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   December 3, 2009  




This week we wanted to highlight some of our favorite gift ideas, many of which come from our staffs' own personal holiday wish lists. Spanning a wide range of styles and prices, some of these selections have appeared in our Updates in recent months, some are brand new, but all are truly unique, beautifully packaged and highly recommended releases that we plan to enjoy ourselves for the years to come -- we hope you and yours will too! And next week, keep an eye out for our annual top 25 picks for 2009's best releases and reissues.

We also offer Other Music Gift Certificates which can be redeemed for purchases made both in the store and off of our CD/LP website. You can buy a gift certificate in the shop, or on-line by going to: www.othermusic.com/giftcertificates.html

Gift certificates are available for Other Music's MP3 download site as well, in $25, $50 and $100 increments.

Finally, many of our customers have been enjoying the ease of texting their orders with their mobile phone. To take advantage of this option with any of the items listed, go to subports.com where you can create your free Subports account. Afterwards, just text the corresponding subcode listed underneath each item to 767285.

Kraftwerk (Box Set)
Alan Lomax in Haiti (Box Set)
Big Star (Box Set)
L.A. Nuggets (Box Set)
Light: On the South Side (LP/Book Set)
Ghana Special (Various)

Forge Your Own Chains (Various)
Shindig! Annual #2 (Book)
BOMP! 2 (Book)
Tom Waits (2-CD Live Album)
Daptone Gold (Various)
Discwasher Record Care Kit
Peanut Butter Wolf (7" Box Set)
Velvet Underground (7" Box Set)
Nirvana (DVD w/CD)
Freedom, Rhythm & Sound (Book & CD)
Buddha Machine 1.0 & 2.0
Gristleism (Throbbing Gristle Soundbox)
All Tomorrow's Parties DVD
Bauhaus (Box Sets)
Fire in My Bones (3-CD Set)
Five Years of Hyperdub (Various)
Can You Dig It? (Soul Jazz Comp.)

All of this week's new arrivals.

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Echo & the Bunnymen's Ian McCulloch will be playing a special solo acoustic set at Other Music tonight, in support of his band's latest full-length, The Fountain. While we are no longer offering guaranteed admission with the purchase of the new Bunnymen CD, THERE ARE STILL FREE TICKETS REMAINING, which will be issued at the door tonight, first come, first served.


DEC Sun 29 Mon 30 Tues 01 Wed 02 Thurs 03 Fri 04 Sat 05

Phil Niblock
Tonight, Darmstadt "Classics of the Avant-Garde" kicks off their second annual Essential Repertoire Festival at Issue Project Room, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the seminal New Music New York concerts curated by Rhys Chatham at the Kitchen. Other Music is giving away a pair of passes to each of the nights. Just email tickets@othermusic.com and list the performance that you'd like to see along with your daytime phone number. For more information about each performance, click on the date below.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 3: "Blue" Gene Tyranny, Petr Kotik, Connie Beckley
FRIDAY, DECEMBER 4: Jon Gibson, Phill Niblock, Meredith Monk performed by the M6
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5: Peter Gordon, Ned Sublette, Jill Kroesen, David Van Tieghem, Peter Zummo

ISSUE PROJECT ROOM: The (OA) Can Factory 232 3rd Street, 3rd Floor Brooklyn, NY
Tickets available at Other Music

DEC Sun 29 Mon 30 Tues 01 Wed 02 Thurs 03 Fri 04 Sat 05

Jess Rotter's beautiful, hand-drawn designed t-shirts featuring the likes of iconic musicians like Captain Beefheart, Karen Dalton, Roky Erickson, and Link Wray have long been favorites of our staff and customers. So we're pleased to host a Rotter & Friends Holiday Pop Up Shop at Other Music this Saturday, from noon to 6PM, where we'll be carrying special-priced tees, limited edition items, as well as hard to find pieces from R&F's earlier collections.

Noon to 6PM OTHER MUSIC: 15 East 4th Street NYC

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Our good friends at the Brooklyn Flea will be presenting their Gifted holiday market this year, very conveniently located across the street from us in the old Tower Records Annex, at East 4th Street and Lafayette. The market will be operating Wednesday through Sunday for the first two weeks of December, and then every day from December 16 to the 24. And every Wednesday there'll be an after-work party at Gifted from 6 to 9PM with free Brooklyn Brew Shop beer and Other Music DJs. Stop by next Wednesday, December 9th, and you'll be able to do some holiday shopping whlie OM's Andreas Knutsen spins his favorite records.

