible for staging the NYC orchestral performance), and Michael Shulan, Creative Director of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, who chose to include Basinski's work in the museum's permanent collection due to its creation during the attacks and the emotional pull the music has had over those who have heard it. A great tribute to one of the 21st century's defining creative documents, this set not only documents what could be seen by many to be the end of an era in New York City, but also points towards a future we are still mapping out and working through.

$71.99 CDx5+DVD





I Am the Center: Private Issue New Age in America, 1950-1990
(Light in the Attic)

"Arabian Fantasy" Daniel Emmanuel
"Awakening" Don Slepian

In the midst of long-overdue reissue campaigns this past year for Iasos and Laraaji comes this sublime 2CD/3LP overview of New Age music, put together by New Age aficionado Douglas Mcgowan, and it's sure to rehabilitate the form for a new generation of listeners. Though New Age attained platinum status in the 1980s, this set starts way back in the 1950s with a recording of some of G.E. Gurdjieff's curious piano pieces and proceeds forward from there. While certain tropes of such spiritual music are here (think sustained piano in soft focus, strummed harp, acoustic guitar, the human voice as layered and airy as a croissant), the set certainly has some teeth. There's a bit of psychedelic guitar on Aeoliah's "Tien Fu," some buzzing analog synth drones from the likes of J D Emmanuel and Michael Stearns, and a soaring violin piece from Daniel Kobialka. Titans like Steven Halpern and Iasos are represented, as is the underappreciated Peter Davison. But there are plenty of rare artists as well, and the vocal pieces from Constance Demby and Alice Damon are transcendent works of minimal music at its most ineffable.

$19.99 CDx2
$43.99 LPx3





By Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe
(Feral House)

Yeah Yeah! Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe's gorgeous volume displays a rough history of France's chief musical export of the '60s: female chanteuses in high, sporty fashion, plying the masses with pop music and infusing an entire generation with liberating, playfully romantic songs. Ye-Ye Girls is one of the few English language books to approach the subject, loaded with images and photos of stars like Brigitte Bardot, France Gall and Francoise Hardy, as well as interviews with the stars and the producers of this one-of-a-kind pop phenomenon. Mais oui!

$25.00 BK




Studio One Ska Fever!
(Soul Jazz)

"Jump For Joy" Jackie Mitoo
"Gumma" Lee Perry

As we get deeper into the cold months, sometimes all you want or, maybe even need, is to hear the sounds of summer. Wash away your friend or loved one's winter blues with this stellar Soul Jazz compilation, Ska Fever!. While you may know Studio One best for their reggae catalog, Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd's label really made its name in the ska game, releasing seminal sides in the mid-to-late '60s from all of the defining artists of the era: the Skatalites (and solo releases from band members like Jackie Mittoo and Don Drummond), the Wailers, Lee Perry, the Ethiopians, Bongo Man, and too many others to list. All those artists and more appear on this great collection of Studio One ska. With indisputable classics and some lost classics too, it's tailor-made for both the casual listener and those who dig deep. All in all, top-notch, first-wave ska from the best Jamaican talent of the era, as Mittoo says, "Jump For Joy!"

$21.99 CD
$26.99 LPx2





Punk 45
(Soul Jazz)

Coming off like a top-shelf and legit Killed by Death compilation, Soul Jazz steps forward with a multimedia presentation of early punk sound and vision. First, the music of the Electric Eels, Pere Ubu, the Controllers, the Normals, Theoretical Girls, the Urinals and many more are captured within on two CDs or double LP; then, purchase the book volume to reveal hundreds of examples of punk design from the first and second wave, from the Desperate Bicycles to the Sex Pistols and most points in between. A collection of this sort has not been attempted before, particularly with such comprehensive voices on what punk was and is today (co-authored by England's Dreaming scribe Jon Savage). The punx on your list will be pleased as punch to own a copy of this.

$21.99 CDx2
$28.99 LPx2




A Band Called Death
(Image Entertainment)

Before Bad Brains, the Sex Pistols or the Ramones, there was a group called Death. Punk before punk existed, three teenage brothers started a band in their spare bedroom, began playing a few local gigs in their hometown of Detroit and even pressed a single in the hopes of getting signed. But this was the era of Motown and the early stages of disco. Record companies found Death's music -- and band name -- too intimidating, and the group were never given a fair shot, disbanding before they even completed an album. Equal parts electrifying rockumentary and family love story, A Band Called Death chronicles the incredible journey of what happened almost three decades later, when a dusty 1974 demo tape made its way out of the attic and into the ears of an audience several generations younger.