GIFTED: 20 East 4th Street (at Lafayette) NYC




The Catalogue

The definitive collection from one of the most important groups in modern music, this gorgeous set delivers all eight Kraftwerk studio albums, beautifully re-mastered for CD and packaged in individual mini-LP style jackets complete with inner sleeves, plus individual 12"x12" booklets for each album with expanded artwork and much more. There is nothing really new here in terms of lost tracks or bonus cuts, but for the fan, this is a long-overdue and essential box, and it looks and sounds fantastic.

$139.99 CDx8 Box Set


Order CD Box Set by Texting "omcdkraftwerkcatalogue" to 767825





Alan Lomax in Haiti
(Harte Recordings)

When Alan Lomax visited Haiti in the winter of 1936, the country was in the throes of a cultural upheaval in the wake of the recently ended U.S. occupation, looking back to their ancient folk forms and embracing Afrocentric and nationalistic ideology (and music and art) with passion. The music Lomax documented was raw and powerful, snapshots of a culture that was both exploding, and fading fast, but Lomax felt that the aluminum-disc recorder he used did not deliver sufficient fidelity for commercial release, and the 1500 recordings, more than 50 hours of music, as well as detailed notes and diaries, were deposited with the Library of Congress, and sat quiet for more than 70 years. This incredible set comes after years of amazing work transferring and cleaning up the recordings with modern digital technology, and poring over the notes and writings that the preeminent musicologist made while on his expedition. The results: ten discs, two books, video, maps, and a stunning and beautiful archive that will blow away any fan of traditional music and culture, and warm hearts and minds through the coming winter and well beyond.

On Sale
$119.99 CDx10+ BKx2 Box Set


Order CD Box Set by Texting "omcdalanhaiti" to 767825





Keep an Eye on the Sky

"When My Baby's Beside Me"
"Life Is White"

For some, 2009 was the year of the Beatles reissues, and sure, they are great, but here at OM we were probably more excited about this definitive box from another of the greatest pop bands of all time -- the Big Star set that Rhino has been hinting at for years finally dropped, and it is essential. The beautiful 7"-sized box holds four CDs and a gorgeous 102-page book, with essays by Robert Gordon and Bob Mehr and tons of great photos. Starting off with songs by early incarnations of the band, Rock City and Icewater, and a couple of solo tracks by Chris Bell and Alex Chilton, Keep an Eye on the Sky then segues into the album tracks, which sound better than they ever have. Additionally, and this is where it gets real interesting, we get a massive batch of alternate mixes, demos, and unreleased versions which shed a whole new light on many of the band's classics. We cannot think of a music that contains such a vast range of emotion, be it the melancholic, heartbreaking ballads of Chris Bell (both sides of his "I Am the Cosmos" 45 are featured here), the aching, longing, twisted pop Alex Chilton was/is such a master of, or the lustful, joyous rawk Big Star was also capable of crafting. Surely one of the most important and utterly enjoyable reissues of the year.

$69.99 CDx4 Box Set


Order CD Box Set by Texting "omcdbigkeep" to 767285




Where the Action Is: L.A. Nuggets Box Set

"People in Me" Music Machine
"Saturday's Son" Sons of Adam

It's hard to believe that the Nuggets franchise could still be so vibrant, but their regional series, now arriving in L.A., has upped the ante and delivers a ton of great obscure psych-pop from some of the more interesting and ambitious American bands of the pre-punk period. Neatly divided into four pretty self-explanatory categories: "On the Strip," "Beyond the City," "The Studio Scene" and "New Directions," each disc on this explosive new box gives great, thorough views of the scene they represent, and is loaded with obscurities that will wow even the most avid collector. Plus some great packaging, the book format perfectly suits the regional series, packed with overviews of each artist, great photos, a cool timeline of L.A. music and an overview of all the important clubs. This might be the best Nuggets set yet; where to next?

$64.99 CDx4


Order CD Box Set by Texting "omcdvariouswhere" to 767825





Light: On the South Side
(The Numero Group)

Numero Group specializes in meticulously curated reissues that shine a bright light into the dark corners of American roots and soul music, giving voice to little-known artists who never approached the charts, but thrived in vibrant local scenes around the country; this lovely set may be their most fully-realized release yet. The South Side of Chicago in the 1970s was wild, tough and beautiful, and photographer Michael Abramson haunted the juke joints where Chicago blues filled the air, mixing with cigarette smoke and whiskey fumes, enveloping the colorful characters who made these nightclubs their homes -- places like Perv's House, Pepper's Hideout and the High Chaparral. The gritty photos focus on the style and strut of the fans and the self-styled pleasure palaces rather than the talent, and includes a great essay from Nick Hornby and an accompanying double LP of funky Chicago blues from locals like Little Mack and Bobby Rush. 135 pages hardback, 100 photos.

$59.99 LPx2 + Book


Order LP Box Set by Texting "omlpvariouslight" to 767825




Ghana Special

"The Go Talk of You"

Soundway Records' many volumes of their Nigeria Special series have been longtime top sellers here at the shop, and with good reason -- they're well-compiled cross-sections of the many facets of Nigeria's funk- and groove-oriented music scene. Here is the label's most serious foray into the vibrant Ghana scene, and it may be their most compelling release yet. Both CD and LP are gorgeously packaged, and include a book filled with extensive liner notes and photos, and come packed to the gills with what they describe as "Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds, and Ghanian Blues." The set is focused more on the sort of western hybridization that made much of the Nigeria sets so exciting; while the tracks are certainly funky, there's a much more pronounced emphasis on psychedelic music, electric jazz, and rock influences here. Disc one covers the classics, but the second disc is where things really start to stretch out, featuring extensive percussion breaks, odd, Afro-Dylanesque harmonica blues jams, and even some spacey disco freakouts. This is a sterling compilation with a wide appeal.

$51.99 LPx5


$23.99 CDx2


Order LP by Texting "omlpvariousghana" to 767285
Order CD by Texting "omcdvariousghana" to 767285





45 Live - 7" Box Set
(Five Day Weekend)

Revered producer, deejay, record collector and Stones Throw CEO Chris Manak (a/k/a Peanut Butter Wolf) is world-renowned for his musically diverse, technically perfect DJ sets that seem to know no musical boundaries, and also for his extensive collection of original hip-hop 45s. On this set he highlights his favorite tunes from that collection which had such a monumental influence on his life. Like Stones Throw's eccentric roster -- J Dilla, Gary Wilson, Dam Funk, Madvillian and Madlib, a deeply diverse group who nonetheless share a grimy, dirty yet distinctly funky sound -- the same could be said for the tracks here that Wolf selected. Whether it be the mid-tempo, sparse, angel-dusted disco rap of the Peter Brown-produced Tricky Tee, Spoonie G and Universal Two tunes, or the sharp machinegun, proto-industrial Marley Marl-produced tracks by Dimples D and MC Shan, it all swings and sounds about as sweet as radish-flavored soda pop. The so-called "golden era" of hip-hop ('79-'89) is the main focus here, and for good reason. That was the time when the sounds, the beats and the attitude of the inner city sounded revolutionary. We also carry a cool CD compiling these tracks, but the limited edition set of ten 7" 45rpm records is a must for the beat-head in your life.

$48.99 7"x10


Order 45 Box Set by Texting "om45peanut45" to 767825





Singles 1966 to 69 - 7" Box Set

Well, this here's a thing of beauty. The Velvet Underground are not really considered a singles band by many, but this fantastic box set goes a long way in proving the opposite. Across seven 45s (reproduced meticulously, and two with gorgeous picture sleeves), VU get to spread and show their many sides: the raw, furious genius of "White Light/White Heat," the mesmerizing "Sunday Morning," and the stark beauty of "All Tomorrow's Parties." And, all of these characteristics are actually enhanced by the mono mixes featured here. Compare these versions to the album tracks and hear for yourself. Then there's the inclusion of the "Temptation Inside Your Heart" b/w "Stephanie Says" single, which was shelved at the time, which would've only made one of the greatest pop 45s ever. The box comes with a nice little insert as well, with liners by rock historian David Fricke, and a cool postcard.