$19.99 DVD





"Divine Hammer"

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Breeders' defining platinum album, Last Splash, this year 4AD released LSXX, a deluxe, limited edition 3CD or 7LP box set. One of the iconic indie albums of the '90s, Last Splash is the record that turned Kim Deal of the Pixies and her twin sister Kelley into alt-rock stars. It's also a veritable touchstone for the generation who grew up with Nirvana, Guided by Voices, and Pavement, among others. Now lavishly packaged with new artwork by Vaughan Oliver, this set includes Last Splash in full, a live concert recorded in Stockholm in 1994 first issued as a fanclub-only CD, an additional nine unreleased bonus tracks, BBC Radio Sessions from 1993, demos, and all the related EPs. You also get a great 24-page booklet that features rare photographs and writings from band members and others, including Kim Gordon and J. Mascis. As many of the recordings here have never seen a wide release or even a release at all, share this with your college rock buddies, or open someone's mind anew; these songs sound as fresh now as they did back then.

$99.99 LPx3





Hardcover Edition
(Putnam Adult)

This is the book that all Smiths and Moz fans have waited a lifetime to read. Stephen Patrick Morrissey's autobiography sees the famed, controversial UK legend tell his own story, from a thorny, damaged childhood to his salad days in Manchester's vibrant music scene, from initial stardom and pining for the limelight with his band the Smiths into his current desire for invisibility as one of Britain's most recognized icons, with surreal and vivid descriptions of countless individuals with whom he has crossed paths throughout the years. His trademark dry wit and sardonic, fanged point of view run rampant across these pages, delivered in a highly descriptive prose that echoes his lyricism in song. Morrissey gives fans plenty of dirt and dish to chew upon, and spares few across these pages; whether you care for his music or not, his influence and purview cannot be disputed, and this book presents the most unfiltered and "real" view into his highly guarded life as we're likely to ever receive. That it is delivered in such florid, literary prose is perhaps not surprising, but nevertheless makes this bitter pill much sweeter to swallow.

$30.00 BK





(Sinecure Books)

As this excellent photography book from Peter Beste (who previously documented Norway's black metal scene) proves, Houston rap may have burst into national consciousness with the Geto Boys, and topped the charts with Slim Thug and Chamillionaire, but the vibrant scene continues to thrive well into the present day. Photos of icons like Bun B, Pimp C and Devin the Dude abound, but it's telling that the cover photo is of a school bus of cheerleaders waving at a SLAB out on the highway. And you'll have to go nearly a hundred pages in to even glimpse a candy-painted car. Rather than look on the glamor of hip-hop, Houston Rap focuses on the grit underneath. And the accompanying oral history, as told to writer Lance Scott Walker, documents impoverished African-American communities continually under siege, be it by speculative real estate or lack of health services. Still, the book proves that Houston rap is nothing if not resilient, and it is both a beautiful, musical and important collection.

$39.99 BK+7"





Nothing says Happy Holidays like a t-shirt... well, it's better than socks, right? We've got two new styles of Other Music shirts available. One sports our classic oval logo printed in grey on a black, 100% cotton American Apparel tee. The other has the more recently designed cursive logo printed in gold on a very soft, charcoal-colored, American Apparel Tri-Blend Track shirt.

Also available are our canvas tote bags, which are made in the U.S.A. from 100% organic cotton. With wide, sturdy shoulder straps, these are a staff favorite -- we love that they hold 25 to 30 LPs very comfortably. So, whether you're shopping for some new CDs or LPs, packing up some records to DJ, or just picking up the groceries, you'll be surprised at how often this eco-friendly bag comes in handy. View all of the available Other Music store merchandise here.

Cursive Logo Tee (Charcoal)


$18.99 Classic Oval Logo Tee (Black)


$14.99 Cursive Logo Tote Bag (Navy)


$14.99 Classic Oval Logo Tote Bag (Black)






Vinyl Record Care Kit

A Holiday Gift Guide staple for that vinyl junkie in your life, give the gift that keeps on giving: RECORD CLEANER! We've tried several different cleaning kits over the years and RCA's Discwasher Vinyl Record Care Kit is our favorite: it's the best bang for your buck and it'll wipe the dust off those grooves. With every crisp, clean drop of the needle, they will have you to thank!!

$17.99 Record Care Kit


$3.99 Refill Liquid

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