$44.99 7"x7


Order 45 Box Set by Texting "om45velvetsingles" to 767825




Live at Reading

There have been crappy bootlegs of this floating around for years, but the official release as a DVD/CD combo of Nirvana's legendary headlining performance at the Reading Festival in the summer of '92 was still worth the wait. The band should have been on top of the world at this point, having sold millions of copies of Nevermind over the previous year, and widely being hailed as the saviors of rock and roll. But they had also been plagued by rumors (mostly true, it turned out) of instability, centered on Cobain's dangerous heroin habit, and it was widely reported that the singer had been hospitalized with an overdose days before this festival appearance. Regardless, this was Nirvana at their absolute height, and both sound (mixed 5.1) and visuals will make this film an essential piece of music history, and worth picking up for any fan. Sold as a DVD & CD combo, or CD alone.

$31.99 DVD+CD


Order CD/DVD by Texting "omcddvdnirvanalive" to 767825





Book by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker
(Soul Jazz)

Freedom, Rhythm & Sound: Revolutionary Jazz
(Soul Jazz)

Anybody who has spent even a cursory amount of time over the years in those bygone establishments we called record stores knows the allure of a good LP cover, and also that during the social, cultural and musical explosion that was jazz in the 1960s and '70s, some of the most alluring images in pop art were the ones gracing that sprawling genre's album covers. This book is the best collection we've seen of some of the most intriguing LP art ever, reproduced beautifully in full size, with excellent notes and commentary from Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker. Hardback, 179 pages. A must for jazz fans and record collectors of any stripe, and the companion two-CD set, with tracks from the Art Ensemble of Chicago, Joe McPhee, Steve Reid, Joe Henderson, Oliver Lake and Errol Parker, Sun Ra, Archie Shepp, Horace Tapscott & the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra and more is a great overview, and a great listen.

$29.99 BK


$24.99 CDx2


Order Book by Texting "ombkgillesfreedom" to 767825
Order CD by Texting "omcdvariousfreedom" to 767825





These oddball looping devices are still one of the most intriguing and talked-about items in our shop, a popular handheld Chinese meditation device reconfigured by experimental sound artists FM3 with nine ambient sound loops of their own creation (mostly derived from electronic drones). The Machine runs on two AA batteries, and even has a headphone jack for private listening (or outputting to an amplifier). Not exactly an instrument, yet much more than a simple recording, a ton of fun, but not a toy, these machines are a blast.

Version 1, a classic, full of hazy ambience and trance-inducing drones -- Other Music has sold hundreds of these (often in multiple colors to the same customer), we've seen folks zoned out to these on the subway, working at their computer, reading, cleaning house, and even sleeping -- and they sound brilliant when run in sequence, pick up a few!

BUDDHA MACHINE VERSION 1.0 AVAILABLE for $24.99 in BLACK, RED, ORANGE, GREEN, PINK, WHITE and BLUE (Click color to add to your shopping cart)

Order Buddha Machine 1 in Black by Texting "ombuddha1black" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 1 in Red by Texting "ombuddha1red" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 1 in Orange by Texting "ombuddha1orange" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 1 in Green by Texting "ombuddha1green" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 1 in Pink by Texting "ombuddha1pink" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 1 in White by Texting "ombuddha1white" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 1 in Blue by Texting "ombuddha1blue" to 767825

Earlier this year FM3 delivered version 2.0 -- nine new loops, several new colors, and perhaps the best part: a pitch-shift dial so that you can bend the loops' sound like a whammy bar on a guitar, or change the speed to suit your mood. The loops themselves have more variety on the second edition, of a more percussive nature, with pianos, voices and gamelan-esque tones or Asian strings deep in the mix.

BUDDHA MACHINE VERSION 2.0 AVAILABLE for $24.99 in GREY, BURGUNDY, BROWN, LIME and AQUA (Click color to add to your shopping cart)

Order Buddha Machine 2 in Grey by Texting "ombuddha2grey" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 2 in Burgundy by Texting "ombuddha2burgundy" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 2 in Brown by Texting "ombuddha2brown" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 2 in Lime by Texting "ombuddha2lime" to 767825
Order Buddha Machine 2 in Aqua by Texting "ombuddha2aqua" to 767825


And now, after much anticipation, this new version from FM3, a collaboration with none other than Throbbing Gristle -- a must-have for the right person on your list! We hear some snippets of classic TG tracks, as well as some ominous sounds that can't be positively identified, but it is all unmistakably Gristle. Physically, this version is a bit shorter and fatter than the original, more of a chunky square, and it comes in an elegant die-cut cardboard sleeve. Heavier, darker, and a bit more unsettling than the first two versions, this is not for everyone, but you know who needs this thing!

AVAILABLE for $28.99 in RED and BLACK (Click color to add to your shopping cart)
Order Gristleism in Red by Texting "omgristleismred" to 767825
Order Gristleism in Black by Texting "omgristleismblack" to 767825





Though it may lack the drama of Gimme Shelter, ATP and Warp X Films have produced a document of the last decade of All Tomorrow's Parties festivals in a remarkably honest and watchable fashion. ATP is a fanboy convention, throwing classic indie bands and their fans together in dilapidated rural settings for a few days with copious amounts of beer, and revelry ensues. Mixing fan footage of the parties with professional shoots and audio from the stage shows, the film delivers great music from the likes of Battles, Sonic Youth, Belle & Sebastian, Patti Smith, Animal Collective, Grinderman, Iggy and the Stooges, Portishead, Mogwai, Slint, Grizzly Bear, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, the Gossip, Daniel Johnston, Boredoms and more, and manages to capture the joy and madness of these events. Directed by Jonathan Caouette, with the Take-Away Shows' Vincent Moon as cinematographer.

$27.99 DVD


Order DVD by Texting "omdvdvariousall" to 767825




In the Flat Field - Box Set

Mask - Box Set

4AD delivers extravagant, and probably essential versions of Bauhaus' seminal first two albums (which basically birthed goth), remastered, and packaged in lovely DVD-styled boxes. The debut In the Flat Field is restored to its original running order and comes with a second disc of 16 singles and outtakes. The sophomore Mask has a second disc with 17 singles, outtakes and original versions, as well as a third disc recorded live at the Hammersmith Palais, 9 November 1981. Nearly 30 years on, this music is as powerful and thrilling as ever, and there can be no doubt these reissues are definitive. Our only question would be, what exactly is an "Omnibus Edition?"

$21.99 CDx2 Box Set- In the Flat Field


$27.99 CDx3 Box Set - Mask


Order In the Flat Field CD Box Set by Texting "omcdbauhausin" to 767825
Order Mask CD Box Set by Texting "omcdbauhausmask" to 767825




Fire in My Bones
(Tompkins Square)

"Jesus' Blood"
"Go Devil Go"

Produced by Mike McGonigal (of Yeti and Chemical Imbalance magazines, and sometime Mississippi Records producer), Fire in My Bones offers up a staggering, occasionally disorienting, but richly rewarding view of the massive diversity of black religious music, churned out by all manner of the faithful, with all manner of instrumentation, from D.C. to Los Angeles and various locales in between. Drawing on nearly 65 years of regional styles and traditions all but overshadowed in the public consciousness by the enduring popularity of the gospel vocal group and the solo singer, this wonderful three-disc set features everything from early Holiness guitar-evangelists, field recordings, obscure family groups, fife and drum, gospel blues and so much more. Raw emotion and faith hold this diverse collection together, and while this is an eminently listenable set that would appeal to anybody even remotely interested in African-American sacred music, it is packed full of rarities for the collectors as well. A truly historic release!

$26.99 CDx3


Order CD by Texting "omcdvariousfire" to 767825




5: Five Years of Hyperdub

"Aidy's Girl's a Computer" Darkstar
"Kaliko" Zomby

Celebrating their fifth year as the premier dubstep label, Hyperdub recently released this two-CD set of classics and exclusive new tracks from their excellent stable of electronic producers. Disc one features 16 new offerings from heavyweights like Burial, Cooly G, Darkstar, Flying Lotus, Ikonika, Joker & Ginz, King Midas Sound, Kode9 & the Spaceape, Mala, Martyn, and Zomby, while the second CD contains catalogue favorites, including several tracks that have only been available on limited vinyl until now. Full of rarities for the fans, but still a fantastic introduction to the dubstep phenomenon, from a young label on the cutting edge of electronic dance music.

$24.99 CDx2


Order CD by Texting "omcdvarious5" to 76782




Can You Dig It?
(Soul Jazz)

This is far from the first compilation of Blaxploitation film music we've heard, and while it's tough to go wrong when you are mining such a fertile and exciting genre, of course nobody does it quite like Soul Jazz, and this is the definitive collection. Thirty-four killer cuts from the likes of Roy Ayers, Willie Hutch, James Brown, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Quincy Jones, Booker T and so many more greats, and a 100-page book of photos, essays, history, album art and other fascinating ephemera. An all too rare collision of great art, politics, entertainment and soul.

$21.99 CDx2


Order CD by Texting "omcdvariouscan" to 767825




Forge Your Own Chains
(Stones Throw)

Stones Throw A&R honcho and crate-digger extraordinaire Eothen "Egon" Alapatt has put together this painstakingly researched compilation dedicated to heavy psychedelic worldbeat, circa 1968-'74 -- the unofficial "golden era" for music collectors. Most of these tracks are culled from extremely rare private press records collected from South Korea, Iran, Colombia, Sweden...and Connecticut. Each track is soulful and funky in its own right...that is if you find yourself doing the b-boy nod to Black Sabbath's "N.I.B." or Jimi's "If 6 was 9." Hendrix, Cream, Santana and the like were huge influences on all the artists featured here and, as the title suggests, there's a ghostly moodiness that pervades throughout. Add to this the lovely gatefold packaging and captivating artwork that truly captures the spirit of what made these records so special in the first place, we can't speak highly enough about this comp.

$16.99 CD


$18.99 LP


Order CD by Texting "omcdvariousforge" to 767825
Order LP by Texting "omlpvariousforge" to 767825






The second installment of the Shindig! Annual collects articles from out of print issues of the magazine, including interviews and features on the Sonics, Youngbloods, Moby Grape, T. Rex, Gary Walker & the Rain, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band, Dukes of Stratosphear, Charlatans, and a long expose on the 1965-67 San Francisco scene. The great thing about the Annual is that many of the articles are overhauled and expanded, with additional rare photographs, and the whole thing is beautifully designed in Shindig!'s eye-popping pop art/psychedelic style. Hardcover, 112 pages...hours of great reading!

$18.99 BK


Order Book by Texting "ombkshindigannual" to 767285




Born in the Garage

For fans of '60s garage and beat, surf music, the British Invasion, girl groups, rockabilly, acid punk and psychedelia, Greg Shaw's 1970s fanboy zines WHO PUT THE BOMP and BOMP! were essential reading, and along with Shaw's own insightful writing and editing, the magazines featured great contributions from the likes of Ken Barnes, Lester Bangs, Lenny Kaye, Richard Meltzer, Dave Marsh, Mike Saunders, Phast Phreddie and many more. This second volume collecting writing and illustrations from these rock and roll fanatics is beautifully put together and truly essential reading for the fan in your life, with as much passion and excitement as the music itself.

$15.99 BK


Order Book by Texting "ombkbompborn" to 767825




Glitter and Doom

A pair of tickets to see Waits and Co. in the flesh on their sold out 2008 Glitter and Doom tour would be the real prize, but that's impossible now on a number of levels; still, this excellent new two-CD set is far from second best. The set list spans Waits' career, but focuses on his last decade or so, and while this legendary American bard has released some of his finest albums in that time period, it is live on stage that these songs really come to life, and the collection is a classic. A second disc includes a glimpse at another storied facet of Waits' live performances: the stories! Thirty-five minutes of colorful ramblings make a strange and enjoyable coda. On sale through the end of the month, and everyone loves Tom Waits!

On Sale
$13.99 CDx2


Order CD by Texting "omcdtomglitter" to 767825




Daptone Gold

Daptone Records has the distinction of being perhaps the only modern soul label making records that can stand in the same room with the classic '60s/'70s stuff that defined the genre, and now they offer up this killer compilation featuring 23 tracks of rarities and highlights from their great roster. It is a stone-cold classic that truly ranks with Motown or Stax comps from way back in the day. Standouts include never before released tracks from Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings, along with deep cuts from the Budos Band, Antibalas, and Lee Fields. You don't need a time machine to take you back to 1960s Motor City; soul and funk are both alive and well in 2009, much of it being made in right here in Brooklyn. A great introduction to a great label.

$12.99 CD


Order CD by Texting "omcdvariousdaptone" to 767825




Vinyl Record Care

For that vinyl junkie in your life, who finds true happiness year 'round digging up dusty records from far and wide, give the gift that keeps giving: RECORD CLEANER! With every crisp, clean drop of the needle, they will have you to thank!

$17.99 Discwasher


Order Discwasher Vinyl Care Set by Texting "omdiscwashervinyl" to 767825

  All of this week's new arrivals.

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